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Harley Quinn Costumes for Adults and Makeup Ideas

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Harley Quinn costumes for adults are the most sought after costumes online. They are available for performances in stage shows, dramas, theater, and themed parties. Harley Quinn is a female doctor turned deadly psychiatrist in a fictional series. She’s the Joker‘s girlfriend. The character offers a large range of costumes inspired from movies, cartoons, and video games.

Harley Quinn costumes for adults with makeup tutorials

Here you will find the most popular Harley Quinn costumes for adults listed below. Many of these Harley Quinn costumes for adults can be tailor-made, which is good news for plus size women (cosplay outfits). You will even get makeup tutorials to help you recreate the character. I hope that you’ll enjoy the tour and that it’ll enable you to select your next fancy dress for cosplay or Halloween. Be aware that some of these party outfits are available for pre-order – some are already in stock, some will be in stock in September.

Let’s start with the most recent fancy dress available in stores…

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume

harley quinn costumes adults - Deluxe Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume - $59.99Deluxe Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume – $59.99


Shimmer and shine in this glittery pair of hot pants and snug-fit top. This Harley Quinn Suicide Squad costume for women is an officially licensed DC product and consists of a pair of shorts and top. It comes with a satin jacket which is sewn-in with the shirt. The costume set includes shirt/jacket combo, shorts, fishnet tights and a belt. The material of the shorts and top is 100% polyester and the tights are 85% nylon and 15% spandex.

The bright red and blue sequined shorts are body hugging and have an elastic belt. The attractive belt is printed in black and gold and fastens with a Velcro. A matching Suicide Squad Harley Quinn wig and a pair of shoes are available. They have to be bought separately. This attire is perfect for a retro theme/disco theme party or a Halloween. Do wear the funky wig and add some glistening tones of blue and red eye shadow or get an Harley Quinn makeup kit to add the glamorous look. If you wish you can finish up the look with a dedicated jewelry set.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad makeup tutorial

What Harley Quinn costumes for adults would be without matching accessories? The makeup that goes along with this Suicide Squad costume for women is simple to do. You will need red and blue eye shadow, white face paint, brown eyebrow pen and some more items. As you can see in the tutorial published one year ago, the tiny black heart beneath the eye isn’t featured, that is because the photos released in the public didn’t show it. I’ve watched different makeup tutorials for Harley Quinn character and this one is by far the most similar to the one of the movie.

Prison Harley Quinn costume

As an alternative, you can opt for Harley Quinn’s prisoner costume. This outfit consists of orange button up shirt and a pair of pants along with a white top. Complete your look with the well-known red and blue wig and a pair of pink slippers. You can even get a book to complete the look. These Bravo Detainee Harley Quinn costumes for women are officially licensed DC Comics.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Bravo Detainee 3 piece Womans Costume Set (Small)Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Bravo Detainee Costume SetHome Slipper Women's Cozy Warm Long Fleece Indoor House Supreme Slide Bedroom Floor SPA Mule Slippers Clogs Pink US Size 5/6Women’s Cozy Warm Long Fleece Slippers Clogs Pink


Cosplay Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume

Cosplay amateurs aren’t left behind when it comes to Harley Quinn costumes for adults. You can get a complete set or get separate pieces so as to make your Harley Quinn outfit be as similar as the one seen in the movie. Here I suggest to get a set that includes the jacket, the shirt, the short, the gloves and belt. You can improve your look with a pair of boots – as seen in the movie – and other accessories such as the “good night bat”, her biker gloves, her shoulder holster, some pieces of jewelry, etc. For a more glamorous look, you can get each piece separately and opt for sequined and sexy shorts instead. Effect guaranteed!

Beauty Costume Suicide Squad Cosplay Costume Harley Quinn Outfit Halloween Suit (L)Suicide Squad Cosplay Costume Harley Quinn Dreamy House Womens Cosplay Shoes Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Boots (Female US 7)Cosplay Suicide Squad Harley Quinn BootsHarley Quinn Jacket Red & Blue Suicide Squad Costume (Medium)Harley Quinn Jacket Suicide SquadNew Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume T-shirt (Small)Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume T-shirt Suicide Squad Harley Quinn DELUXE Sequins Panty (Small)Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Sequins PantyDelta Suicide Squad Cosplay Accessories Harley Quinn Solid Wood Baseball Bats,Beige/BSuicide Squad Cosplay Harley Quinn Wood Bat


Harley Quinn Shoulder GUN Holster Costume AccessoriesHarley Quinn Shoulder GUN HolsterHarley Quinn GLOVES Biker Suicide Squad Costume Glove with Jurassic WristbandBiker Suicide Squad Costume Glove


Arkham City Harley Quinn costume

Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume - $64.99Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume – $64.99


Harley Quinn costumes for adults are cool and sexy. You can dress up as the psychiatrist who fell in love with the crazy joker. This Arkham City Harley Quinn costume for women will definitely make you look like the real character from the video game. It includes a bustier top, tight fit pants, choker, belts, and gloves. The black bustier has a maroon vinyl corset over it. The tight low-rise pants have alternate panels of black and maroon. The black belt and choker are made of vinyl and carry false buckles. The glamorous elbow-length gloves are in black and maroon colors. Add some dusky Halloween-look eye shadow to complete your look and the matching Arkham City Harley Quinn wig.

Cosplay Arkham City Harley Quinn costume

For the purist, there is always a cosplay version of Harley Quinn costumes for adults. The cosplay Arkham City set includes a corset style top, a pair of pants, a belt, a pair of gloves and a necklace. What is even more fun is that you can get it tailor-made. Recommended accessories: a pair of black and red boots, a multi colored wig and an inflatable mallet.

Batman: Arkham City Cosplay Costume Harley Quinn Full Set (Female L)Arkham City Cosplay Costume Harley QuinnBatman Arkham Knight Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume Shoes Boots (Female 7.5)Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Cosplay Boots


Arkham City Harley Quinn makeup

This makeup tutorial is meant to help you recreate the psychiatrist’s look in the video game. For the purpose you will need a white base and dark eye shadows along with dark pink or red lipstick. As you can see Harley Quinn’s hair is sprayed black and red and the makeup is quite dark. You’re not forced to put makeup on your body, though – but well, it adds to the realistic appearance.

Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum costume

Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn Costume - $49.99Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn Costume – $49.99


This is the attire of Dr. Harleen Quinzel M.D. She was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum and first met the Joker there. This Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn costume for women is made of 100% polyester. It has a white top with purple and red color sections. The faux leather girdle is attached and has suspender straps. There are a smart black leather belt and choker. Red and purple gloves extend to the elbows and have black bracelets. There is a black foam eye mask included in the kit, so you don’t have to worry about any extra makeup. There is a small white colored nurse head-gear with a smiley. Pair this Arkham Asylum women’s costume up with your fishnet stocking and high-rise boots for the accentuating look.

Cosplay Arkham Asylum fancy dress

Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn costumes for adults include clothes designed for cosplay amateurs. Here you can get a life-like Arkham Asylum dress and turn into a real psycho-psychiatrist for a moment. To perfect your character, you need a costume set with a pair of boots and a leather choker. The set includes the nurse dress and accessories and comes in different sizes (it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you order).

Batman Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn Dress CostumeBatman Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn DressBatman Arkham Knight Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume Shoes Boots (Female 8)Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Cosplay Boots


Arkham Knight Harley Quinn costume

Secret Wishes Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Costume - $54.99Secret Wishes Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Costume – $54.99


Harley Quinn costumes for adults can also be cute. You will look like the pretty psychiatrist when you adorn this lovely Arkham Knight Harley Quinn costume for women. And then you and your Joker can have a great evening together. It’s a black and white collar sleeves dress in 100% polyester. It’s a layered dress with laces and ruffles. There is a stitching work on the maroon and black bust corset. The stockings and the gauntlets complete this dress and are included in the kit. Just be sure to make a cute ponytail, add in some maroon lipstick and glittery eye make-up. And you are ready for the show.

Cosplay Harley Quinn dress

If you’re fan of cosplay events, then you are going to love this superb Harley Quinn cosplay dress. Directly inspired from the game, it is made out of faux leather and satin. It comes with a pair of pants, suspenders, sleevelets, a skirt and a top. Make your look unique with a pair of blue in addition to red boots, a police/security cap and the black and red wig.

Fantasy Shop Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume Halloween Dress (Custom made)Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume (Custom made)Dreamy House Arkham Knight Game Harley Quinn Cosplay Shoes BootsArkham Knight Harley Quinn Cosplay BootsItopfox Multi Colors Wavy Curly Synthetic Hair Dyeing Lolita Cosplay Wig Heat Resistant HairpieceMulti Colors Synthetic Hair Cosplay WigMr-S-Leather Leather Biker Cap with Matte Black Brim - Hat Size 7 1/8 (22.5Leather Biker Cap with Matte Black Brim


Harley Quinn Arkham Knight makeup video

If you are looking for makeup ideas to match the fancy dress, then here is a tutorial that comes in handy. Basically, you will need a white foundation – or white face paint – and a lot of dark eye shadows. Plus a red lipstick. In Batman, Arkham Knight, the character wears her hair painted black and red.


I hope that you enjoyed the tour and have now found your next cosplay or Halloween costume. Have fun!

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