Legend of Zelda costumes for adults and kids

Legend of Zelda Costumes for Adults and Kids

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Legend of Zelda costumes are gaining in popularity this year. These make the perfect fit for a cosplay gathering or a fun Halloween party. Have you been the owner of dull grey color cartridges of Nintendo? Then you remember the time when the series of Legend of Zelda gained instant recognition by being packaged in a golden cartridge.

Liberate the Kingdom of Hyrule dressed in Legend of Zelda costumes

Legend of Zelda has fueled a complete genre of medieval approach of fantasy games packed with adventure. Ever since the coming generations have been acquainted with newer versions of Zelda game. Each one is unique in its style. Yet, it retains the hack and slash dueling style format of combat. This is what is preserving its popularity.

It is why the Legend of Zelda costumes replicated after the characters of the game are more in vogue these days. Here are the most popular Legend of Zelda costumes for adults and for children that will help you decide which outfit would give you the classic hero look.

Zelda costumes for women and girls:

women's legend of zelda costumes - Adult Zelda Deluxe CostumeAdult Zelda Deluxe Costumelegend of zelda costumes - Child Deluxe Zelda CostumeChild Deluxe Zelda Costume

Without the princess of Hyrule, the game wouldn’t have been such a successful franchise and a dominant label. In the series Zelda’s role is special and distinctive. Her role ranges from being a damsel in distress, a tough warrior and a rough pirate.

You can fish from matchless styles of Princess Zelda’s dress and choose the one to your liking. The most renowned and distinguished dress of Zelda is a purple attire with the golden shoulder piece highlighted. Coupled with it are the iconic apron, waist medallion and the golden tiara. In addition, you can perfect your look with the princess sword.

Cosplay Legend of Zelda costumes for women

HOLRAN The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Cosplay Costume (Small)Twilight Princess Cosplay Costumecosplay legend of zelda costumes - CG Costume Women's Suit Princess Zelda Costume Cosplay Outfit XLargeSuit Princess Zelda Costume CosplayHOLRAN The Legend of Zelda Princess Zelda Childhood Cosplay Costume (Female xS)Princess Zelda Childhood Cosplay Costumelegend of zelda cosplay costumes for women - Cuterole Princess Zelda Costume Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Cosplay Outfit CustomLegend of Zelda Skyward Sword Cosplay Outfit

Zelda is also acknowledged as the true and time-honored ruler. The different games offer a very large range of choice for costumes to impersonate the princess from childhood to adulthood. For women wishing to garb the attire of the celebrated princess, the cosplay Zelda costumes are just the outfit to make them look like the legend. Obviously, Zelda’s wig will make you able to enhance your look.

Link’s costume in Breath of the Wild:

Breath of the Wild Deluxe Link Boys CostumeBreath of the Wild Deluxe Link Boys Costumelegend of zelda costumes for men - Deluxe Link Breath of the Wild Men's CostumeDeluxe Link Breath of the Wild Men’s Costume

Never has clothing been a pivotal factor in any of the Legend of Zelda titles than in Breath of the Wild. Link has cast off the regular green tunic and looks dashing in a blue one with outlines on the front. These Breath of the Wild Link costumes consist of a jumpsuit to which a chest belt is attached. It also includes a belt, a pouch, a pair of elf ears and boot style covers for shoes. Link’s wig will enhance your look.

Link’s costume for kids:

legend of zelda costumes for boys - Deluxe Child Link CostumeDeluxe Child Link Costumelegend of zelda costumes for kids - Child Link Prestige CostumeChild Link Prestige Costume

Anyone can imitate Link because he’s a protagonist and in our lives we all our heroes of exceptional circumstances. This character calls for attiring in the classic green tunic. The Deluxe elf costume on the left includes a green tunic with an attached harnessA green elf hat, an attached waist and chest belt and a pair of shoe covers complete the set. The Prestige outfit on the right consists of trousers, a green tunic, a green elf hat, a brown belt with pouch, a faux leather chest harness, a gauntlet and a pair of covers for the shoes. The shield and the sword do not come with the set, though, and you will have to buy them separately.

Link’s costumes for Women:

Disguise Women's Legend of Zelda Link Adult Costume, Green, MediumWomen’s Legend of Zelda Link Adult Costume

The hero or rather the heroine of Hyrule can be any woman. Though there isn’t a female protagonist in the Legend of Zelda series, the elf dress, which is available in stores, facilitates girls to imitate their green-clad champion. This cute fancy dress includes a dress with chest strap, a belt, a pair of leggings and an elf hat. The sword does not come with the set.

The Legend of Zelda cosplay outfits for men

Miccostume Men's the Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay Costume Small Green and WhiteLink Cosplay Costume Small Green and WhiteYa-cos The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Link Cosplay Uniform Suit Costume Outfit Blue Full SetBreath of the Wild Link Cosplay UniformCuterole The Legend of Zelda Link Black Cosplay Costume Halloween Uniform CustomLink Black Cosplay CostumeMiccostumes Men's High Quality Zelda Hyrule Warriors Link Red Cosplay Costume (Men Xl)Zelda Hyrule Warriors Link Red Cosplay Costume

The Legend of Zelda Link character also inspired cosplay designers who came up with a lot of options. From elf style cosplay outfit to Black Link cosplay costume, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. You can always accessories these cosplay Link costumes to enhance and perfect your look. For example, if you choose the Black Link cosplay outfit, the matching dagger, sword and shield will make you stand out. As an alternative, the blue sword and shield will enhance the Breath of the Wild cosplay attire.

There is an assortment of Zelda and Link’s costumes available from classy to chic style for all the avid fans and gamers of Legend of Zelda hailing from any age group.

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