Bruce Lee costumes for men

Best Bruce Lee Costumes for Men

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Bruce Lee costumes for men who are fans of Martial arts

Bruce Lee costumes for men make the perfect choice for the fans of Martial Arts. Dressed in such attires, you’re sure to make a sensational arrival at the party. Bruce Lee’s highest level of popularity dates back from the 1960s to early 1970s. Yet, his heritage continues to survive in many of us. His basic principles of martial arts and the development of the Jeet Kune Do will never stop to amaze us.

If you too are seduced by the Martial Arts master’s skills and charm, then you’re going to love this selection of Bruce Lee costumes for men.

Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon costume

When it comes to Bruce Lee costumes for men, then Enter the Dragon movie first comes to mind. This movie provides you with a couple of great costume ideas for you to choose from.

Bruce Lee costumes for men - Kung Fu Master Costume - Standard - Chest Size 33-45Kung Fu Master Costume

The most popular of these Bruce Lee costumes for men is the one of the final scene. Bruce Lee maintained himself extremely physically healthy, and relied on a full diet for the purpose. This could be seen in the final scene of the movie. This Enter the Dragon costume above renders the actor’s physical shape very well.

The outfit features a muscular suit top that reproduces the actor’s impressive chest. The bloody lacerations on the torso are also part of the dramatic effect of this fancy dress. It can be found in adult sizes. In order to provide you with an even more stunning look, the set includes a wig made to look like the Kung Fu master’s haircut.

Black Kung Fu costume for men – Enter the Dragon movie

Bruce Lee Black Kung Fu CostumeBruce Lee Black Kung Fu CostumeBruce Lee Kung Fu Jacket Both Sides Wear Tops Martial Arts Long JerseyBruce Lee Kung Fu Jacket Both Sides Wear Tops Martial Arts Long Jersey

This black Kung Fu costume is the perfect alternative to the final combat outfit. Don’t worry, this stunning party outfit won’t keep you away from fighting against your enemies.  As you can see in the movie, the master wore such an attire while joining the Martial Arts Tournament. And he had a combat with those who dishonored the Shaolin Temple. The fun costume is available in two sizes, medium and large; but as specified it runs small.

The cosplay quality costume to the right consists of a jacket. In case you consider yourself in this similar form, you can buy loose-fitting black trousers along with an elastic or string tie top separately. The trousers ought to be tapered at the end plus have plenty of leg space in the thigh spot. Put the finishing touches of your look using a large sash that attaches around the waist of the trousers.

Accessorize your Martial Arts master look

Additionally, Bruce Lee was recognized to wear white socks, and flat footwear for his fighting and standard acting settings. In case you wish to take the appearance further, you’ll find wigs especially designed to look like Bruce Lee’s haircut.


Laoonw Rubber Foam Nunchakus BlackLaoonw Rubber Foam Nunchakus BlackKung Fu Tai Chi Shoes - Rubber SoleKung Fu Tai Chi Shoes – Rubber Sole

Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu suit

White With Black Frogs Complete Kung Fu UniformWhite With Black Frogs Complete Kung Fu Uniform

You may be interested in getting dressed in Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu uniform that was used in so many fighting sessions on the cinema. The white Kung Fu uniform features a black trim and is available in different sizes. You can even have it tailored to your personal measurements.

In this set you’ll find the master’s loose black trousers with an elastic waist and one on the bottom. Also included a loose-fitting white shirt with a high collar. You can complete your look with a wig, a pair of white socks along with black flat shoes.

Game of Death costumes

Men's Bruce Lee CostumeMen’s Bruce Lee CostumeClassical Yellow Jumpsuit Bodysuit Costume for Halloween Cosplay Unisex Black Striped Custom MadeClassical Yellow Jumpsuit Bodysuit Costume for Halloween Cosplay Unisex Black Striped Custom Made

Then you also have the option to seek revenge dressed in a Game of Death costume. This one is the incomplete film produced and starred by Bruce Lee right before his death.  The outfit consists of a yellow jumpsuit with black stripes on the sides. Depending on your personal tastes, you can select the fun costume or the cosplay quality. Don’t forget to finish up your outstanding Martial Arts master look with a pair of yellow sneakers.

Regardless of the costume you’re about to choose, above all, have fun!



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