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Gone With The Wind Costumes

Gone With The Wind costumes have a little something that others don’t. Gone With The Wind costumes are versatile and match a large number of themed parties. They are ideal for Civil War, patriotic or US history parties, Southern US themed parties, romantic couples parties, and more.

Gone With The Wind costumes are timeless outfits; they appeal to all generations, anywhere (or almost) in the world. Who wouldn’t love getting dressed in Scarlett O’Hara or Rhett Butler’s clothes and dream of the wonderful life in Southern plantations just for one night? Ah the beauty of this, now gone world.

Inspired from the novel and the movie, these fancy dresses can help you make your dream come true and be the legendary Scarlett and Rhett for one night.

Gone With The Wind Scarlett costumes for women

Southern Belle white gown

gone with the wind costumesCostumes For All Occasions Ac250Md Scarlet Ohara Medium

This fluffy white dress is the one worn by Scarlett at the beginning of the movie. She’s chatting with the Tarleton brothers. Should one of you talk about war once again, I get to my room right away! Scarlett doesn’t believe the war would happen any time and only wants to chat about things that matter for her. Mostly… talking about her. However the Tarletons tell Scarlett that Melanie Hamilton is going to attend the next barbecue hosted by the Wilkes and gets engaged to their son Ashley.

This splendid Southern Belle dress is made of organza and comes in a ruffled design. The available size is medium. You should complete your look with a white lace parasol, a pair of lace gloves and a medallion.

Scarlett’s barbecue dress at Wilkes

scarlett gone wind costume barbecue at twelve oaks - $114.99Women’s Gone With The Wind Scarlett O’Hara Dress – $114.99

It’s a barbecue party at Wilkes! Scarlett dresses up in her most beautiful green and white floor-length gown. She is surrounded by all her admirers. At the end of the party, one hears that Civil War was declared… The South is convinced that this war won’t last for long, that Southern gentlemen are going to win the war in a few weeks. Charles Hamilton, Melanie’s brother, exploit this emotional moment to propose Scarlett.

This barbecue at Twelve Oaks Gone With The Wind Scarlett costume consists of a floor-length white gown with green details and off-the-shoulder ruffled top. A large green sash highlights the waistline. The skirt comes with a hoop underneath for volume purpose. Available sizes include small, medium and large.

Gone With The Wind Scarlett costume – visit at Rhett’s prison

gone with the wind halloween costumes Scarlett O'Hara - $149.99Women’s Gone With The Wind Scarlet O’Hara Gown – $149.99

Scarlett has left Atlanta along with Melanie and her newborn. She has saved Tara from destruction. She will do everything to return in tara its past magnificence and pay the taxes, so as to avoid the property selling to one of these awful carpetbaggers. As Scarlett, you’re thinking of borrowing money from Rhett… but you don’t want him to discover that you’re bankrupt. Southern pride… The sitting room curtains are splendid and will be easily transformed into a brand new dress, coat and hat.

This Gone With The Wind Scarlett costume worn to visit Rhett in his prison is made of polyester and comes with an underskirt, a belt made of cord and assorted hat. The sizes range from small to large.

Original Gone With The Wind costumes for women

original costumes gone windWomen’s Scarlett O’hara Burgundy Gown Theater Costume, MediumScarlett O’Hara Nightgown Dress Costume – Medium – Dress Size 10-14

You will also find “original Gone With the Wind costumes” made after those worn by Vivien Leigh in the movie. For example, when Rhett’s angry against Scarlett after a scene at the sawmill. She’s gonna wear a red dress tonight at Ashley’s birthday party. As Rhett said: show off your true colors, Ma’am! This gown is made of velvet and comes with a train; it is adorned with rhinestones and the neck is highlighted with ostrich feathers. The gown is available in small and medium sizes.

For a more intimate style, the gown she wears after Ashley’s party is also a wonderful costume for historical parties. This night dress is made of velvet. The collar and sleeves are trimmed with lace. The gown however comes only in a small size.

Gone With The Wind costumes for men

Rhett Butler’s suit

gone with the wind men costumes - Men's Rhett Butler Suit Theater Costume, Brown, LargeMen’s Rhett Butler Suit Theater Costume, Brown, Large

Butler fell in love with Scarlett O’Hara when she was 16. Rhett Butler’s life is peppered with scandals and shocking trifles, which the good Southern societe highly disapprove. However, everyone acknowledges his heroic actions during the war and his generosity as well as his love for his only child. After many years, he will succeed in getting married to the beautiful Scarlett.

If you’re eager to charm the belles at the party, then you owe yourself to get dressed in Gone With the Wind Rhett Butler costumes. This Rhett Butler costume consists of a coat and a pair of pants. It comes in 4 sizes: from M to XXL.

Costume stores offer a wide range of Southern Belle gowns that you can use in a themed party. You’re not forced to portray Scarlett or Rhett… Melanie and Ashley Wilkes, Mamma, Sue Ellen and Carreen O’Hara, India Wilkes, Aunt Pittypat, Dr & Mrs Mead, Belle Watling, Bonnie Blue Butler or Beau Wilkes (kids) and more can also join the fun.

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