ant-man costumes for boys and men

Ant-Man Costumes Are Hot This Year

Ant-Man costumes for kids and adults are hot this year. Designed after the latest Ant-Man movie released in July, these costumes are quickly running out of stock. One has to say that these outfits, which are perfect for Halloween parties and many other events like cosplay gatherings and Comic Con, are outstanding.

Ant-Man movie: the plot

In the past, Dr Henry Pym was member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. from which he resigned. Slowly he was also pushed to retire from his own company. Darren Cross took the lead and created an ant costume; that comes with several super powers using Pym’s technology. Cross’ plans are highly dangerous and Pym fears for his daughter’s life, the young Hope.

Scott Lang is a thief, gifted with a good mind. Dr Pym hires Lang to help him take Darren Cross down and protect his invention. For the purpose Lang must wear a special attire: Ant-Man costume. The outfit enhance Lang’s powers and makes him capable of downsizing himeself to the size of an ant.

With the help of some friends, Hope and Pym’s creativeness and an army of ants, Scott Lang is going to ruin Cross’ plans.

Superhero Ant-Man costumes for boys and men

Rubies Childs Official Licensed Marvel Ant-Man CostumeRubies Childs Official Licensed Marvel Ant-Man CostumeDisney Store Ant Man Light Up Costume - $97.85Disney Store Ant Man Light Up Costume – $97.85

The Ant-Man costumes for kids come in different versions. The one to the left is a jumpsuit that comeswith a realistic mask, muscle chest, a superhero belt and a pair of boot covers. It is an officially Marvel Ant-Man costume for kids. You can also buy this Ant-Man costume for children from Amazon where you will find the three same sizes, however the price is quite lower.

The Ant-Man costumes for kids that come with a twist are those which include a light-up feature (right picture). The one to the right is an authentic Disney item. The one-piece costume comes with a hooded mask and a light up belt. Kids will love to light them up. Three different sizes are available, however the stocks are quite low.

There is a version of Ant-Man costume for men and it is available in a one-size fits all.

Ant-Man cosplay and morphsuit costumes for adults

Ant Man PU Cosplay Outfit Kit Fight Suit Custom Made – $262.99 – $369.99Men’s Ant-man Unitard Morphsuit Costume Full Set – $150

As you seeon the left picture, Ant-Man costumes come also in the form of outfits suitable for cosplay and Comic Con events. The suit looks so realistic that you could think that you actually are Ant-Man, the superhero. Included in this pack you will find a pair of trousers, a jacket, a detachable belt, a pair of gloves. The mask must be purchased separately. You can perfect the look with a pair of black boots. Available sizes range from S up to 5XL. There is even a customized option so as to make you comfortable in your new superhero costume.

The second type of Ant-Man costumes that you can find in stores are the morphsuits. They come with printed intricate details featuring the actual costumes and make you feel comfortable for the time of your party or the Comic Con event. These outfits can be found in sizes ranging from small to 3XL. However you must purchase the mask separately. You will also find morphsuit models suitable for kids on the site.

Ant-Man villain costumes for kids and grownups

Adult Deluxe Yellow Jacket CostumeAdult Deluxe Yellow Jacket CostumeChild Deluxe Yellow Jacket CostumeChild Deluxe Yellow Jacket Costume

Do you prefer to play Darren Cross’ role at the party? Then nothing’s easier than this. Although that dressed in this attire you will want to rule the world, you have to beware that Ant-Man will not allow you to be successful. So think twice before ordering your next villain costumes.

These Ant-Man villain costumes are available for boys and men. The one for boys comes in small, medium and large sizes while the one for men consists in one-size fits all. These beautiful Ant-Man villain costumes consist in a jumpsuit, a pair of covers for the shoes, a mask and a belt.

Ant-Man accessories and clothing

Themed accessories are perfect if you plan on making a homemade costume or just do not wish to get the whole attire. For example, on a black and red suit, a mask will work wonders on black and red average clothes. Ant-Man T-shirts are also perfect for everyday use. Then some themed clothes are ideal for the kids or you if you are on a short budget for your next party costumes.

Ant Man Silver LED Mask Marvel Movie ProductsMSON ANT-MAN Antman Mask Helmet CosplayAnt-Man Child Costume Shirt and Mask CostumeAnt Man Cosplay Red-Black Short-Sleeved T-ShirtDisney Store Ant-Man Boy Pullover Hoodie Size 5/6Marvel I am Ant Man Costume T-shirt (Large, Red)

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