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Hilarious Futurama Costumes from the 30th Century

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Futurama costumes for adults are a fantastic hilarious alternative to the classic Science-Fiction outfits. You can get dressed up as Philip J. Fry, Leela Turanga, Bender the robot, Dr Zoidberg, Prof Farnsworth, Amy Wong or even Hermes Conrad. Futurama costumes for adults are original, fun and work perfectly for Halloween parties, Cosplay, Comic-con events and all kinds of get together.

Created in the 1990s by Matt Groening (best known for the The Simpsons characters), the Futurama animated series is still extremely popular among adults and teens today. Here are some of the characters you can get inspired from for your next party or special event.

Futurama costumes for adults

Fry Futurama costume – The not so lost in 30th century Philip J. Fry

Fry Futurama costumeFry Costume – $48.99

The first character you may want to get dressed up as is Fry. You will certainly enjoy incidentally stepping in the 30th century and discover all the oddities of this new civilization. As Fry you’ll enjoy a fun time on the Moon, where you’ll pay a visit to Moon Street USA and make an educational visit of the Earth’s satellite in a jeep. Your best friend however will be a robot; but not a standard one!

This Philip Fry costume is made of polyester and comes with the delivery boy’s red jacket, blue pants and the well-known orange pointy wig. The white shirt and the sneakers aren’t included in this set. Sizes range from small to extra-large.

Bender Futurama costume – How to be Bender the robot

Bender Futurama costumeAdult Bender Costume – $84.99-$98.99

Futurama costumes for adults include the bending robot, of course. As said earlier, Bender Rodriguez, the bending robot is Fry’s best friend and is not the standard robot one can see in movies. No, Bender is a talented robot who cannot be sober – it might hurt his internal program. Bender and Fry met at the suicide machine on December 31st, 2999. They remained friends for life. At least Fry’s lifetime…

By the way, make sure to never give Bender any kind of magnets: they might get his programs confused and he’ll sing country songs.

The Bender robot costume is made of polyester and consists of a grey tunic that comes with an attached headpiece. The headpiece includes a screen for you to see through. Grey pants with covers for shoes complete the set. This fancy dress is available in different sizes: standard and extra-large. You will also find a Bender plus size costume for men. Kids and teens can also enjoy this incredibly funny attire as it comes in sizes that suit their bodies : Bender for kids (large) and Futurama bending robot for teens (16-18).

Leela Futurama costume – How to portray the sexy Leela Turanga

Leela Futurama costumeWomens Futurama Leela Costume Kit – $28.99

Women aren’t left behind in the Futurama series and they have the chance to wear the most incredible and unique kind of party outfits! Leela Turanga is a mono-eyed Alien, and is the first individual that Fry met when he arrived in the 30th century. Soon after they meet, Leela becomes Pr Farnsworth “Planet Express” company’s pilot. Leela is a wise person yet she doesn’t seem to be able to find the love of her life. Maybe because of her only eye…

You’ll love these Futurama Leela costume accessories, for sure! This Futurama Leela costume set consists of a purple ponytail wig, a mono-eye mask (with holes for you to see through), wristband that with velcro closure and a pair of covers for your shoes. White shirt, black pants and shoes must be purchased separately (but I’m sure that you have those on hand already).

Futurama Dr Zoidberg costume – Be the funny lobster doctor

Futurama Dr Zoidberg costumeDr. Zoidberg Costume – $58.99

Dr Zoidberg is Planet Express’ in-house doctor. He is also an Alien, coming from planet Decapod 10 and possesses all the specificities of walking and talking lobster. He knows absolutely nothing about human medicine yet his is part of the Planet Express team. So if you’re looking for one of a kind party outfit, then I suggest to opt for the lobster Dr Zoidberg fancy dress.

This Futurama doctor Zoidberg costume is made of polyester and includes a shirt, a V-neck long-sleeved jacket, pants, flip-flop decorated covers for shoes/boots, lobster claws shaped mitts and a head mask with mini-holes for the eyes (beware the holes are really tiny). You can get it in standard fits most and extra-large sizes.

Zapp Brannigan costume – The full of himself spaceship captain

Zapp Brannigan costumeZapp Brannigan Costume with Wig – $58.99

When it comes to Futurama costumes for adults, you can’t overlook the silliest character. Zapp Brannigan is a recurring character of the series. The team meets this individual in the fourth episode of the series. Leela’s been seduced by this supposed military hero. General Brannigan is captain of the spaceship named “Nimbus”. Considered as a hero, he is in reality a coward and has absolutely no interest in his job. None of his successes are due to his military skills.

This Zapp Brannigan costume with wig comes in standard and extra-large sizes. I suggest to ask the store if gloves and boot covers are included in this set (though they’re on the picture and there is no mention that they might not be part of the package).

Futurama costume accessories

You can’t join a hilarious Futurama party without some indispensable accessories that adds a realistic touch to your look. As Bender you absolutely need to get out with your cigar and a pack of Slurm cans! As Leela you must get your nibbles along with you everywhere you go.

bender futurama cigarPlastic Cigar – $1.99futurama slurm can koozieSlurm Can Koozie – $5.99futurama nibbler purseFuturama Nibbler Purse – $24.99

Homemade Futurama costumes

Stores don’t offer any Prof. Farnsworth, Amy Wong or Hermes Conrad costumes. This doesn’t mean that you must forget about them. There are ways to make them at home provided that you have some elements on hand or buy them from the clothing store.

To create an easy Prof Farnsworth outfit, you will need:

  • A scientist coat
  • Goggles
  • A bald old man mask

Wanna be Amy Wong, the billionaire instead? Here’s what you need to make this easy Amy Futurama costume:

  • A pink short sweater
  • A pale pink pair of pants
  • A short black straight hair wig

Last but not the least, the Hermes Conrad costume may also be of interest to you. Here’s what you need to feature this anime character:

  • A green suit
  • A pale yellow shirt
  • Red or brown shoes and belt
  • A pair of square glasses
  • A short rasta wig

Above all, have fun!

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