Pretty Peacock Costumes For Girls

Pretty Peacock Costumes For Girls

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Oh so pretty peacock costumes for girls

Peacock costumes for girls are really nice and pretty in their own way; ranging from colors and designs. Being an animal is almost every kid’s dream, and only one time of the year they can be one! There are no worries honestly because your little girl can always become a peacock anywhere, anytime she wants. Ranging from different styles and preferences, there will be one for your niece, daughter by the end of this article.

Ballet dancing peacock dress for little girls


peacock costumes for girls - Dress S PeacockDress S Peacock


Let’s start with the beautiful Dress peacock, this is one specialized for little girls who love ballet dance. Indeed, this dress comes with a dancing feel and cool environment to it and sasses at the same time. Your little one will love to spread the beautiful peacock wings attached to the back of the dress using the finger holes provided for the purpose. A dancing peacock princess; what more could you ask for? Nothing, honestly. The dress is sold in a small size but can also be bought in a medium size (7-8 year old).

Oh so pretty peacock fancy dress

peacock costumes for children - Other Manufacturers girls Big Girls' Peacock Costume Medium (8-10)Other Manufacturers girls Big Girls’ Peacock Costume Medium (8-10)


Some other Peacock costumes for girls are a mix of both; dancer and girly. The whole pack. This costume is great for one young lady who is sassy and in charge. The Pretty Peacock Child costume is great for one sassy little gal who likes to be a princess at all times. With great reviews of 4 stars and an 85% positive rating, it is known to be also vibrant in color, itch free and has a comfortable texture. You can get it in 4-6, 8-10 and 12-14 sizes but make sure to order one size up, just in case if she isn’t petite. One of the great peacock costumes for girls.

Sparkling and shining peacock costume for girls

kids peacock costume - Peacock Costume, LargePeacock Costume, Large


Coming in with an elegant, dancer-like costume, here we have the Peacock Costume by Rubies. It has a good rating among customers. The dress is made of polyester texture and comes with an adorable comb to go on her little one’s head. 90% of the reviews were exceptional; perfect vibrant colors, no itching and no irritation to the child. It’s available in small, medium and large sizes especially meant for kids (BTW this attire sizes generously).

Blue peacock princess dress for tweens

peacock costumes for tweens - Children's Peacock Princess Costume Size Medium (8-10)Children’s Peacock Princess Costume Size Medium (8-10)


For a girlier approach for your older daughter, niece or sister getting this girly-girl costume will be great for her. The children’s Peacock Princess Costume. This is normally very interesting for those who likes being a princess and an elegant and royal animal at the same time! 90% of the reviews were perfect. She’ll love the vibrant colors and great texture. However, the dress runs one size small, so keep in mind to get one for her one up her size (8-10 and 12-14).

Tutu skirt peacock costume for tween girls

peacock tutu costumes - Juniors Peacock Diva Costume Size Medium (7-9)Juniors Peacock Diva Costume Size Medium (7-9)



Last but not the least, is this stunning Peacock Diva costume for kids and tweens. The set includes a dress with peacock style tutu skirt and a peacock tail. As an added feature, your daughter will get a pair of arm warmers to finish up the dress look. She’ll love the glittering peacock feathers and the shimmering hair piece. Black tights are included in the set. Obviously this incredible tutu skirt peacock costume is available in standard children sizes: small (3-5) – medium (7-9) and large (11-13 year).

These should be some nice and most interesting diverse options to give for your daughter, niece, or sister. They all have the attributes for your average girl; cute, sassy, elegant, and bright, most importantly.

Shop for more peacock costumes for girls

Of course this list is only a short overview of what’s available on the market in terms of peacock costumes for girls. The list of such fancy dresses in longer than the one here. You can take a look at what’s offered these days by running a search in the form below.

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