Little House on the Prairie costumes

Lovely Little House on the Prairie Costumes

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Halloween is literally around the corner and Little House on the Prairie costumes will be making their comeback. These simple yet super cute pioneer fancy dress costumes are perfect for little girls and women seeking to channel their inner Laura Ingalls. You may also choose to turn it into a family affair with all matching costumes inspired by the show. Below is a short list of what makes Little House on the Prairie costumes so special and how you can execute yours for a Halloween worth remembering.

Little House on the Prairie costumes to look for

Since this classic was released almost 40 years ago, people all over the world were captivated by the 19th century inspired fashion. Little House on the Prairie costumes became an instant hit whether it was for Halloween or ordinary costume parties. This popularity shows no signs of waning. Below are the top Little House on the Prairie fancy dresses available in stores.

Ingalls girls costumes for women and girls

Prairie Girl CostumePrairie Girl CostumeChild Pioneer Girl CostumeChild Pioneer Girl CostumeAdult Pioneer Woman CostumeAdult Pioneer Woman CostumePioneer Woman CostumePioneer Woman Costume

This outfit screams Little House on the Prairie from a mile away. The lovely dresses are available in pink, blue and yellow. You can also buy them in different sizes allowing use by toddlers, older children as well as adults.

The sets also include aprons which may either come as full pieces or half pieces offering coverage to the skit part of the dress. Whatever the case, this is the best way to pull off the Little House on the Prairie look.

Bonnets are there to create a more authentic Ingalls family inspired look. The bonnets are also available in different colors for mixing and matching with the flowery dresses. You can easily accessorize your fantastic pioneer fancy dress with a basket where you can store artificial eggs, for example or, for little girls, their school materials; and a pair of laced boots.

‘Pa Ingalls costumes for men and boys

Pioneer Man CostumePioneer Man CostumeChild Pioneer Boy CostumeChild Pioneer Boy Costume

This combination allows men to get in on the Little House on a Prairie themed fun. With the brown pants and red shirt outfit, you get a minimalistic yet relevant and effective Halloween costume that you will use for years to come. The pieces are also available in different sizes allowing use by both adults and children with high quality materials that ensure durability.

What makes these costumes a hit…

  • They are simple
  • They are fun and relevant
  • They are family friendly
  • The costumes are cheap
  • They are easy to find

There is no denying that Little House on the Prairie costumes deserve all the hype they are getting and will continue to get. Their affordability, simplicity and fun nature make them the perfect solution when your kids start fussing about what to do for Halloween this year. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect characters to embody this coming holiday, you should seriously consider buying Little House on the Prairie costumes.

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