Kingdom Hearts cosplay costumes

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Costumes

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Kingdom Hearts cosplay costumes are a must have for any Kingdom Heart gamer fan. Who wouldn’t want to join Sora and his friends in their countless fun packed adventures. Sometimes you may want to feel fully engrossed in the game’s atmosphere. Or you may just want an incredibly awesome Halloween costume. What better way to do so than your own Kingdom Hearts character costume.

Kingdom Hearts cosplay costumes for gamers

There’s a whole range of Kingdom Hearts cosplay costumes to pick from. Depending on who’s your favourite character, you can completely transform yourself. Even so, getting your hands on one such costumes can prove to be quite a task. To ease your search just a bit, here’s a list of Kingdom Hearts costumes for cosplay available these days.

Sora’s 1st original cosplay costume

Kingdom Hearts cosplay costumes - Sora 1st Original Colour MediumKingdom Hearts Cosplay Costume-Sora 1st Original

For anyone looking to walk in Sora’s shoes, this costume was definitely made for you. It comes in a set of 9 items ; a t-shirt, cropped bloomer, necklace, a waistband, a waist bag , short waist bag belt, a long waist bag belt and gloves. Made from high materials, the detail on this costume is remarkable.

Sora’s costume accessories

Kingdom of Hearts Giant Fantasy Key To The City SwordKingdom of Hearts Giant Fantasy Key To The City SwordSora Shoes Kingdom Cosplay Heart Stylish Zipper PU Halloween Costume BootsSora Shoes Kingdom Cosplay Heart

When it comes to Kingdom Hearts cosplay costumes, it is mandatory to accessorize them. Accessories always provide your character with an authentic look. So you will want to get the giant key and the black and yellow shoes that are specific to the character of Sora in the games.

Kingdom Hearts II – 1st version Sora costume

Kingdom Hearts II 2 1st Version Sora Cosplay CostumeKingdom Hearts II 2 1st Version Sora Cosplay Costume

If you want a custom-made version of Sora’s outfit, this is it for you. However, you may have to wait a while to get it in your hands. Since it’s custom-made, you are required to send the measurement details for you to get the right sized costume. Unfortunately, this version does not include any weapons or shoes. I suggest to get the matching wig to enhance your character.

Sora’s attire second version

Kingdom Hearts II 2 2nd Version Sora cosplay costumeKingdom Hearts II 2 2nd Version Sora cosplay costume

There’s a second version of this make if you are looking for something a little different. This cosplay outfit is blue and black, custom-made and doesn’t include weapons or shoes either. But you can perfect your look with Sora’s wig that you can buy separately.

Kairi cosplay mini-dress

Kingdom Hearts Kairi Women's Cosplay CostumeKingdom Hearts Kairi Women’s Cosplay Costume

Kairi’s fans have not been left out. Apart from being beautifully made, the costume also comes with a belt and a bag. You can order one in accordance to your size (from XS to XXL). Transform into Kairi and help conquer whatever the Kingdom Heart fantasy world throws at you.

Kairi costume accessories

Kingdom Hearts II 2 Kairi cosplay BootsKingdom Hearts II 2 Kairi cosplay BootsXcoser Kairi Wig Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Wig Hair Costume Accessories Halloween PartyKairi Wig Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Wig

For a perfect rendition of your favorite character, you will also need the pale pink shoes and the red wig. Or get the giant Destiny’s Embrace keyblade. These can be bought from the store. The wig picture is particularly ugly, but you can have a better view of it on Amazon.

Kingdom Hearts Roxas Organization XIII coat costume

CosplaySky Organization XIII Kingdom Hearts Coat Roxas Costume MediumOrganization XIII Kingdom Hearts Coat Roxas Costume

The Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII costume only comes as one coat. Long and rather warm, it is perfect to wear out on a Halloween night. Made from decent material, Roxa’s long coat is not likely to disappoint. You can enhance your look with Roxas’ wig. In case you want to turn yourself into Xion for a whole, why not get one of these.

With that short but helpful list, you can now find the costume that works for you.

Shop for more of the game’s matching costumes and accessories

You will find more versions and characters in the list of Kingdom Hearts cosplay costumes in stores. Moreover, you will also find a large range of keyblades to add to your realistic look. You can run a search for them right from the box below.

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