Homemade Fuchsbau Costume for Women

Homemade Fuchsbau Costume for Women

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Create Your Own Fuchsbau Costume

If you are a big fan of the television series Grimm, like I am, you might be looking for a Fuchsbau costume for your next party. You have probably discovered that as of this writing there are no official licensed costumes out there but that doesn’t have to hinder our ability to be the fox like creature in the series known as the Fuchsbau (pronounced fooks bow). With a little imagination we can create the look rather easily.

Mask or Make-up For Your Fuchsbau Costume?

Fuchsbau Costume - Fox Half Face Costume Mask - Masquerade Party Adult Kids Cosplay MaskFox Half Face Costume Mask – Masquerade Party Adult Kids Cosplay Mask

In order to accomplish the look of this canine like Wesen (vessin) that very much resembles a fox, we need to start with our face. At least, that is where I want to start with my own costume. I did find a fox mask at an online store but it was out of stock and I don’t know that it will come back before Halloween. I’m thinking a mask just might be too hard to come by. Never fear there are ways to apply make-up to get that fox or fuchsbau look. I thought the girl in this video did an awesome job and it didn’t look too awfully difficult to do.

I think this or one similar is our best bet for our facial part of the fuchsbau costume.

What clothes does a Fuchsbau wear?

Fox Full Hood Animal Hat Faux Fur 3 In1 FunctionFox Full Hood Animal Hat Faux Fur 3 In1 Function

My favorite fuchsbau in the series is, of course, Rosalee Calvert. She dresses in regular street clothes so that part of the outfit should be a cinch. I really like this Fox Hood Hat with paws the best! Shoot, that is cute enough I might be tempted to wear it when it isn’t Halloween.

We can choose anything from our own wardrobe to wear for the evening. I do think that adding some ears and a tail would give us a finished look, though. You can find Fox Ears and Tail Sets in a variety of places. Some are not as realistic as I would like but at least there are different variations to choose from.

Fox Ears and Tail SetFox Ears and Tail Set

As Wesen go, the fuchsbau are one of the more gentle creatures. They will fight if they need to but would rather avoid conflict if possible. I think that is one of the reasons that I like Roasalee’s character so much. Well, that and the romance between her and Monroe is endearing. Actually, it might be fun to dress as Rosalee in her Woged state and do a couples costume by having your guy dress as Monroe in his woge as a blutbad. Now, there is a fun idea!

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