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Attack on Titan Costumes for Adults

Attack on Titan costumes for adults make perfect fit for fans of cosplay events and for a fun Halloween night. These party outfits were inspired from the Japanese anime series (manga) of the same name. So if you too feel like you have to fight a Titan or any other awful creature, then you may want to get dressed in Eren or Mikasa’s fancy dress costumes.

Attack on Titan – the anime series

The Attack on Titan anime series was inspired from a Manga series by Hajime Isayama. The story revolves around Eren, Mikasa who is Eren’s sister and Armin, three young students. Titans invaded their town and killed most people, including Eren’s mother. With his sister and Armin, Eren is going to get trained so as to help the town to get rid of the Titans who are destroying humanity.

Attack on Titan costumes for men

attack on titan costumes for menAttack on Titan Eren Costume – $78.99men's attack on titan costumeAttack on Titan Eren Jaeger Recon Corps

Let’s begin our list of Attack on Titan costumes with Eren. Eren’s mother was killed before his eyes during the attack of the town. Eren is an impulsive young man, who thinks very little before acting. His lack of thought put his life in danger but the lesson taught him that it is endowed with a special power. The power to turn himself into a Titan.

Eren clothing to the left is officially licensed and is one of the different models that you can find on the market. This one includes a long-sleeved shirt with straps and metal buckles, and a jacket with long sleeves. the trousers come with the same faux-leather accessories and buckles as the shirt (as seen in the animated series). The sash to be worn on the waist comes with the same features. A pair of boot covers complete your look. Sizes range from small to extra-large.

The attire featured to the right consists of a short vest, the trousers, a waist sash, the shirt and straps but it comes with a little twist: a green cloak so as to look like the hero in the series. Boots must be purchased separately, though. Available sizes range from S to XXL. I suggest to complete your fancy dress with Eren Jäger’s trench coat.

Attack on Titan Mikasa costumes for women

attack on titan mikasa costumeAttack on Titan Mikasa Costume -$78.99mikasa costume for womenAttack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman Cosplay

Mikasa Ackerman is Eren’s adoptive sister. Mikasa is some kind of genius and is also extremely skilled in all kinds of fights. One may think that she was born and that her life has no other meaning than to fight Titans. She is devoted to her brother and protects him in any circumstance.

The Mikasa costume to the left is officially licensed and is made out of polyester and cotton. The outfit consists of a long sleeved shirt with lots of decorative accessories. The trousers come with the very same accessories and Mikasa also wears a sash with faux-leather elements. A long-sleeved short vest perfects your appearance and a pair of boot covers completes your loook. You can get this outfit in the following sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large.

Next comes the Mikasa cosplay outfit with the cloak. This one includes a shirt, a top, a scarf, a shash, a pair of pants, all the straps (not boots)and the well known green cloak. All these elements are made out of different fabrics and materials. As for the sizes, you will be agreeably surprised knowing that you cannot just get the costume in small, medium, large or extra-large, but you can also have it tailor made.

You can accessorize Attack on Titan costumes for women with a pair of brown boots.

Attack on Titan Armin costumes for adults

adult attack on titan costumesShingeki no Kyojin Attack on Titan Armin Arlart Cosplay Costumeattack on titan costumes for adultsCOSROOM Attack on Titan Survey corps Armin Arlart Cosplay Costume with Cloak Female L

Armin is Eren’s best friend. Armin has absolutely no physical skills and is a big zero when it comes to fight. Yet he is a genius who is capable of solving all sorts of problem that require the shaking of his grey cells.

The outfit worn by Armin in the anime series comes in different sets, one with the jacket and the other one with the green cloak instead. Boots must be purchased separately (see Mikasa cosplay outfit).

The sizes you can choose for both attires range from small to XXL for men; small to XL for women and you can also have them made to your measures.

Attack on Titan costume accessories

Although Attack on Titan costumes are beautiful as they are, you will want to make the most of your attire. So if you plan on joining any event dressed like the heroes of this anime series, you need some accessories. Those range from wigs – which match the famous Manga hairstyles – to the team’s weapons.

Eren Jaeger Attack on Titan Brown Anime Wig + Free CapCosplay Wig Black Hair With Peru Attack On Titan MikasaAttack on Titan Armin Arlert Anime Yellow Short WigAttack On Titan Shingeki LARP 36Attack On Titan Cosplay Eren Training Corps 6 Pcs Weapon Attack on Titan cosplay prop

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