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Best Big Hero 6 Costumes for Kids

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Big Hero 6 costumes for kids are cute, aren’t they? Be they from movies, the television or from comic books, it is always fun to dress up as a character you can truly identify with. Regardless if you feel that these characters embody the values you live by, or if they have the traits you secretly wish you had, being a hero once in a while is an exhilarating experience. Lately, people have been clamoring for great Big Hero 6 costumes for kids to wear.

Big Hero 6 the movie

Big Hero 6 costumes for kids were inspired from Disney’s Big Hero 6 movie. The film, which was adapted from the Marvel comic book of the same name, features a slew of heroes with various science-based powers. It starts when boy genius Hiro Hamada spruces up his deceased brother’s marshmallow-like medbot Baymax and turns the mild and helpful robot into a superhero. In his quest to investigate his brother’s death, he is aided by his friends, all intelligent teens with various science-based abilities.

All of the characters are portrayed as having a good grasp of science and technology. Creativity, problem solving, and thinking outside the box are all emphasized in the movie, making Big Hero 6 a great movie to show children as well as adults.

The best 4 Big Hero 6 costumes for kids

Your kids can take their pick from these different characters, and even gather a group of friends and get them to wear Big Hero 6 fancy dresses. Perfect for any occasion, Big Hero 6 costumes for kids can lead to a load of fun.

Hiro Hamada costumes for boys

Boys Hiro Deluxe CostumeBoys Hiro Deluxe Costume

As sais above, Hiro Hamada founded the Big Hero 6 team so as to find out what caused his brother’s dead. Hiro is a teenager genius, keen on science.

This Hiro costume consists of a black jumpsuit featuring a purple muscle chest and comes with pads for the knees so as to portray the movie hero. A purple headpiece is also included in this set. It is available in three diffferent sizes designed for boys: small (4-6), medium (7-8) and large (10-12).

Baymax costumes for kids

Disguise White Baymax Inflatable Costume, ChildDisguise White Baymax Inflatable Costume, Child

Of course there is a good chance that everyone will want to be the ultra-huggable Beymax-but that really isn’t a bad thing if you think about it.

This adorable Baymax inflatable fancy dress is made out polyester and includes the jumpsuit with in integrated electronic fan and the piece for your child’s head. It comes in only one size, which should fit all kids. The gloves, lollipop and other accessories must be purchased separately. As all featured on this page, the costume is officially licensed.

This outfit can also be found in adult sizes.

More Baymax costumes for children

Boys Red Baymax Deluxe CostumeBoys Red Baymax Deluxe CostumeBoys Red Baymax Inflatable CostumeBoys Red Baymax Inflatable Costume

The red Robot Baymax costumes can be found in two different models: one standard fancy jumpsuit and one inflatable outfit. The model to the left consists of a red jumpsuit that comes with wings, a chest and a super robot headpiece. It can be found in three sizes: small, medium and large. The inflatable version consists of a jumpsuit with printed details, a fan and the matching headpiece. It is found in only one size, of course. Shoes, socks and gloves must be purchased separately for both outfits.

Honey Lemon costumes for little girls and teens

Girls Honey Lemon Deluxe CostumeGirls Honey Lemon Deluxe Costume

Honey Lemon is a sweet-tempered chemist with a penchant for trick bombs.

Her superhero costume includes a dress with a chest that you can detach, pieces for your daughter’s shoulders, tights (footless), a handbag and a headpiece. It is available in extra-small, medium and large at SpiritHalloween; however it is also priced at $44.99. But you may prefer to buy it from Amazon if you are on a shorter budget. Obviously, the following sizes meant for little girls can also be found on Amazon: X-small (3T-4T), small (4-6x), medium (7-8).

How to make a GoGo costume

MSHUI Anime Movie Big Hero 6 Go Go Tomago Cosplay Wig Short Black Purple Hair

GoGo is strong and silent, she rides and utilizes her wheel discs with aplomb.

To create your child’s very own GoGo costume you will need a wig (like the one featured above), a white top, a black short, leggings to wear underneath the short, a black leather jacket, purple and white wristbands, and a pair of fingerless gloves. Finish up the attire with a pair of sneakers.

You can also choose to opt for a black and yellow jumpsuit and build a matching headpiece of your own.

Get some help to make your child’s Big Hero 6 – The movie trailer

Make a Wasabi costume for boys

Wasabi is a big worry wart proficient with laser cutters.

You can make Wasabi’s standard costume by using a few everyday clothes such as: wearing a white shirt under a green wooden V-neck sweater. A pair of black pants and black shoes will do the rest of the job. Put the finishing touches with a dreadlocks wig and yellow headband.

The other option would include a pair of large blue pants, a black shirt on which your child wears a green T-shirt to feature the muscle chest, a large red belt made out of satin, black boots and a red headband. Don’t forget the dreadlocks wig.

Make a Fred costume

And of course Fred, a laid back guy who dresses in a quirky but powerful monster suit.

Fred’s attire is easy to do. The elements you will need are: a turquoise beanie hat; a long sleeved beige shirt, a red T-shirt and a pair of green or kaki shorts. Finish the look with a pair or beige and green sneakers. For obvious reasons, making Fred’s secundary outfit would be harder than just assembling a few clothes. Indeed when he transoforms into a superhero, he turns into a monster…

Big Hero 6 costume accessories

Some accessories can add a little extra touch to your party outfit or can be used as add-ons to a homemade costume. Will a wig, a pair of gloves or a weapon better fit within your budget? Here you are.

Big Hero 6 Hiro Cosplay Wig Black HairDisguise Red Baymax Gloves CostumeBig Hero 6 Baymax Rocket Fist and Mask Role Play Combo Pack

Wishing your kids and their friends lots of fun!

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