10 Cool International Costumes for Couples

10 Cool International Costumes for Couples

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International costumes for couples make a fantastic theme for a fun Halloween party. Halloween has become a great chance for people to learn about international cultural values, not only nation wide, but also foreign cultures. If you want to take advantage of this new trend, then here you will get International costumes for couples that will make you stand out from the crowd this Halloween.

Coolest International costumes for couples

Depending on the community you live in, you might notice the different ways in which people are dressed. Not all of them are of the same culture than yours. Choosing International costumes for couples after those people will enable you to be more creative. Here are 10 of them.

Once upon a time in the West

Adult Saloon Girl CostumeAdult Saloon Girl CostumeAdult Cowboy CostumeAdult Cowboy Costume

Once Upon a Time in the West along with The Good, the Bad and the Ugly are movies in which you can find inspiration. US cow boys, saloon girls, bartenders and sheriffs will provide you with ideas for outstanding party outfits. Just think of Clint Eastwood dressed in his poncho with a cigarette in mouth and a gun in the hand and you have a wonderful character. Along with saloon girls and cowboys, you can also find Native American costumes for men and Indian costumes for women or Pilgrim costumes to choose from.


Women's Oktoberfest Fraulein CostumeWomen’s Oktoberfest Fraulein CostumeTraditional German CostumeTraditional German Costume

When it comes to International costumes for couples, Germany offers a large number of Oktoberfest costumes for men and women. You’ll look great dressed in these festive uniforms. Men can perfect their look with an Oktoberfest hat. As for the added accessories, a beer mug will do the job.

Japanese costume sweet and sour

Adult Geisha CostumeAdult Geisha CostumeAdult Samurai Warrior CostumeAdult Samurai Warrior Costume

Japan is rich in different typical costumes such as geisha, ninja, samurai warrior costumes and more. However there is also the big market of Manga inspired costumes that will provide you with sexy attires. These all make the perfect choice for International costumes for couples this Halloween.

Eskimo costumes for him and her

Sexy Arctic Eskimo CostumeSexy Arctic Eskimo CostumeAdult Eskimo Boy CostumeAdult Eskimo Boy Costume

Eskimo costumes for couples consist in sexy costumes for women and declined in different styles and colors while men will have the opportunity to show their fishing skills dressed in their warm clothes. A humorous alternative is for the women to come to the party with their partner dressed in a penguin costume.

Spanish Flamenco and no-blood corrida costumes

InCharacter Costumes Women's Senorita Costume, Black/Red, SmallSenorita Costume, Black/RedMatador CostumeMatador Costume

Obviously, you can’t have an overview of the coolest International costumes for couples without checking in Spanish outfits. Spain is famous for its typical and brightly colored clothes. Women can win the costume contest dressed as Flamenco dancers or fortune-teller gitanas this Halloween. As for men, they will impress the party guests dressed as matadores, Flamenco dancers or even… corrida bulls.

French mime costumes for Parisian couple theme

Marvelous Mime Adult CostumeMarvelous Mime Adult CostumeMime CostumeMime Costume

France is also a great costume theme generator. This time I chose the French mime costumes inspired from the Parisian mime attractions. These two French mime costumes especially designed for men and women will certainly be conversation starters at the party. Indeed, most of the time, French costumes involve beret, baguette and cheese. However France is famous for more than that and these fancy dresses will definitely make you stand out.

British guard’s pride

Sexy British Invasion CostumeSexy British Invasion CostumeMen's Royal Guard CostumeMen’s Royal Guard Costume

Who isn’t familiar with the British Royal guard? You don’t even have to have been to the UK to know what this costume is all about. Dressed in this fantastic Royal Guard costume for men, you can go to the party along with your Union Jack flag – er… your significant other dressed in a tank dress to the colors of the flag. This will certainly attract the eyes of the party attendees and reward you with a night of fame.

Russian costumes with a humorous twist

Vodka DressVodka DressRubie's Costume Co. Men's Black Russian Costume, As Shown, StandardMen’s Black Russian Costume

Russian costumes for women and for men can be really funny. As an example, here I selected a Russian dancer costume for men that goes along with a super fun and cute vodka costume for women. Dressed in these outfits, you’re sure to be seen and never forgotten.

Arabian nights costumes for men and women

Golden Belly Dancer CostumeGolden Belly Dancer CostumeInternational costumes for couples - Adult Sultan CostumeAdult Sultan Costume

Arabian costumes are attractive and so, you can be the queen or king of Arabian nights. Your sweetheart will be your personal belly dancer dressed in this beautiful costume. She should make sure to have the following accessories on hand to perfect her look: a pair of golden ballerina shoes, a golden beaded headpiece, some bangles to dress up her arms and the traditional necklace and earrings. As for you, why don’t you step in a sultan’s shoes dressed in this incredibly realistic costume? Mandatory accessories fo the sultan should be genie lamp and specific shoes.

With a luau theme

Sexy Hawaiian Luau CostumeSexy Hawaiian Luau CostumeAdult Tiki Warrior CostumeAdult Tiki Warrior Costume

Let’s end this list including ideas for 10 International costumes for couples with a trip to Hawaii. Couples will stand out dressed in these hula dancer costume for women and this Tiki warrior costume for men. The couple may look disparate but it’s representative of the place and, frankly, it’s my favorite of the pack.

There are even more International costumes for couple ideas out there:

  • Canadian Mountie or lumberjack along with deer,
  • Irish leprechaun couples,
  • Indian maharaja and Bollywood beauties,
  • Scottish kilts,
  • African dashikis,
  • etc.

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