pac-man costumes for arcaders

Pac-Man Costumes for Arcade Gamers

Pac-Man costumes are a perfect fit for couples, families and groups looking for original party outfits. Kids and adults will love getting dressed in the yellow ball gobbling dots and the colored ghosts attires. Give a try to these fancy dresses and you will quickly see that you are truly original.

Pac-Man the arcade game

This one was one of the most popular arcade game among video game amateurs. Its creator Toru Itwani based this game on a Japanese tale. If you were an amateur of this gobbling ball game you know how it worked.

The goal was to move the yellow ball through a black maze. The ball had to gobble all yellow dots and avoid the 4 ghosts roaming the maze. These ghosts were there to keep gobbling ball from eating all dots and winning the level. Whenever the protagonist ate one of the big dots, it was able to “eat” the ghosts for a while. The principle was to level up as much as you could without being killed by them and not lose lives.

This video game was entirely different and even more entertaining than most arcade games, including the space invading ones.

Pac-Man costumes for couples

Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man Couples Costume Adult Set

Perfect for couples, these Pac-Man costumes are the best way to get all out wearing unique outfits. The set includes the two tunics in a 3D design, a pair of gloves and a pair of boot covers for each. Pants and shirt are not included in the package. The attires can be worn in two different ways: as tunics and over your head for a more dramatic effect.

Such a fancy dress for kids is also available in stores – this would make a wonderful theme for a family of three.

The gobbling ball costumes for groups of children

Pac-Man Deluxe Child/Toddler Costume Standard Group Set Of 5

The next costume set that will please amateurs is a set especially meant with children in mind. These come in a set of 5 Pac-Man costumes for kids: the protagonist along with Blinky, Inky, Clyde and Pinky the ghosts. These officially licensed tunics should be worn on your clothes. Complete each of them with a pair of white gloves so as to have with a more realistic look.

The yellow gobbling ball

Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures CostumePac-Man Plush Costume Adult Mask / HatDeluxe Adult Pac Man The Ghostly Adventures Costume

Sold in different designs, from 3D to simple plush mask to be worn on black clothes, these pieces of clothing are attractive and fun all at once. You can choose to play the role of the yellow gobbling ball in the maze or be the hero of its anime adventures. The choice is yours.

The model for kids includes a jumpsuit with attached yellow ball made of foam, a pair of gloves and shoe tops. Sizes range from small to large. The mask consists in a plush accessory featuring the well-known arcade game hero. The adult one to the right is a sleeveless top designed to look like your favorite video game hero as well as a pair of gloves.

Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde

Men’s Pac-Man Clyde Deluxe Adult CostumePac-Man Inky Deluxe Adult CostumePac-Man Clyde Deluxe Kids CostumePac-Man Pinky Deluxe Kids Costume

The ghost tunics come with gloves and an alternative way to wear them: over your head for a more realistic appearance. Shoes, pants and shirts are not included in the sets. They are made of polyester and come in one size for adults and one size for kids.

Sexy Pac-Man outfits for ladies

Pac-Man Tank Dress Costume Adult/Teen Standard Set Of 5

Another great idea is to gather all your female friends and decide on a common theme. For example, these Pac-Man tank dresses will provide a group of 5 ladies with sexy party attires. This set includes each of the game protagonists designed as tank dresses. Each ghost cloth is adorned with big eyes while the yellow dress features the hero’s black eyes and mouth. This set makes an unique theme for groups. For more fun you can have a male friend to join your group: ask him to get dressed in the hero’s clothes.

The video game costume for adults

Pac-Man Video Game Screen Tank Dress CostumePac-Man Video Game Screen Adult Costume

These original – unique – clothes consist in a black poncho for men and a black short dress for women. Each one looks like the real Pac-Man arcade game and features the yellow ball and the ghosts roaming the maze. The maze looks so realistic that all party attendees are going to want to play a level on them. They are available in one size fits all.

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