Disney Descendants costumes for girls - mal isle of the lost costume

Disney Descendants Costumes for Girls

The Disney Descendants costumes make perfect fit for girls who wish to play the rebels. Disney Descendants is the 2015 production and tells the tale of 4 villains’ children who are invited in the kingdom of Auradon’s prep school. These 4 rebelling teenagers are going to discover the good and learn how to fight the bad.

Disney Descendants movie

The movie is some kind of musical film/modern fairy tale which relates the story of 4 teenagers. They’re children of Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Jafar and Cruella De Vil. All kids were taught how to badly act for their whole life. They know nothing else. Yet they’re 16, and everybody knows that teen age is a very sensitive period in a human’s life.

The 4 teenagers are allowed to join Auradon’s school. Their parents asked their children to steal the fairy Godmother’s magic wand so as to take over the power in Auradon. Instead, the teens are going to learn the ins and outs of the good, to play sports, care for animals.

This movie provided designers with some ideas for a collection of Disney Descendants costumes for girls and women.

Disney Descendants Mal costumes for teen girls

Mal’s Isle of the Lost outfits

First Disney Descendants costumes to be listed here are those worn by Mal.

Girls Deluxe Mal Descendants CostumeGirls Deluxe Mal Descendants CostumeGirls Mal WigGirls Mal Wig

Mal is the daughter of Maleficent, the awful sorceress you have already met in Sleeping Beauty. Mal is extremely skilled in casting spells using her mother’s book. She is going to cast a love spell on Ben, the future king of Auradon so as to make him fall in love with her.

The Disney Descendant costume featured above is the one Mal wears while she lives on Isle of the Lost; which is an isle from where nobody can escape. This deluxe party outfit consists of a top, a pair of pants, a jacket and a glovette. The costume dominant tone is purple, which is Mal’s favorite color. This attire is available in kids sizes: small, medium and large. Complete the look with the purple wig that you can pre-order now (in stock on September 24th).

Mal’s coronation dress

Girl's Isle of the Lost Mal CostumeGirl’s Isle of the Lost Mal CostumeBuy from Halloween Express

As said earlier, Mal’s favorite color is purple and the coronation gown she is wearing is… purple. However, the coronation gown is not as dark as her usual clothes. This party attire includes the dress that comes with a floral design on its top. Sizes range from small to large and the dress will be in stock on August 30 – you can pre-order it now if you don’t want it to run out of stock. I suggest to complete the look with a pair of pale purple shoes or ballerina shoes.

Evie costumes for girls

Evie’s Isle of the Lost attire

Now let’s take an eye to the Disney Descendants costumes based on Evie character.

Girls Deluxe Evie Descendants CostumeGirls Deluxe Evie Descendants CostumeGirls Evie WigGirls Evie Wig

Evie is the Evil Queen’s daughter, who we met in Snow White. The Evil Queen gave her daughter her famous talking mirror; which she takes along with her in Auradon. Evie is convinced that she must find a prince to live a happy life. Yet while in Auradon school, she will discover that she is really intelligent and get a “nerd” as her best friend.

This deluxe Evie costume consists of a printed short dress, a jacket with large sleeves, a pair of “glovettes” and printed tights. The available sizes are small, medium and large. Pre-order this dress now to make sure the store does not run out of stock later on. The dress is going to be in stock on September 13th. I highly suggest to get the blue wig so as to complete your rebel adolescent’s look (in stock on September 24th).

Evie’s coronation gown

Disguise Girls Evie Coronation Deluxe CostumeDisguise Girls Evie Coronation Deluxe Costume

As you can see for yourself, Evie’s favorite color is blue. The dress Evie is wearing at Ben’s coronation includes a tiered blue dress with a cape that comes in sizes small, medium and large. You can pre-order this party outfit right now. It is going to be in stock on August 30. Shoes must be purchased separately – I’d suggest to opt for a pair of golden sandals or ballerina shoes.

Disney Descendants costumes: Audrey’s coronation dress

Disney Descendants Audrey CostumeDisney Descendants Audrey CostumeBuy from Halloween Express

Disney Descendants costumes also include formal coronation dresses which are stylish. Audrey is Prince Ben’s girlfriend and never misses a chance to let the world know about it. She is Sleeping Beauty’s daughter and has an egotistic personality. She definitely dislikes the 4 teenagers. And even more since the day Ben broke up with her and fell in love with Mal, Maleficent’s daughter.

This officially licensed Disney Descendants Audrey costume comes in a pink tone and a nicely printed design. Finish the look with a pair of pink sandals or ballerina shoes.

Lonnie outfits for Ben’s coronation

Disguise Girls Lonnie Coronation Deluxe CostumeDisguise Girls Lonnie Coronation Deluxe Costume

Lonnie is Mulan’s daughter. She is the second gilr in the school to give a try to Mal’s spells: she asks for superb hair and a wonderful hairstyle. Lonnie wears pastel clothes and is a very kind teenager. So kind that Mal will exploit her sensitivity the night she’s preparing the love potion: she needs a real tear and Lonnie is the one whose going to provide her with her needed materials.

Lonnie’s coronation dress comes in the form of a kimono with a floral design. A 3D flower features the kimono closure on the back. A hot and pale pink belt completes the look. I’d suggest to opt for a pair or blue or hot pink shoes. This costume is available in small, medium and large and is already in stock.

Maleficent costumes for women

Women's Descendants Maleficent CostumeWomen’s Descendants Maleficent CostumeBuy from Halloween Express

Last but not the least of Disney Descendants costumes, the Maleficent attire is a must-have if you are taking part to the fun in group or family. Maleficent is not allowed off the Isle of the Lost. Yet her secret wish is that her daughter and friends put their hands on the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand so as to break the anti-magic bareer on the Isle. She will enventually be able to escape the Isle during the coronation but will be turned into a lizard for as long as she does not get more love in her.

The Maleficent costume is the one perfect for the Moms who wish to play the bad mother. This party outfit includes a long purple dress; which top features a high collar, an attached belt and the well-known headpiece. It is available in different sizes.


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