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Fantastic Halo 3 Master Chief Costumes for Fans

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Halo 3 Master Chief costumes are going to make you feel you’re this fighter facing off against insurmountable odds. Spend the day or night as the faceless, silent but deadly protagonist and watch how people react to the awesome Master Chief costume you have on. Perfect for any costume event, having a Halo costume can easily make you the center of attention in any gathering.

Halo 3 the video game

Master Chief of Halo is one of the most well known and oft-mentioned video game characters, right up there with the timeless Mario, the annoyingly cute Pikachu, and the speedster Sonic. He has appeared in other media, not just in the Halo video game series.

Players identify with Master Chief for a variety of reason. As an augmented human being, he is capable of feats of strength, agility and endurance that we can only dream off. As a faceless and almost voiceless character, playing as Master Chief gives Halo players the opportunity to give the character their own personality, in essence being the protagonist in such a way that they fully imbibe the video game world they are playing.

Halo is one of the best video game franchises. It’s popularity and appeal in part comes from the character and costume design of its protagonist. Spending time wearing Halo 3 Master Chief costumes and acting like a Spartan can be a fun way to attend any costume gathering.

Halo 3 Master Chief costumes for men

Deluxe Halo Master Chief Costume – $78.99

Halo 3 Master Chief”s suit is the essence of cool, sleek, durable and tactical, and can be comfortably worn while moving like the deadly Halo protagonist.

This Halo 3 Master Chief costume consists of a jumpsuit to which molded details are attached (such as chest, forearms, etc.) Obviously the headpiece is included in the package. This Master Chief fancy dress is available in three sizes.

Stunning Master Chief costume for collectors

Collector’s Halo Master Chief Costume – $898.99Collector’s Edition Halo 3 Master Chief Costume – $535.00

Oh wow! This one is the kind of Halo 3 Master Chief costumes you’ll want to own. This will make you feel like you’re the fighting for real and play in a 3D world.

It is made of vinyl and officially licensed. This stunning costume consists of a black jumpsuit that you are going to wear under the vinyl armor. You will also get molded pieces to feature your chest, your shoulders, and other body parts. A belt is included as well as gauntlets and covers for your shoes or boots. The Spartan headpiece is made out of plastic, comes in two pieces and produces lights. Just have a look at the long list of details and you’ll be convinced that this Halo 3 Master Chief costume is going to make you feel like a real fighter from the space.

Master Chief costumes for boys

Boys Master Chief Classic Muscle Costume – $38.99

Boys are going to love this Halo 3 Master Chief costume that comes with a muscle chest!

It is made out polyester and comes with a chest that is actually stuffed with fiberfill so as to highlight your superb muscles (shoulders are also emphasized). The outfit includes a jumpsuit and a headpiece. The sizes include small, medium, large and extra-large. Your son will just need a few accessories to complete the look.

Accessorize your boys’ costumes

Master Chief Child Boot Covers – $17.99Halo: Deluxe Master Chief Gloves For Kids – $16.99

Halo 3 Master Chief costumes for children need some customization so as to resemble to those of the video game. With boot covers and a pair of gloves, your boy is going to be ready for the battle.

Halo 3 red and blue Spartan costumes

Deluxe Halo Blue Spartan Costume – $58.99Deluxe Halo Red Spartan Costume – $58.99

People looking for different costumes inspired from the video game can opt to look for blue and red Spartan party outfits.

These Halo 3 Spartan costumes consist of printed blue or red jumpsuits to which molded muscles and details are attached. A matching helmet is part of the attire. The blue Spartan fancy dress costume is available in two different sizes, while the red one can be found in three sizes.

Halo 3 accessories

Halo weapons are also a major part of the series’ appeal. Blasters, rifles and grenades are an important part of the Halo mythos and allow fans the chance to actually roleplay scenarios.

Special Operations Titanium Double Scythe Power Foam SwordHalo 3 Licensed Red Shotgun Enamel Metal Belt Buckle

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