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Classic Ghostbusters Costumes Save The Party

If you’re like me, you surely love the classic Ghostbusters costumes for adults and kids inspired from the 1984 movie. These classic Ghostbusters costumes are especially designed for men and boys yet, you can find some of them suitable for women and girls, in the form of dresses.

They’re here to save the party: classic Ghostbusters costumes

Even though there was a movie released in 2016 from the Ghostbusters franchise, people mostly love and prefer the classic Ghostbusters costumes for adults and kids inspired from the movie starring Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver. With Halloween and all kinds of fun events happening in the year, you’re surely looking for an original fancy dress for you and your family, and classic Ghostbusters costumes are a great option. Here are the classic Ghostbusters costumes for adults, kids and even dogs available in stores.

Ghostbusters costumes for men

Adult Deluxe Ghostbusters Costume - $49.99Adult Deluxe Ghostbusters Costume – $49.99


Don’t join the pack if you’re afraid of ghosts! Who are you going to be: one of the three parapsychologists Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, or Egon Spengler or the smart Winston Zeddemore? Classic Ghostbusters costumes for adults consist of a jumpsuit that fastens with a front zipper. Details include two chest zippers and Ghostbusters logos. You can buy it in a standard fits all and in a plus size model.

Grand Heritage Ghostbusters costume for men

Adult Grand Heritage Ghostbusters Costume - $299.99Adult Grand Heritage Ghostbusters Costume – $299.99


Walk, talk and act like a real ghostmashers! Dressed in this Grand Heritage Ghostbusters costume you are going to feel like one of the stars acting in the 1984 movie. This edition is a replica of the uniform worn by the four ghost hunters back in the years. It consists of a jumpsuit with different pocket zippers on the chest, arms and legs, a Ghostbusters patch, an adjustable feature on the waistline, a name tag on the chest and a backpack featuring the proton machine with details that add a very realistic look.

It comes in the following sizes: small, standard and extra-large. You will also find a plus-size model in the same store. Complete your look with a pair of assorted Ghostbusters boots, which come with leg warmers that feature a reflective straight line on the front (sizes: 6 to 10).

Ghostbusters costumes for boys

Child Deluxe Ghostbusters CostumeChild Deluxe Ghostbusters Costume


Dressed in this realistic Ghostbusters costume for boys, your son must be ready for something he won’t see every day. This Ghostbusters costume for boys is available in small and large sizes. It comes with a jumpsuit with some details like a logo and zippers, and the inflatable backpack.

Ghostbusters uniform for toddlers

Infant / Toddler Ghostbusters Costume - $19.99Infant / Toddler Ghostbusters Costume – $19.99


The Ghostbusters costume for toddlers is a bit different in that that it comes in the form of a jumpsuit with different details (shoulder straps, belt, boots), a backpack attached to it, and a cap. You can buy it in 6-12 months or 1-2 year sizes. We would like to see a baby bunting version however it seems that designers forgot about babies.

Ghostbusters dresses for women

Sexy Secret Wishes Ghostbuster CostumeSexy Secret Wishes Ghostbuster Costume


Women ain’t afraid of no ghost either! Dressed in this lovely tan-colored short dress that fastens with a zipper you are going to become the heroine of the party. This dress comes in extra-small to large sizes and features a belt, armbands, shoulder straps and the proton backpack. You will also get the Ghostbusters cap.

Super sexy Ghostbusters costume for women

Women's Sexy Ghostbuster Costume - $49.99Women’s Sexy Ghostbuster Costume – $49.99


Go dress up in your sexy Ghostbusters costume for women and help the pack putting the ghosts in the storage facility – keep it secret as well. This super sexy fancy dress comes in sizes extra-small to large and even in plus size. That fancy outfit consists of rompers that fasten with zipper, it includes a belt, and features the Ghostbusters logo, shoulders straps, armbands, the famous ghost hunting backpack and a cap.

Ghostbusters fancy dresses for girls

Girls Classic Ghostbusters Costume - $49.99Girls Classic Ghostbusters Costume – $49.99


Little girls won’t be left behind as the classic Ghostbusters costumes for kids include a cute dress for them. This dress, which features harness straps, black bands on the arms and the famous logo, comes with a black belt, a hat and an inflatable black backpack. You’ll find this dress in small and large sizes suitable for kids.

Marshmallow Man baby bunting

Infant Stay Puft Bunting - $39.99Infant Stay Puft Bunting – $39.99


How cute is this Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man baby bunting? This adorable Ghostbusters baby costume includes the bunting and the hat. It is available in a size suitable for newborns up to 3 months.

Stay-Puft fancy dress for toddlers

Stay Puft EZ-ON RomperStay Puft EZ-ON Romper


Toddlers can also join the ghost hunting fun dressed in this super sweet white hooded jumpsuit with a blue collar. The blue and white headpiece is attached to the jumpsuit. You will find this costume in sizes 2T and 4T.

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man costumes for kids

Child Ghostbusters Deluxe Stay Puft CostumeChild Ghostbusters Deluxe Stay Puft Costume


Another option consists of a very realistic rendition of the Stay- Puft Marshmallow Man. This Marshmallow Man costume for kids is available in sizes 12/18 months, 18M/2Y, and extra-small. The outfit consists of a stuffed white shirt with attached white mitts, a pair of stuffed pants with attached tops for shoes and a stuffed hooded headpiece featuring the Marshmallow Man’s smiling face.

Marshmallow Man costumes for adults

Adult Stay Puft Costume - $49.99Adult Stay Puft Costume – $49.99


Do you have a sense of humor that prevents you from jointing the ghost hunting team? Well you can choose to wear this inflatable Stay-Puft character costume instead. The white costume consists of a jumpsuit which is inflated with a fan, a pair of white gloves and a smiling headpiece. The set needs 4 AA batteries to work. It comes in standard size. Plus-sized men can also get this inflatable Stay-Puft costume. And if your little one wants an inflatable Marshmallow Man costume, there is one suitable for her too.

Slimer baby bunting

Infant Slimer Bunting - $39.99Infant Slimer Bunting – $39.99


The Slimer baby bunting is really a good option if, as a family, you decide to go for chasing ectoplasmic matters and have a baby (0-3 months) you’re planning to get dressed in a matching costume. This one comes with a green bunting and a headpiece featuring the Slimer’s face and big mouth.

Slimer romper for toddlers

Ghostbusters Slimer EZ-ON Romper - $24.99Ghostbusters Slimer EZ-ON Romper – $24.99


Suitable for sizes 2T and 4T, these lovable Slimer rompers are perfect for your little ones, especially because they’re designed with an easy velcro closure to ease diaper change. The costume has the form of the Slimer and comes with a headpiece that features the greedy ectoplasm’s face.

Slimer costumes for toddlers

Princess Paradise Baby Boys Ghostbusters Slimer, Green, X-SmallBaby Boys Ghostbusters Slimer


Little ones may want to trash the hotel dining room dressed in this cute Slimer costume instead of the rompers. Available in sizes 6/12 – 12/18 – 18/2 and XS, this delightful Slimer costume for toddlers comes with the dress and the headpiece.

Green inflatable Slimer costume for men

Inflatable Slimer Costume - One SizeInflatable Slimer Costume – One Size


Parents can also play the greedy poltergeist dressed in this inflatable Slimer costume for adults. The outfit includes the jumpsuit, a device to place batteries (to be purchased separately), a green head-piece featuring the poltergeist’s face and a pair of green gloves. The set above comes in one size fits all.

If you don’t want to get an inflatable Slimer costume, then you can impersonate it with a green jumpsuit with a Slimer mask. Make sure to eat as much as you can and make strange sounds while doing so.

Louis Tully the nerd/geek costume

Mens Ghostbusters Cardigan Sweater - $48.99Mens Ghostbusters Cardigan Sweater – $48.99


To impersonate Louis Tully (Rick Moranis), you have different options. He’s a geek, an accountant, and is dressed accordingly to his personality. Here is a Ghosbuster themed ugly Christmas sweater in which Louis would surely get dressed. The sweater fastens with buttons and features Ghostbusters logos. The sweater is licensed and comes in 6 sizes (S to 3 XXXL).

Other homemade dress up options include:

  • A pink long-sleeved shirt on classic dark gray pants too short for you
  • A pale blue shirt worn as…
  • A white shirt, a pair of black pants and an orange sweater

Remember to get large glasses.

Ghostbusters & Stay-Puft costumes for dogs

Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Pet Costume - $14.99Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Pet Costume – $14.99Staypuft Pet CostumeStaypuft Pet Costume


Is there only a slim chance they survive the hunt? I just couldn’t resist showing you the classic Ghostbusters costumes for dogs that you’ll find in stores. These winsome fancy outfits for pets include a jacket (with backpack for the Ghostbusters uniform) and a hat.

I hope that these classic Ghostbusters costumes for adults and kids inspired you for your next masquerade party or get together. Have fun!



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