Disney Frozen Kristoff Cosplay Costume

Men’s Disney Frozen Kristoff Cosplay Costume

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Hey guys, don’t be jealous! You too can step in the Halloween fun dressed in Disney Frozen costumes! The Disney Frozen Kristoff cosplay costume is going to make you stand out.

Disney Frozen Kristoff cosplay costume for men

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If you have seen the movie, you know that Kristoff is the ice man who follows princess Anna in her quest to find her sister Elsa, the Snow Queen. Along with his reindeer he is going to keep a sharp eye on Anna’s safety. Together they will find Elsa’s hiding place.

Kristoff is highly popular among the movie’s fans. And is there any better way to jump in party fun with your soul mate dressed in Anna’s costume than featuring this solid and honnest character? However, it is very hard to find such a costume to wear for cosplays, comic-con or even costumed parties. You might be struggling finding it in stores – and end up frustrated not getting the fancy dress you want to wear.

Do not worry! I found it for you… The Disney Frozen Kristoff cosplay costume has everything you need to feature perfectly the helpful and courageous ice man.

Frozen Kristoff’s fancy dress costume consists in

  • A grey shirt,
  • A V-neck sleeveless top embellished with a furry trim,
  • A large colorful contrasting sash belt,
  • Grey pants,
  • A pair of grey gloves.

You can put the finishing touches to this excellent party outfit with a hat and a Kristoff wig. These elements should be purchased separately, though. For the hat I’d suggest a gray beanie or a trapper cap hat. This stunning Disney Frozen Kristoff cosplay costume is perfect for getting dressed for Comic-Con events, Halloween parties and other masquerade balls.

It is available in different sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-extra-large. The manufacturer can also tailor make the outfit if you need.

Standard Frozen Kristoff costume for men

Frozen Kristoff Adult Mens Costume – $49.99

Now if you do not wish to invest in a costume designed for cosplay, you can head to Spirit Halloween and find one that fits within your preferences.

This outfit is officially licensed and consists of a grey tunic with plush trim, a pair of grey covers for your shoes, a red belt featuring colored details and a hat. Complete the look with a pickaxe and a plush reindeer – unless you decided to get a real one. Now you just have to find your princess Anna and leave for the quest to find Elsa.

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