Frozen Prince Hans Cosplay Costume

Men’s Frozen Prince Hans Cosplay Costume

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The Disney Frozen Prince Hans cosplay costume is convenient for you if you’re feeling a bit nasty, jealous, envious, manipulator… Or have the Machiavellian mind of a royal conspirator.

Disney Frozen Prince Hans cosplay costume for men

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Prince Hans is the last scion of a big royal sibship in a nearby country of Arendelle. He feels rejected and badly liked. His frustrations developed a jealous temper and a visceral need to take over the king of Arendelle’s throne.

For his plans to be successful, he must seduce princess Anna and propose her… However the lovely young princess is not that stupid and won’t get caught in his trap.

If you plan on jumping in the Halloween party fun as a couple the Frozen Prince Hans cosplay costume is perfect. It will make you stand out from the crowd as most people will choose Kristoff’s attire.

What does this stunning Frozen inspired party attire include

  • A white and black dress coat (aka swallow-tail) adorned with the prince’s coat of arms,
  • A blue long sleeved shirt,
  • A sleeveless matching vest,
  • A colorful neckkerchief,
  • A pair of long blue trousers.

You can perfect this excellent party attire with a Prince Hans wig and a pair of equestrian styled boots to be worn up on the trousers.

Frozen Prince Hans cosplay costume is available in different sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. It is an exclusive party attire that you will not see everywhere.

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