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Pokemon Go Costumes for Kids

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Pokemon Go costumes for kids are extremely trendy right now. Every child wants to be their favorite Pokemon character in their next Halloween event or any other masquerade party. As a parent, you want to get your child the most beautiful costume available. Whether the kid wants to be a Pikachu or Squirtle, you should pick the best design. The age of your kid is not a big deal. Pokemon costumes are available in sizes 4 to 6, 8 to 10 and 12. Every gender has specially designed outfits.

Pokemon Go costumes for kids

If your child happens to love Pokémon critters more than the Pokemon Go trainers, then here are some characters they can get inspired from. They will love getting out dressed up as one of the most popular Pokémon costumes for kids available on the market. Here are amazing options for you.

Pikachu hoodie dress for girls

Girls Pikachu Hoodie Dress - $39.99Girls Pikachu Hoodie Dress – $39.99


This is a lovely dress for your beautiful daughter. It may have a lightening bolt tail, hat, gloves and leg accessories. Select it in any size and fabric. The Pikachu face graphic may be put on the chest or on the hood. It just depends on where you do your shopping online.

Pikachu costume for boys

Kid's Deluxe Pikachu Costume - $39.99Kid’s Deluxe Pikachu Costume – $39.99


As you select nice Pikachu attire for your boy or girl, ensure that it is brand new. It should not have a defect and must look attractive. Yellow is the theme color and the signature Pikachu face consisting of tiny red cheeks and ears on the hood. Pay attention to the material used to sew your favorite costume. Cotton and polyester blends are breathable, comfortable and durable. Your attire can be anything, including a jumpsuit, a hooded dress, or a front-zipper hooded jumper.

Charizard costume for little ones

Boys Charizard Costume - $39.99Boys Charizard Costume – $39.99Girls Pokemon Charizard Costume - $39.99Girls Pokemon Charizard Costume – $39.99


This is one of the top Pokemon Go costumes for kids. Pick jumpsuits for boys and dresses for girls. The dress imitates a bug character with a yellow stomach, blue wings and orange face and body. If you want a piece of garment for your little girl, the most attractive pick boasts an orange tulle skirt with a red flame image and an orange hooded top with a face. For boys, an orange jumpsuit with a yellow abdomen, attached blue wings, a tail and separate hat with a face.

Kids Squirtle costume

Child Squirtle Costume - $39.99Child Squirtle Costume – $39.99


As you scout top Pokemon Go costumes for kids, do not overlook the Squirtle one. A Squirtle jumpsuit costume is usually light blue with a yellow patch on the upper body. Then, it has a brown turtle shell on the back, tiny and plump light blue tail and light blue headpiece with a Squirtle face image.

More Pokémon costumes for children

Do your kids really, really, really love Pokémon critters but can’t make a decision on which one they prefer? No problem, there are more Pokémon costumes for kids to choose from. In addition to the fancy dresses listed above, your little one will be able to choose between the Pokemon Umbreon, Pokemon Eevee, Pokemon Treeko costumes and even more. And, if you enjoy this kind of dress up, a wide range of Pokemon costumes for adults is also available in stores.

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