Emergency Room Male Costume

Emergency Room Male Costume

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Well, someone needs to be on call to take care of all those people who have been attacked by the zombies and other ghoulish creatures walking around on Halloween. You can play the part in this Emergency Room male costume.

Pull The Graveyard Shift: Emergency Room Male Costume

Emergency Room Male Costume - Emergency Room Male Surgeon Adult Mens CostumeEmergency Room Male Surgeon Adult Mens CostumeI would say the ER will be one hopping place, especially if the Zombie Apocalypse finally happens. Of course, you could, if you find it necessary, be a surgeon instead of the emergency room doctor. It is totally up to you!

With this Emergency Room Male Costume you get quite a lot for your money. The scrubs which include the shirt and the pants, a mask, a name badge and a toy stethoscope are all included for one low price. Less than $25 is pretty danged reasonable as far as costumes go. Add you own white sneakers and you are good to go, Doctor. Come on, admit it, you have always wanted to play doctor! Well, maybe you already have but this is a family site so we won’t go there. OK?

A visit to a local pharmacy will probably net you a find of some tongue depressors and maybe even some medical style scissors that you can put in your pocket for an even more realistic touch to your costume. You don’t have to have them but they would be pretty cool to add. You can even use the scissors afterwards when you need to cut gauze or tape for a bandage. A multi-purpose kind of prop that becomes functional after Halloween.

I gotta say that the shirt and pants in this emergency room male costume look comfortable enough that after Halloween they could be worn around the house to relax in! They could become a comfortable pair of pajamas. Personally, I think the ability to re-use part of the outfit after Halloween makes it even more of an economical purchase. But that is just me, I try to look for other ways to use items no matter what I have purchased them for.

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