Popeye The Sailor Man Costume Ideas

Popeye The Sailor Man Costume Ideas

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Popeye the Sailor Man costume ideas for kids and adults

Popeye the Sailor Man costume ideas are funny and cool. Such a type of costumes are also trendy when it comes to masquerade parties or summer get together for kids and adults. The theme addresses to individuals, couples and even families with kids. Here you’ll find the best Popeye the Sailor Man costume ideas that will more than likely please various age groups and preferences.

Popeye and Olive Oyl costumes

Olive Oyl and Popeye the Sailor Man costume ideas offer various options for you to go out dressed in your favorite anime character. Pair Olive Oyl and Popeye costumes so as to surely puzzle the party guests. The other option is to get you and the kids dressed as the two heroes, this will make some kind of youth and adulthood reflection. But for a more fun effect, you can pair a sexy Olive Oyl with Bluto – as a group you can even have Popeye himself to get along with you. Chances are that the party attendees might end up properly stunned.

Popeye costumes for men

Popeye the sailor man costume ideas - Adult Popeye CostumeAdult Popeye Costume

The men’s costume typically consists of the iconic Popeye pants and a sailor shirt, along with the classic sailor cap. Popeye the Sailor Man costume set comes with a shirt, a pair of trousers, a yellow belt, a white sailorman hat and muscled arms.To perfect this sailorman attire, get the famous spinach can.

Olive Oyl costumes for women

Adult Olive Oyl CostumeAdult Olive Oyl Costume

Olive Oyl’s costume is easy to put together as 1.2.3. This adorable outfit comes with the one-piece dress that features a black skirt and red shirt with white collar as well as the so special wig. You can get your hands on this fancy dress in different sizes, that range from extra-small to plus size.

Sexy Olive Oyl fancy dress

Sexy Olive Oyl CostumeSexy Olive Oyl Costume

The sailor’s sweetie can make a feminine portrait that emphasizes Olive Oyl’s sensual features. But with her more than slimmer look it definitely won’t manage to be similar in effect. However the appearance of a red top with the black skirt and the specific hairdo relates well to the Olive Oyl character… The sexy Olive costume is going to turn all heads at the party.

Popeye costumes for boys

Child Popeye CostumeChild Popeye CostumePopeye Baby Bunting CostumePopeye Baby Bunting Costume

Obviously you will find Popeye costumes for kids, toddlers and teenagers. The set includes a shirt, a pair of pants, a yellow belt and muscle arms (with the popular tatoo) and the white sailor hat. As for babies, there’s also a fancy Popeye baby bunting designed for them.

Swee’Pea costumes for babies

Swee'Pea Costume - NewbornSwee’Pea Costume – Newborn

Then there is the popular Swee’Pea baby bunting that got inspired from Popeye and Olive Oyl’s own baby. The baby is not dressed like his father and, instead, features a lovely baby in a red baby bunting with white trim and a white cap.

Olive Oyl costumes for girls

Olive Oyl Kids CostumeOlive Oyl Kids Costume

A good thing about this sailor costume is that it works good with kids – there is an Olive Oyl costume for girls available in stores. This fancy dress consists of a one-piece dress featuring a black skirt and red shirt along with the very specific Olive Oyl wig. Since fun parties are also about family gathering, then such an attire can be chosen for the children’s wearing, too.

Sexy Popeye the Sailor Man costume

Ms. Popeye Sailor Adult Costume (Medium/Large)Ms. Popeye Sailor Adult Costume (Medium/Large)

You will even find a Popeye fancy dress especially designed with women in mind. This sexy Popeye fancy dress includes the blue and black dress, the yellow belt and the white hat. This sexy Mrs Popeye is available in the following sizes: S/M and M/L. Beware the white socks are not part of the set.

Bluto costumes for men

Brutus Adult CostumeBrutus Adult Costume

Another of these fantastic Popeye the Sailor Man costume ideas, is Popeye’s challenger when it comes to win Olive Oyl’s love… The horrible Bluto who wears a big black beard and a black shirt on a yellow pair of pants. Bluto’s costume set sold in stores includes shirt, pants, hat and beard. The costume is only available for men. This Bluto costume includes shirt with muscle arms, pants, belt, captain’s cap & beard.

Olive Oyl and Popeye costume accessories to perfect your look

Corn Cob PipeCorn Cob PipeAdult Popeye MaskAdult Popeye MaskSpinach Can KOOZIE Spinach KOOZIE For Popeye Costume Funny Beer KOOZIES For CansSpinach Can Funny Beer KOOZIES For CansSoda Soong-S Comfort Boots, Dark Camel Suede, 6Soda Soong-S Comfort Boots, Dark Camel Suede, 6

Stores offer also a wide range of Popeye the Sailor Man costume accessories to perfect your look. From Popeye’s pipe to the mask featuring our hero. From the so famous can of spinach (that comes in the form of a can cooler) to Olive’s boots, all make you able to perfect your appearance.

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