Hotel Transylvania 2 costumes - dracula costume for kids

Hotel Transylvania 2 Costumes for Kids

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Hotel Transylvania 2 costumes for kids are certainly the best outfits for this Halloween trick or treat fun night out. Hotel Transylvania 2 costumes make a perfect All Hollow’s Eve fit for children of all ages with their large collection of potential monsters to feature. Kids can choose to dress up as Dracula, his daughter, a mummy, a Frankenstein’s monster and even a zombie bellboy.

Hotel Transylvania animated movies

Produced by Sony Pictures Animation in 2012, the film was well perceived by the public in general and even more by kids. With its sequel released in September 2015, chances are that these monster’s popularity is just going to be bigger than before.

Dracula is now grandfather. He loves and cares for his grandson Dennis. However, the little one isn’t a pure-blood vampire and doesn’t seem to have been gifted with any of Dracula or his daughter’s powers, which upsets the vampire big time.

Mavis considers raising her child in the human world; which adds to Drac’s disappointment. Yet he’s not finished being upset as his own father is invited to Dennis’ fifth birthday party. The boy’s great-grandfather is an old-school vampire who hates humans. Add to this that humans are now allowed in Transylvania Hotel and one can guess that the place is not going to be quiet for a long time.

Hotel Transylvania 2 costumes

These Hotel Transylvania 2 costumes are ideal for large families or groups of children as they allow your kids to gather all the characters from the two movies. Let’s see what’s in store for your little ones this year.

Mavis costumes for girls

hotel transylvania 2 costumesHotel Transylvania 2 Mavis Costume, Child’s Small

Mavis is now adult and married. She’s mother of a half-blood baby vampire who does not show any talent in vampirism. Little girls will love getting dressed in this modern version of vampiress costume for the Halloween.

Mavis costume consists of a black dress featuring a turtle neck and short sleeves, black striped tights and a synthetic wig. It is one of the many officially licensed Hotel Transylvania 2 costumes on the market. It is available in three sizes designed for children: small, medium and large. The set is currently sold out in most stores, but should be in stock in the beginning of October.

Dracula costumes for boys

Rubie's Costume Hotel Transylvania 2 Dracula Child Costume, MediumRubie’s Costume Hotel Transylvania 2 Dracula Child Costume, Medium

All children and adults would want to know a Dracula as funny and kind as Hotel Transylvania’s owner. This vampire doesn’t want to suck your blood, he just wants you to be a skilled monster or a friendly human.

The Dracula costume set comes with a pair of black pants, a black shirt and attached cape and a vampire mask. Shoes must be purchased separately. The set is declined in three kids sizes: small, medium and large.

Frankenstein costume for kids

Child Hotel Transylvania 2 Frankie CostumeChild Hotel Transylvania 2 Frankie Costume

Frankie, the Frankenstein’s experience turned wrong, is happily married to Eunice, a monster. He enjoys staying at Hotel Transylvania with his friends.

Third in the Hotel Transylvania 2 costumes list, this Frankie monster attire consists of a jacket, trousers and a monster mask. Officially licensed, you will find this set in three sizes adapted to kids: S, M and L. You can pre-order it now as it will be in stock on 1st October 2015.

Murray the Mummy costume for kids

Child Hotel Transylvania 2 Mummy CostumeChild Hotel Transylvania 2 Mummy Costume

Unlike other Mummies buried in pyramids, Murray is an oversized Mummy. He is always ready for a big fun and entertaining party and loves spending time in Hotel Transylvania with is monster pals.

This Mummy costume includes a jumpsuit and headpiece designed so as to look like an overweight Mummy. It is available from 5th October in small, medium and large sizes meant for children.

Zombie bellboy costume

Child Hotel Transylvania 2 Bell Hop CostumeChild Hotel Transylvania 2 Bell Hop Costume

Your child may also just want to be the hotel’s bellman turned into a zombie.

This zombie costume comes with a jacket, trousers and a zombie mask. Shoes and other accessories must be purchased separately. The available sizes for children are small, medium and large.


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