Traditional Halloween Costumes for Couples

Traditional Halloween Costumes for Couples

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Traditional Halloween costumes for couples make the perfect choice for a Halloween night. They can even be replicated multiple times and add even more fun to the party.

Ideas for traditional Halloween costumes for couples

Traditional Halloween costumes can provide entertainment for the whole night when worn with some creativity. Fact is: going alone at the party dressed in a pumpkin costume won’t create any wow effect. However, a couple of pumpkins, each with their own specificities, will surely get conversations started. Leave alone a group of 10 pumpkins joining the pack.  But here, I’m about to show you traditional Halloween costumes for couples.

Grim Reaper costumes

traditional Halloween costumes for couplesLady Reaper Scary Ghost Demon CostumeMen's Soul Taker CostumeMen’s Soul Taker Costume

Let’s start our tour with the Grim Reaper – aka the soul taker – who roams the streets on Halloween night. It’s surely the Halloween symbol that inspired designers the most. You will find Halloween Grim Reaper costumes designed for men and for women in most stores. When you get your Grim Reaper costume make sure that it comes with the chains and the sickle otherwise you will lose the contest. You can also buy these accessories separately.

Pumpkin costumes

Fever Women's Sexy Pumpkin CostumeFever Women’s Sexy Pumpkin CostumeTowering Terror Pumpkin Costume StandardTowering Terror Pumpkin Costume Standard

One pumpkin, two pumpkins… One cute pumpkin, one terrifying pumpkin. Pumpkin costumes for couples are another must on Halloween. Miss adorable pumpkin can go along with her awful Jack O’Lantern to the party and have lots of fun. Pumpkin costumes for adults come in a great number of options, from the round shaped pumpkin inflatable costume to the scary Jack O’Lantern that will scare the party attendees to death.

Zombie costumes for men and women

Zombie CheerleaderZombie CheerleaderZombie Football PlayerZombie Football Player

Halloween zombie costumes for couples are also a good choice. These are sold in stores in a large number of themes, from the cheerleaders to the doctor and nurse and more. You can even find storybook characters turned into zombies. What a conversation starter: Snow White and her favorite dwarf turned into zombies right in the middle of the wood. But if you aren’t satisfied with the ones sold on the marketplace, you can make them yourself. It’s so easy. Easy as 1.2.3. Just by cutting the clothes here and there and dropping fake blood all over.

Women and men ghost costumes

Victorian Ghost BrideVictorian Ghost BrideVictorian Ghost GroomVictorian Ghost Groom

Another traditional fancy dress inspired from Halloween is the ghost costume. Ghost costumes for couples can be as simple as homemade using a white piece of cloth out of which you’d cut two circles for the eyes. It can be also extremely intricate. Therefore aside from the homemade white cloth, you can find bride and groom ghosts, pirate ghosts, and more. The choice is yours.

Men and women skeleton costumes

Women's Bone Appetit Skeleton Long DressWomen’s Bone Appetit Skeleton Long DressBone Daddy Skeleton SuitBone Daddy Skeleton Suit

Mr and Mrs Skeleton are going to town. Men and women’s skeleton costumes are one of the most popular Halloween fancy dresses. On Halloween night, you’ll find thousands of skeletons walking the streets. From adults to kids and even to pets, skeletons are definitely the top choice. You can find them in such a lot of designs that it’ll be hard to make a decision. This being said, right now, these Mr and Mrs Skeleton gown and suit are my favorite.

Mummy costumes for couples

Women's Full Length Mummy CostumeWomen’s Full Length Mummy CostumeMen's Mummy CostumeMen’s Mummy Costume

Mummy costumes are also on my list of traditional Halloween costumes for couples. From the classic Egyptian mummy to zombie mummies, you’ll be able to find a large number of options in stores. Yet, they can also be easily made at home out of fabric bands. If you wish to make your very own mummy costume yourself, the principle is not really different from making a decorative mummy for the home.

Wizard and sorceress costumes

Sorceress CostumeSorceress CostumeDark Wizard Mens CostumeDark Wizard Mens Costume

Wizards and sorceresses or witches are highly popular Halloween symbols. You will find wizard costume sets in more or less standard styles. One of the most popular of these is the one worn by Harry Potter. Witch costumes for women come in different models and styles. Even though they’re supposed to be awful and creepy, the many options will delight you. Then, you will also be able to get dressed in Glinda the Good Witch or the ugly green big nosed witch that brew some poisonous concoction for Snow White.

Bat costumes for couples

Cozy Bat Adult CostumeCozy Bat Adult CostumeAdult Fleece Bat CostumeAdult Fleece Bat Costume

Even though they’re pretty loved by kids, bat costumes make also a great fit for adults. You can find outstanding bat costumes in stores. For women, most of the time, you’ll realize that sexy or mini-dresses are the major rule. For men, you’ll find warm bat costumes that will make you look like a real one. And if you plan on getting your little ones with you this Halloween, here’s an easy to make bat costume for kids tutorial.

Vampire costumes for men and women

Deluxe Vampira CostumeDeluxe Vampira CostumeTransylvania Vampire CostumeTransylvania Vampire Costume

Vampire costumes for men and women are among the classic Halloween party outfits everybody likes. Dracula is the popular evil blood sucker character. Everybody fears him, everybody loves him. However you might not be fan of this old-fashioned character that flies like bats. In this case, you’ll probably prefer Vampire Diaries or Twilight outfits. Women are lucky as the range of vampiress Halloween costumes include a large choice of super sexy fancy dresses.

More ideas

But the list of traditional Halloween costumes for couples doesn’t stop there. There’s some more symbols that you can get inspiration from: the famous black cats, furry spiders, tombstones, straw men and more.

Halloween costumes for couples are part of the large range of very classic Halloween themes so popular among us. You can be assured that these traditional Halloween costumes for couples will never fail on you.

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