Coke Couple Costume Idea - coke costumes for couples

Coke Couple Costume Idea

Be A Couple Of Jerks Together In A Coke Couple Costume

A Coke couple costume is a fun idea for parties, isn’t it? Sometimes we are invited to a costume party and we will be going as a couple, I think it is fun to have the two of us go in a themed costume. The concept of the Soda Jerk is pretty much gone but there was a time when a guy (known as a Jerk) or a gal (known as a Fountain Girl) worked behind the counter to serve the customers a cold glass of soda which most probably was Coca-Cola, Pepsi, RC Cola or even Root Beer.

Where can we find a Coke Couple Costume?

For today’s activity we will concentrate on that counter that served Cokes. If you are not old enough to remember this treat, I feel for you! It was a real treat and a half! I used to ask for cherry syrup to be added to mine which was known as a Cherry Coke. Oh and every once in a while I would ask for marshmallow for a Marshmallow Coke. But I digress, we are supposed to be looking at costumes for the party. Sorry, I was having a nostalgic moment…

I’m here to tell you (as one of the resident shoppers here) that there are some to be found and they are just too darned cute!

Coke costume for men

Coke Soda Jerk Adult Men CostumeCoke Soda Jerk Adult Men Costume

Let’s start with the one for the guys. This Coke Soda Jerk Costume for men comes with the shirt, pants, hat and apron. Add a red bow tie and you have the outfit down to a “C”. I’d say “T” but we are going as a couple in a Coke Couple Costume so “C” fits better. Sorry, I was being a little anal retentive there.

Coke costume for women

Coke Soda Girl Adult Women Sexy CostumeCoke Soda Girl Adult Women Sexy Costume

The girl half of the couple can go in the costume shown at the right. Now, isn’t that just adorable? It comes with the dress (apron is not separate but a part of the print) and the little hat.

Together these two look like they worked as a team behind the same counter! Don’t you think?

I am one for looking for the finishing touch for any costume that I am working on so, I have a suggestion to really add to the outfit. The pictures show both holding a bottle of Coca Cola but neither outfit comes with that item.

Sometimes you can find the glass bottles at the grocery store but generally (in my area anyway) that is only at Christmas time. Go take a look in the soda aisle of your local store, go ahead and look, I’ll wait. What you will find is that Coke is sold in 8 oz. plastic bottles. I know this because my husband and I buy them every single week. Anyway, for your Coke Couple costume purchase a pack of those plastic bottles and use that as a part of your costume. You can save the other six for drinking later.

Bing, bam, boom you can now go as a couple of jerks… Soda jerks that is.

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