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Native American Costumes for Women Turn All Heads at Parties

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Native American costumes for women are highly popular on this planet. Actually Indian costumes have always been among the most popular clothing sets around the world for decades. People never cease to be fascinated by the culture and the history that Indian Americans represent. And the thought of getting dressed in such clothes is a undescribable excitement.

With the Native American month going on and the US Thanksgiving celebration that is upcoming, I thought that these Native American costumes for women would be a perfect fit. Below you will find some of the most beautiful of such outfits. These Indian costumes for women come in handy for plays to make characters look more authentic to the audience. Yet, these sets can be worn on numerous occasions throughout the year.

Native American costumes make heads turn in all occasions

A good amount of sensitivity is required if you choose to wear this type of outfit. Remember that Native Americans and those who trace their roots to this culture walk among you. Some of them are your friends, classmates, neighbors and colleagues.

Make them proud by doing a bit of research for both the fancy dress and the accessories. And if you don’t know where to start, then costumes sold by online stores are a good start. Just click on an image below and you’ll be able to get the fancy dress you like the most.

Native American costumes for women

Simple yet beautiful women Indian fancy dress

Native American costumes for womenDeluxe Women’s Indian Costume – $28.99

Celebrate Native American month in style. Indian American costumes come in such a wide range than it is hard to make a selection. Anyways, I start with this lovely dress. I think that Indians used to wear other clothes than those sexy fringed short dresses or skirts and tops. Winters can be extremely cold in some American areas. Let’s assume that you’re going to be dressed in Native American costumes for women for the Thanksgiving celebrations and that you will want to wear warm clothes.

This lovely costume comes with an asymmetric fringed dress and shawl along with a headband adorned with a feather. This very cheap costume is available in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large and is also sold in plus size. I’d suggest to accessorize it with an Indian choker and matching bracelet, a pair of moccasin (sizes: xs up to xl) and a belted quiver with arrows if you feel like a warrior girl.

Kneen-length asymmetrical Native American fancy dress

Native American costumes for womenAmerican Indian Maiden Costume – $24.99

Native American costumes for women include some more sexy models that you can choose from. For example, this adorable knee-length fringed dress made out of fleece fabric. The dress has 3/4 fringed sleeves and features a nice draped and fringed embellishment on the front top, adorned with beads. The belt has also a draped fringed embellishment that matches the one of the top. Both provide the dress with a beautiful look. The set includes a headpiece that you can tie to the desired size and a pair of boot covers. It is available in XS, S M, St, and XL and in plus size.

The accessories that match this type of Native American costumes for women and that you can get separately include traditional Indian jewelry and a black long straight wig. For those of you who want to let the artist that lies in them go wild, a tambourine or Indian drum will do the job perfectly.

Sexy Sacajawea fancy dress costume

Women’s Sacajawea Indian Maiden Costume – $39.99

Are you and your husband Toussaint Charbonneau ready to guide and help Lewis and Clark communicate with Indians tribes during their quest? Let’s get dressed and move on to this interesting journey. Chances that your temper and heroism are going to highly surprise the squad.

This sexy Sacajawea dress is going to make you feel like this Shoshone woman who was bought by the French-Canadien trapper. It is made out of artificial suede and artificial leather and comes with fringed long sleeves and fringed hemline. The top is embellished with an applique featuring a rickrack design and fringes. The same design is found on the apron right beneath the faux leather belt that you can fasten with ties. The set includes a headband.

I suggest to finish your look with Indian boots trimmed with fur (sizes 6 up to 10) so as to preserve your legs from the cold and some Indian jewels.

Disney’s Pocahontas costume

Indian costumes for womenWomens Deluxe Pocahontas Costume – $54.99

We can’t get an actual overview of the different women Native American costumes without talking about Pocahontas. Pocahontas, or Matoaka Amonute, is the Indian maid who met Captain Smith and, according to the legend, saved his life several times. She will meet him again when she’ll go to England with her husband John Rolfe.

Disney did a good job in giving life to this story, yet they added a lot of legendary elements. This shouldn’t prevent you from getting dressed in this Pocahontas outfit, inspired from the Disney production. This one-sleeved dress is made of polyester and comes with sequined trim; a belt and a necklace made of beads. This Pocahontas costume is officially licensed and sold in sizes: medium, large and extra-large. Given the nature of the dress, I suggest to accessorize with blue jewels and gold sandals.

Even more Indian costumes for women

This was a short overview of what’s available in stores in terms of traditional, fancy and sexy Indian costumes for women. These might not fit with your needs, but here are a few more fancy dresses that you can choose from. Yet, the list is far from being complete as the range of option is definitely wide.

indian costume for womanWomen’s Native American Costume – $69.99Adult Women's Native American Dress - $54.99Adult Women’s Native American Dress – $54.99native american costumes for womenWomen’s Cherokee Cutie Costume – $29.99women's native american costumesNative Princess Costume – $24.99 – $44.99

Obviously these stores offer a large choice of Indian costumes for kids – including infants, girls and boys.

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