10 Historical Costumes for Couples

10 Historical Costumes for Couples

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Historical costumes for couples are the perfect fit for those who want to add a little glamour to their fun party attire.

10 favorite historical costumes for couples

You will find out that the most popular historical costumes for couples are Ancient History, pirate and wench, or Medieval costumes for those who like story books. Many of these fancy dresses are designed with so accurate details that they make outstanding Halloween or cosplay historical costumes for couples.

Caveman and woman costumes for couples

The Flintstones Wilma Costume,White, MediumThe Flintstones Wilma CostumeThe Flintstones Fred Costume, Orange/Black, X-LargeThe Flintstones Fred Costume

We couldn’t start our tour of historical costumes for couples without taking an eye to the Caveman and Cavewoman party outfits. These can be life-like attires or colorful clothes inspired from the hilarious anime series The Flintstones. The choice is yours. Here I chose the Flintstones characters Fred and Wilma, as I find them absolutely irresistible. But you can opt for Barney and Betty Rubble’s costumes instead.

Ancient History costumes for couples

Roman Empress CostumeRoman Empress CostumeAdult Caesar CostumeAdult Caesar Costume

From Egyptian Goddess dresses for women to Pharaoh outfits for men, Ancient Egypt costumes make fantastic fit for couples. These can include Marc Antony and Cleopatra, Pharaoh or warrior attires, genie and even mummy party outfits.

Greek gods and goddesses are also highly praised by masquerade party fans. Ancien Greek costumes for women and men can range from Greek Goddess Athena gowns to Spartan outfits. Accessories such as helmets and arm cuffs are also indispensable to perfect your favorite character.

Let’s not forget to mention Ancient Rome costumes for couples, which are also very popular. From Caesar to the toga man, from the Roman warrior to the beautiful Roman goddess.

Barbarian and/or Viking costumes for couples

Adult Viking Warrior Costume LargeAdult Viking Warrior Costume LargeDreamgirl Women's Voracious Viking Costume, Brown/Beige, LargeDreamgirl Women’s Voracious Viking Costume, Brown/Beige, Large

Inspired from the Barbarian times, Viking costumes for couples are gorgeous. This period of time is the one that should not get confused with the Medieval era. Some costume designers conceived ultra sexy Viking costumes for women. Conan the Barbarian and Xena Warrior Princess are surely the most popular characters of the period. However, you will easily find a pair of entirely different Viking costumes for the both of you.

Medieval costumes for couples

Lion Queen Women's CostumeLion Queen Women’s CostumeMen's Medieval Knight CostumeMen’s Medieval Knight Costume

When it comes to historical costumes for couples, the Middle Ages period (5th up to 15th century) comes to mind. This period offers a wide range of Medieval costumes for couples. These include pirates, bar maids, crusaders, knights, peasants, witches, wizards, kings and queens and more. Given the time, you can get inspiration from Lord of the Rings movies as well.

Renaissance costumes for couples

Women's Anne Boleyn CostumeWomen’s Anne Boleyn CostumeKing Henry Men's CostumeKing Henry Men’s Costume

Renaissance covers a period in time that started in the early 16th century. It’s the time when mankind left dark ages and saw the light. A time of knowledge, promotion of arts and science. From this period in History, you can pick some stunning historical costumes for couples. These range from knights to queens, from kings to tavern wenches, from peasants to pirates, from fortune-tellers to the first modern printers, religious orders and conquistadors. 

Grand Siècle costumes for couples

Adult Cutthroat Pirate CostumeAdult Cutthroat Pirate CostumeSweet Buccaneer CostumeSweet Buccaneer Costume

The Grand Siècle is actually the entire 17th century, including a few years before and a few years after. This period offers a large choice of costumes for couples. From kings and queens to servants and peasants, from musketeers to ladies in waiting, from scientists to pirates and buccaneers, and even members of masonic lodges, the period is full of potential costume ideas.

American History costumes for couples

Saloon Madame CostumeSaloon Madame CostumeSaloon Bartender CostumeSaloon Bartender Costume

Naturally American History offers a very large choice of historical costumes for couples. You’ll find Pilgrim clothes, which are simple but make you stand out from the crowd. The Founding Fathers line of costumes inspired from Benjamin Franklin or George Washington. Saloon bartenders and burlesque dancers are also a good choice. Not to mention the diverse Native American clothes for women or for men which are absolutely gorgeous. Civil war, prohibition and Wild West inspired outfits are also a big hit.

Victorian costumes for couples

Christmas Caroler GownChristmas Caroler GownCaroling Gentleman CostumeCaroling Gentleman Costume

Victorian costumes come directly from the period in History that costume designers choose to start playing with zombie and ghostly creatures. For the dark side of the era, from Steampunk to ghost or zombie bride and groom you will find beautifully crafted Victorian costumes for couples to choose from. For the brighter side, both the Christmas carol singers and the high society gowns and suits for couples are a pure delight.

Flapper and gangster costumes for couples

Black Charleston Flapper DressBlack Charleston Flapper DressDeluxe Pin Stripe Gangster SuitDeluxe Pin Stripe Gangster Suit

The 1920s aka “années folles” (crazy years) brought short dresses and hair for women and gangster style for men. With gangster costumes for men and flapper costumes for women, you can easily come up with a fantastic theme for couple. You can also decide to opt for high society clothes of the era. You can find inspiration in one of the many Agatha Christie’s novels or even be the great Hercule Poirot himself.

Science-Fiction costumes for couples

Adult Neo CostumeAdult Neo CostumeAdult Trinity CostumeAdult Trinity Costume

Science-fiction costumes are also a good source of inspiration for Historical costumes for couples. From Star Trek, Star Wars, to Avatar, you’ll find a large collection of so special fancy outfits for you and your significant other. Futurama costumes are a good source for unique yet hilarious fancy dresses. However, you don’t have to look at the stars to find Sci-fi costumes for couples. You can impersonate the Matrix characters and stand out from the crowd dressed in these stunning costumes.

As you can see the there are so many historical costumes for couples to choose from. And this was just a short overview of what you can expect to find in stores.

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