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Latest Jurassic World Costumes Revealed

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Discover the latest Jurassic World costumes

After the release of this long awaited movie, kids and adults alike will want to get Jurassic World costumes this year. The Jurassic World costumes are available for pre-order. So make sure you get yours before others do and they run out of stock.

Good stores provide you with:

  • Inflatable T-Rex clothes,
  • Dino masks made out of latex,
  • The Velociraptors’ trainer outfit,
  • The Indominus Rex attire.

Which one is going to be your next scary party outfit?

The movie overview

Be welcome to Jurassic World resort, our new entertainment park! When they entered the resort, Gray and his elder brother Zach felt like in wonderland. The children enjoy taking the tour of this attraction park.

In the meantime, Claire, the kids’ aunt asks Owen, the Velociraptors’ trainer to check the Indominus Rex enclosure for safety purpose. This dino is genetically modified. Bad luck! It looks like this very clever dino as faked his escape. This fake escape will lead in the actuall release of the Indominus from his enclosure.

Ingen’s head of security Vic Hoskins, decides to use the raptors to take the Indominus down. The Velociraptors track the Indominus and with the help of the T-Rex and ultimately the Mosasaurus, the Indominus will be dragged into the water and become the Mosasaurus’ dinner.

Fancy dresses inspired from the movie

Are you eager to revive those stressful times? Then you should definitely look into the range of Jurassic World costumes for adults and kids. Dressed in these dinosaurus outfits, you are going to be able to scare the guests to death. Yet dressed in Owen’s clothes, you’ll cleverly save the attendees from a frightful time.

Jurassic World dinosaur costume for adults

jurassic world dinosaur costume Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s Jurassic World Dino 2 Creature Reacher Costume, Multi, Standard

The Indominus Rex was modified genetically and is a very clever monster. He escaped from his enclosure and kills anything on his path. This dinosaurus fancy dress looks exactly like the Indominus Rex and is sure to scare the party guests to death.

This Jurassic World dinosaur costume consists in a jumpsuit to which a dino tail is attached. A pair of matching gloves and covers for the shoes provide materials to perfect the animal. A detailed dinosaurus headpiece puts the finishing touches to this intricate yet stunning new dinosaur costume.

As all items featured on this page, this attire is officially licensed Jurassic World costumes.

Jurassic World Indominus Rex costume

jurassic world indominus rex costumeAdult Jurassic World Indominus Rex Costume – $44.99

There is a less intricate version and thus cheaper Jurassic World Indominus Rex costume in stores. It includes the suit, the mask and the shoe covers. It is available in one-size and also in extra-large. As for the model designed for kids ($24.99), it comes in 2 sizes: small and large.

Owen Jurassic World costume

owen jurassic world costumeAdult Deluxe Jurassic World Owen Costume – $59.99

Here is Owen, the Velociraptors’ trainer. He has cleverly trained the Raptors to abide by his rules. They actually listen to him and learned to like him. The Owen Jurassic World costume consists in a short sleeved shirt, a vest with different pockets and the “risky holiday resort” logo printed on the right and matching trousers. You can finish up the look with a pair of boots and a brown leather belt (to be purchased separately). It is available in one size.

The exact same outfit can also be found for kids and comes in sizes ranging from small to large and sells at $39.99.

The movie’s official trailer

Jurassic World inflatable costume for kids

jurassic world inflatable t rex costumeRubie’s Costume Co Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume, Multi, One Size

We all love happy endings and knowing that the worst beast can sometimes provide us with some love. This is the case in this fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series. The T-Rex is going to help the Raptors taking the Indominus down. For once, this dino is saving human lives.

The Jurassic World inflatable T-Rex costume designed for kids comes with a fan so as to not sweat under the attire. 4 batteries are required to make the fan work. Boys and girls can hide behind this awful creature. This outfit is available in one size. Adults can also enjoy going all out dressed in this fantastic dino attire (one size as well). Click here to find the inflatable T-Rex costume for adults.

Jurassic World T-Rex costumes

jurassic world t rex costumeChild Jurassic World T-Rex Costume – $29.99

But you may prefer to play with this more conventional Jurassic World T-Rex costume. This one is not inflatable and is definitely a classic attire. Yet you will resemble the T-Rex and scare all the party guests to death. The adult T-Rex standard version is available in one-size fits all and extra-large while the model for children includes small, medium and large sizes.

Jurassic World masks are perfect for homemade costumes

jurassic world new dinosaursAdult Jurassic World Deluxe T-Rex Mask – $69.99

Lastly the dino masks, which are going to be the best accessories for you if you plan on making your very own dino clothes at home. These come in two different characters: T-Rex (brown) and Indominus Rex (which is grey). Both are also suitable for kids and adults, just order the one that meets your needs.

Accessories for Jurassic World costumes

You can add some accessories to your party outfit so as to match it with the movie details. For example, if you or your kids dress up as a velociraptor – in a homemade costume – you can put the finishing touches using a pair of velociraptor claws. Another idea is to get Owen’s velociraptor trainer badge for representations of this brave and skilled movie character.

Where to buy these items?

There are some stores that sell most or all of Jurassic World costumes. Here is the list: – you will find a few masks and the T-Rex and Indominus Rex accessories. – also provides you with the whole collection of Jurassic World clothes.

All these clothes and matching accessories will fit for all kinds of dino themed parties, Halloween parties, cosplay, comic-con and so on. They can even make wonderful party attires for groups, provided that you find one or two friends who will enjoy featuring the awful dinos.

Have fun!

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