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Outstanding Native American Costumes for Men

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Men’s Indian American costumes are amazingly beautiful

Native American costumes for men are gorgeous. They are suitable for all kinds of events: from Native American month – which falls in November and is currently going on, to Thanksgiving celebrations and plays. These attires are extremely popular among kids of all ages, including grownup kids… Everyone has seen Indian Americans depicted in movies and television shows. They have been the subject of various books. By donning their traditional attire, individuals can hopefully gain a better understanding of this incredible community.

Native American costumes for men

Most will use Indian costumes on Halloween, especially the kids who are going to be trick or treating. Native American costumes for men can also be worn during costume parties on various occasions. They fit pretty well for Thanksgiving theatrical plays and get together, storytelling and other events during Native American month, birthday parties, 4th of July gatherings, and any other patriotic entertainment. The upside of such fancy dresses is that they are not designed to be scary and are highly versatile.

From simple and realistic to extravagant and funny, you will find a large number of different types of Native American clothing for men to choose from. Whether you want to be one of the early settlers’ first friends on the American soil or the legendary Sitting Bull or Cochise, there is always an attire that will meet your needs. So shall we take a look at what’s in store? Let’s go.

Deluxe Indian costume for men

adult Native American costumeDeluxe Men’s Indian Costume – $34.99

It’s Native American month and dressed in this authentic looking Indian American costume you can feature almost any leader from one of the Plain tribes. From a warrior to a hunter, from a legendary leader to a less known one. And since Fall has fallen and harvest has ended, you can celebrate along with the settlers. Dress your head with the simple feather supplied with the costume or opt for a full indian feathered headpiece that will make you stand out.

This faux suede adult Native American costume consists of a fringed shirt with long sleeves with brocade embellishments and fringed pants. The set includes a one feather headpiece. Sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large and plus size. Please note that the huge feathered headpiece, the one for the chest and the spear are NOT part of the set. They must be purchased separately.

You can accessorize in any way you want: smoke the Indian peace pipe with the early settlers, or get your Indian hunting knife for the turkey hunt or dress yourself for war with an indian feathered headpiece.

A Native American costume with an authentic look

Authentic Western Indian Chief Costume – $59.99

Perfect for American history plays, this authentic Western Indian chief costume is a gem. This attire will enable you to feature one of the popular Western chiefs, such as Geronimo, Cochise or Crazy Horse. All you will need to do is adapt the headpiece to the one of your tribe.

This stunning authentic Western Indian chief costume consists of a shirt that comes with long sleeves and fringes with a red applique on the V-neckline. The fringed pants feature a red loincloth. The available size is medium. The attire is kept quite simple so as to enable you to customize it using some accessories such as an authentic western headpiece to represent the Indian going to war or attending a very important ceremony. If you go for a warrior look, then I suggest to also get an Indian spear.

Noble warrior costume

Mens Noble Indian Warrior – $34.99

Dressed in this beautiful Indian costume, you can greatly feature a Mohawk of the Iroquois league, led by Joseph Brant. This fancy dress enables you to play scenes where Mohawks proudly resisted to the French and Dutch invaders. The accessories you will need are an Indian mohawk wig with braids, an Indian tomahawk and moccasins to complete your realistic appearance.

This noble warrior outfit set includes a sleeveless top that comes with a printed embellishment, a pair of pants adorned with side fringes and a loincloth, and printed arm bands fasten with cord. Shoes, headdress and weapons to be purchased separately. The available sizes include: M, L and XL.

Indian from the prairie costume

Men’s Prairie Indian Costume – $29.99

As a Prairie Indian, you mastered the art to ride horses and you know nomad’s life just as much as sedentary life. You’re also a skilled hunter. Wow! This makes for a fantastic epic journey in America’s History! Whether you choose to be a warrior, a horse trainer or a bison hunter, this costume is made for you.

This type of Native American clothing for men consists of a fringed shirt (long sleeves) adorned with a blue applique featuring an eagle, fringed trousers and a headband with feather. Sizes range from small up to extra-large, plus size and a similar set is also designed for kids.

If the headband doesn’t fit within your dressing plans, then I suggest to get a bigger feathered headpiece that will definitely make this costume stand out. The other indispensable accessory you will need for such an attire is the Indian shield with feathers, which is sold separately. A bow and arrow set makes it better for the hunter that lies in you.

More Native American clothing for men

The wearing of Native American clothing for men is a great way to pay homage to the native people who helped the Pilgrims settle in Plymouth. It is also a good way to remember the very first Thanksgiving celebration. Centuries ago, the Indians and newcomers all together eating, drinking and enjoying the end of harvest.

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