Steampunk Costume For Men

A Stuper Steampunk Costume For Men

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A fun steampunk costume for Halloween or cosplay events

Let the fun begin putting together a steampunk costume for men for Halloween, cosplay events or any costume party that they plan to attend. They can start with a duster coat like the one shown below and add to it for just the right look. They can get very elaborate or just give a hint of the popular sub-genre of both science fiction and fantasy movies and books.

Steampunk Adult Mens Duster CoatSteampunk Adult Mens Duster Coat

Since he will be pretending to be in a time where just about everything is run by steam, I would recommend that he adds a pair of goggles to his steampunk costume. He can wear them on a hat or around his neck but they simply are a must have accessory, in my humble opinion.

Staying with that steam idea, a pair of gloves will add to his costume, also. The machines that are operating by steam are going to be hot so gloves would be an appropriate item for a man to have on his person. He can wear them on his hands or have them looped on a belt. Actually, as the night wears on he could do a little of both. Obviously, he won’t want to wear gloves while he is trying to eat so that is a time that the gloves would look cool looped over his belt or sticking out of the pocket of the coat he is wearing.

I think a hat is just almost a must for a costume with a steampunk theme, especially for the guys. I like the ones that look like a modified top hat but a bowler would work or even an aviator style hat. It just depends on the look he wants to achieve. I particularly like the one shown below.

Where Can He Get Ideas For A Steampunk Costume?

Steampunk Skull Hat BandSteampunk Skull Hat Band

What we now call steampunk has been greatly influenced by the literary works of Jules Verne, H G Wells, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; to name just a few. Early movies that began to show steam operated worlds would be 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and The Time Machine which were made in the 1950s and 1960s. He can watch some current movies to get some ideas, too.

  • Sherlock Holmes (2010) with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • Steamboy
  • Vanhelsing

Steampunk is usually depicted in a time that resembles Victorian era England. Adding items to his costume that have a Victorian look to them will just add to the success of the look.


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