disney frozen elsa costume ideas for women

Disney Frozen Elsa Costumes for Women

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The Disney Frozen Elsa costumes for women were a hit last year and even in 2015 because of the huge popularity of Disney’s animated movie. Frozen movie was inspired from a fairy tale and released to the public at Thanksgiving 2013. Women, teens and little girls alike enjoy the dress up opportunities brought by this film.

Frozen Elsa costume ideas for women

The Frozen film relates the tale of Elsa, princess of Arendelle who was gifted the power of snowing and freezing. It is also the story of her sister Anna who was once hurt by her sister’s powers and is going to go on a journey to find Elsa. On her way she will meet strange and fun characters.

Perfect for Halloween parties, cosplay or any other masquerade event, the Frozen Elsa costumes for women are going to make you the center of the attention.

Frozen Adult Elsa Prestige CostumeFrozen Adult Elsa Prestige Costume

My first choice in the large range of Disney Frozen Elsa costumes for women is the Prestige Elsa dress. It consists in a pale blue dress with translucent sleeves; sequins embellish the bodice of this dress. A cape adorned with snowflakes is attached to it and makes it comfortable for you not to have to adjust while you are having fun. The gown is made in polyester and comes with official license. It makes a very good outfit for fairy tale parties. You could even play Elsa to celebrate your daughter’s birthday and be the fairy of the party if she likes to dress up as Anna.

Womens Frozen Elsa Ultra Prestige CostumeWomens Frozen Elsa Ultra Prestige Costume

While searching for Frozen Elsa costumes for women, take a closer look at this Ultra Prestige long gown. Although it is similar to the previous outfit, you can see the details on the fabric. The sequined bodice sparkles and shines like a piece of jewelry. The translucent sleeves, are ice blue and feature embroidered embellishments. The long front slit adds to your comfort. This stunning costume will really make you feel like Elsa, the snow queen. This dress can be worn in all kinds of occasions and not just for Halloween or birthday parties.

Women’s Cosplay Dress Halloween Party Costume Christmas Gift (Xl-large)

This stunning cosplay attire includes the ice-blue floor-length split front dress and the translucent cape. The sequined bodice shines in the light while the sheer sleeves provide your arms with an aerial look. You can get this split front dress in sizes ranging from Small to X-large and even have it in custom size, which makes it really unique and adapted to your silhouette. With a pair of ice blue shoes and a blond wig you are going to be a perfect princess Elsa.

Kmvei Snow Queen Elsa Fancy Style Dress Cosplay Costume

Here is a model that will please any woman who always dreamed of being a princess: the Frozen inspired cosplay costume. Although made of cotton and polyester, this floor-length dress comes with a very icy look. Instead of a sequined bodice, rhinestones adorn the top. The aerial sleeves and cape add to the illusion of you being a snow queen. As you can see in the picture, the cape is so long that you will believe that you’re dressing up in a royal train gown. This long ice blue gown is available in XX-small up to X-large. It is perfect for cosplay and all kinds of joyful occasions.

Frozen Elegant Princess Elsa Blue Dress Cosplay CostumeCheck Price @ LightInTheBox

Still in the long series of Disney Frozen Elsa costumes for women, here is one I find really lovely. However, it does not really match the one of the movie. In this Snow Queen inspired gown, you are really going to believe you’re dressed in a piece of jewelry. The entire floor-length dress sparkles like a diamond. It fits your body curves perfectly and comes in a very nice design. The sleeves and cape are translucent and make the ice look pretty well. The sizes range from XX-Small to XXX-Large, which makes it a perfect fit for any kind of silhouette.

Disney Frozen Elsa costume accessories

Are you looking for Princess Elsa matching costume accessories? Then as you can see here, you can get all of them, from the magic wand to the icy crown; from the so special blond hairdo to the ice-blue shoes. They will highlight your marvelous Princess Elsa fancy dress costume.

Frozen Princess Elsa Blue Paillette Cosplay High-Heeled ShoesCheck Price @ LightInTheBox28″ Frozen Princess Elsa Wig Blonde Cosplay Costume WigsCheck Price @ LightInTheBoxFrozen Elsa PVC Cosplay CrownCheck Price @ LightInTheBoxLight Up Frozen Snowflake Wand

If the wand above does not meet your needs, you can create one yourself at home. For this project, use a baguette made of wood. Paint it silver. Hot glue a Christmas snowflake ornament to its top. Here you are: you now have a fantastic magic wand.

Enjoy your new princess costume and above all, have lots of fun!

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