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Pilgrim Costumes Add An Authentic Touch to Your Celebrations

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Adult and kids Pilgrim costumes (also known as Puritan costumes) are versatile and can be used for a large number of occasions. The very first of them, given the date, being the Thanksgiving celebrations. The “First Thanksgiving” feast celebrated a bumper harvest at the Plymouth Bay Colony and we are sure the Pilgrims partied in style.

So why would you celebrate Thanksgiving in modern clothes, when you could wear one of the many impressive Puritan costumes? This mode of dress worked fine for the Pilgrim Fathers, so the colonial costume is definitely good enough for all of us. The ancient Pilgrims travelled far and wide and their clothes were anything but dull.

Pilgrim costumes are versatile

In fact, the unique Pilgrim costumes you’re about to see below are ideal for patriotic citizens who want to give thanks and remember the nation’s history. These are so versatile that you can show off your patriotism dressed in these attires, in different occasions. Plus, Puritan outfits are among the most popular historic fancy dress costumes. So, where would you wear one of our smart father founding clothes?

Pilgrim costumes, which are suitable for adults and kids, are ideal for party-goers and family gatherings. The bright Puritan attire is great for plays and masquerade parties too. In addition to this, the colonial outfits make the perfect re-enactment costumes.

Wear one of these simple, yet stunning Pilgrim costumes to show your dedication. Don’t forget that this patriotic apparel is also ideal for Fleet Week, 4th of July, Veterans Day and even Halloween.

Girls Pilgrim costumes

Girls Pilgrim costumesPilgrim Girl Costume – $29.99

As a child it’s necessary that you lend a hand to your mom and help her prepare this amazing Thanksgiving celebration. From cornbread to make to butter to churn, from turkey to roast to table setting, there’s so much to do…

This Pilgrim dress is made for young girls who dress in sizes ranging from small to large. It is made from polyester and you can fasten it using the velcro located on the back of the neckline. This black long dress features a white collar, a pair of white cuffs and an attached white apron. The set also coms with a white hat. You will find this model in sizes suitable for women and plus size.

Women’s Pilgrim costumes

Women's Pilgrim costumesAdult Pilgrim Woman Costume – $34.99

As one of the many women who are helping to build a new nation you have lots of things to do. Feed the chicken, prepare the turkey for the gigantic dinner tonight, mash the potatoes, cook the gravy, and more. Ask your kids for a little help and make sure to dress in your best attires for the big event.

With this floor-length poplin black Pilgrim lady fancy dress you are going to be able to play your role in style. The all-in-one black dress comes with a top adorned with a white piece that covers its center and the shoulders, an apron featuring a lace trim and white cuffs. A white bonnet completes the set. The dress is available in standard size that fits most, plus size and children sizes. Complete the character with a pair of pilgrim shoes (or use Pilgrim shoe buckles to adorn you very own black shoes), white tights and a basket filled with fruits, veggies and bread.

More Puritan costumes and accessories for ladies and girls

Not convinced by the two previous women’s and girl’s Puritan fancy dresses shown above? Here is a selection that offers some more of these outfits to choose from, with different colors and also different models.

Women’s Proper Pilgrim Lady – LargePilgrim Girl Medium fancy dress costumeChild’s Pilgrim Girl Costume – (Medium 8-10)

Pilgrim costumes for boys

Pilgrim costumes for boysPilgrim Boy Costume – $24.99

Step back to these simpler times, when one used to make our own clothes. They were much more simple than todays’ outfits. For boys, a beautiful suit for a very special event as the one of Thanksgiving is, consists of black and white clothes. Make sure your son doesn’t get dressed in these before he’s finished with his daily homework.

Perfect for a Thanksgiving play, this Pilgrim costume for boys is made of polyester and consists of a black shirt that features white cuffs and a short white rounded collar. The set also includes knee-length black pants (with elastic bands for the waist and legs) and a black belt with buckle. The hat is made of foam and is adorned with a leather band and buckle similar to the one of the belt. The outfit is sold in small, medium and large and includes models for men (medium, large and extra-large). The look will be perfect with accessories such as matching shoes and white socks.

Men’s Pilgrim costumes

Men's Pilgrim costumesAdult Pilgrim Man Costume – $34.99

So now that you’ve planned and conceived the famous end of harvest celebrations with the local Indians, it’s time to get prepared for the dinner! Sharpen your knife as you’ll have to cut the bread and the roasted turkey. The whole colony and the Indians are ready to enjoy this wonderful meal prepared by women and girls and will be grateful for the bounties of harvest.

This superb poplin Pilgrim costume for men is perfect for your Thanksgiving celebrations or any other patriotic event. It consists of a black shirt that features a white collar, and white cuffs; pants that come with an elastic band for the waist and the cuffs, a belt with buckle, and a pointy black hat adorned with a white band and faux metal buckle. This outfit comes in standard size that fits most, plus size and kids sizes. You can accessorize it with Pilgrim shoes, and white socks.

More Puritan party outfits for men and boys

Although Puritan costumes are quite standard and don’t come in a wide array of models you can find some different that won’t make you all look alike if you celebrate in group. Below are some of the other models available in stores.

Pilgrim Man Adult Halloween Costume Size 46 Large (OVSZ)Pilgrim Boy Child Costume (does not include hat)Underwraps Pilgrim Boy Costume, Small

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