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Pixels Movie Costumes for Arcade Game Lovers

Pixels movie costumes are lots of fun for groups and families. They enable you to play the hero or the villain, depending on your very own tastes. Pixels the movie is a film that tells the tale of an extra-terrestrial attack against humans. However instead of the army fighting villains, we are going to find out that video games can also win a war.

Pixels movie costumes are perfect for those get together you enjoy so much, Halloween parties, cosplay and Comic Con events.

Pixels the movie – the plot

Summer 1982, the town inaugurates a brand new video game center where Sam Brenner (a future software company employee) , Will Cooper (future president of the USA), Ludlow Lamonsoff (a future computer geek) and Eddie Plant (a future criminal) are teenagers and demonstrate their arcade game skills. However, a time capsule relating the event and the challenges played on that day was launched in the space.

35 years later, the four kids are grownup and discover that they have to fight extra-terrestrial pixelized beings who have decided to invade the planet. Our heroes are going to face Lady Lisa who was Ludlow Lamonsoff’s pixelized first love, Pac Man, Donkey Kong and many other arcade game characters. So it’s time to demonstrate, once again, that they’re the best arcade game players.

My favorite movie quote is: “We have the one can positive attitude…just kidding: we are all gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiie!” Haha, good find.

Pixels Arcader costumes

All Pixels movie costumes listed in this page will be in stock by September 15. Given the huge success of the film, I’d recommend to pre-order them right now so as to make sure to have them for your next party.

Pixels movie costumes include the Arcaders suits. These are the costumes worn by the best video gamers, who are going to fight the arcade characters. Best known video games characters seen in the movie are Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Arkanoid.

Rasta Imposta Men's Pixels Arcader SuitRasta Imposta Men’s Pixels Arcader Suit

This Arcader costume includes a jumpsuit with intricate details as well as the official “Arcader” logo, which turns you into one of the movie heroes. A belt completes the attire. It is sold in one-size fits all. Arcader costumes designed for teenagers are also available on the site. Your kids can get it in tween size and in teen size. These jumpsuits are made out of 100% polyester. I’d suggest a pair of black boots or sneakers to finish up your look.

Pixels the movie – Pac-Man costumes

There couldn’t be any arcade themed parties without Pac-Man pixels movie costumes! In this movie, Pac-Man is not a hero. He destroys New York city and the Arcaders are here to help get rid of him. The team is even going to include Pac Man’s father, the video game creator Toru Iwatani (played by Denis Akiyama).

Adult Classic Pac-Man CostumeAdult Classic Pac-Man Costume

This pixelized characters is an icon of the 1980s and the costume is a hit. It consists in a tunic made of foam which represents the well known yellow video game character. The tunic is available in one size. I suggest to wear it on a pair of black pants and black boots or sneakers.

Pixels Q Bert costumes

The third element of these Pixels movie costumes is the Gottlied creation. Q Bert is one of the few trophies extra-terrestrials awarded to the Arcaders for winning the “battles”. This cute pixelized being is going to help our heroes and, eventually transform himself into Lady Lisa so as to get married to Ludlow.

Q*Bert Costume Adult CostumeQ*Bert Costume Adult Costume

This cute pixelized character costume includes a tunic which has the form of Q Bert character (with its trump), pants and a pair of covers for your shoes. It is sold in one size. Now you look like a real-life pixelized hero!

Dojo Quest Lady Lisa costumes

Pixels movie costumes also include the Lady Lisa character fancy dress. However, Lady Lisa costumes are currently all out of stock. Though, you can create your very own arcade character dress using:

  • A short one shoulder red dress,
  • A pair of swords
  • A pair of armbands
  • Blond wig,
  • Black boots.

As soon as the pre-made costume is once again in stock, I’ll let you know.

Above all, have lots of fun!

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