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The Simpsons Masks for DIY Simpsons Costumes

The Simpsons masks and accessories perfect your costume inspired by the TV series. Yet, The Simpsons masks and accessories come in handy for you to create your very own homemade fancy dresses at home. Here are some of these funny accessories along with some ideas for homemade Simpsons costumes.

The Simpsons masks and accessories perfect any homemade Simpsons costumes

The Simpsons masks and accessories are a perfect fit for groups or families. As a group, you’re offered a myriad of available characters to get inspired from. These are also suitable for kids who can become any of Bart’s and Lisa’s classroom mates. Families will also have lots of fun dressed up as the Simpson family. For big families or relatives joining the fun, you can even add the Flanders characters to your group.

Don’t want to wait?

Check out the entire collection of The Simpsons masks, accessories and costumes here

The Simpsons: Homer mask for a top rendition

The Simpsons Homer Simpson Mask - $29.99The Simpsons Homer Simpson Mask – $29.99


Eat donuts, drink Duff beer, dream big. D’oh! The Homer Simpson mask is definitely a winner. It features the two hair on top of Homer’s head. A sure way to have the guests say “Who-hoo!”

  • A white short-sleeved shirt
  • A pair of blues jeans
  • Grey shoes

I’d suggest to accessorize the attire with a donut or a can of Duff beer (this can be done using a Duff cooler accessory).

Marge Simpson’s wig completes your homemade fancy dress

Adult Foam Marge Wig - $29.99Adult Foam Marge Wig – $29.99Marge Deluxe Glam Wig - $29.99Marge Deluxe Glam Wig – $29.99


Multitasking Mom, in her shiny clothes is all out tonight. There is no Marge mask, yet you can easily create your very own rendition of Marge Simpson using one of these blue puffed wigs. Perfect your look with yellow yellow face and body paint.

  • A pen-style (or fitted) bustier pale green dress
  • A pair of red flat ballerinas
  • A red beaded necklace

How to make a Lisa Simpson costume

Adult Foam Lisa Wig - $29.99Adult Foam Lisa Wig – $29.99


If anyone wants me, I’ll be in my room. Oops no, in the ballroom! It’s not easy to find a star-shaped wig in stores, but this one will help you be Lisa without failing. Besides the body paint, the next items you need to have on hand are:

  • A short sleeveless red dress
  • A pair of flat red shoes
  • A white beaded necklace

An inflatable saxophone finishes your look perfectly.

The Bart Simpson mask to pair with your DIY outfit

Disguise Men's Bart Adult Costume Mask, Yellow, One SizeDisguise Men’s Bart Adult Costume Mask, Yellow, One Size


Ay caramba! Be wild but don’t set your Dad’s tie on fire tonight. The Bart Simpson mask makes it easy for you to turn into this despicable tween. If you opt for this look, make sure to gather:

  • A red T-shirt
  • A pair of blue shorts
  • Blue sneakers

Get a skateboard along with you to impersonate your character.

Grampa Simpson in and out the Springfield Retirement Castle

Grandpa Simpson Mask - $34.99Grandpa Simpson Mask – $34.99


Be old country-style, tell a few inaccurate stories about WWII, that’s how you do it… The Simpsons masks collection include a Grampa Simpson mask. It is really well made and even features the little circle glasses worn by the old man. Perfect the look with:

  • An orange long-sleeved shirt or polo-style shirt
  • A pair of grey pants
  • A pair of burgundy sleepers
  • A wooden cane

Patty and Selma Bouvier, Marge’s twin sisters

Adult Foam Patty Wig - $29.99Adult Foam Patty Wig – $29.99Selma Bouvier Adult Foam Wig - $29.99Selma Bouvier Adult Foam Wig – $29.99


Are you sisters who’re looking for a fantastic costume theme? Here you are: Patty and Selma Bouvier, Marge Simpson’s twin sisters make a perfect fit. There aren’t masks yet but you can have a great costume starting point with these Patty and Selma wigs. Here’s what you need to build these hilarious party outfits.

Patty Bouvier:

Be cynical if you want but please don’t bore the party attendees with McGyver tonight.

  • A hot pink short-sleeved dress
  • A pair of matching flat ballerinas
  • An orange beaded necklace and matching earrings
  • A short purple curly wig

Selma Bouvier:

Being Selma Terwilliger-Hutz-McClure-Stu-Simpson-D’Amico is cool…

  • A hot blue sleeveless dress
  • Matching blue ballerinas
  • A pale pink beaded necklace and matching earrings
  • A medium purple curly wig

Get some fake cigarettes to accessorize your costume.

Ned Flanders the diddly-door neighbor

Ned Flanders Mask - $34.99Ned Flanders Mask – $34.99


Live clean, eat clean, drink clean and repress your anger, neighbor-eeno. The Simpsons masks are the shortest way to have all needed accessories on hand. And this Ned Flanders mask comes with all the cartoon figure’s specificities, including the hairdo. Put the finishing touch to your fancy dress with:

  • A pink shirt
  • A green sweater
  • A pair of grey pants
  • Black shoes

Milhouse Van Houten, Bart’s best friend

The Simpsons Milhouse Mask - $34.99The Simpsons Milhouse Mask – $34.99


Follow Bart’s lead and don’t mess up with your thick glasses. The Milhouse mask is also a time saver since it comes with the boy’s blue hair and eyebrows along with the thick red glasses.

  • A purple t-shirt
  • A pair of red shorts
  • Red sneakers or shoes

Sideshow Bob homemade party outfits

The Simpsons Sideshow Bob Mask - $64.99The Simpsons Sideshow Bob Mask – $64.99


From kids entertainer to criminal genius, your character’s full of options. The beauty of this Sideshow Bob mask is that it comes with the well-known incredible curly hairstyle. You can perfect your character with a big fake knife since Sideshow Bob carries one very often.

  • A green short-sleeved shirt
  • A pair of blue/grey pants
  • Big brown shoes (Sideshow Bow has very long sized feet)

Mr Burns releases the hounds

Mr. Burns Mask - $34.99Mr. Burns Mask – $34.99


Another hard to recreate Simpson homemade face would be the one of Mr Burns. Thanks to The Simpsons masks, this can be avoided. This Mr Burns mask just needs a few more items. Two options for clothes to go along with the mask:

I. Mr Burn’s green suit

  • A white shirt
  • A pale orange tie
  • A medium green suit

II. Mr Burn’s blue suit

  • A white shirt
  • A black tie
  • A medium blue suit

Waylon Smithers

Smithers Mask - $34.99Smithers Mask – $34.99


The Simpsons masks enable you to let Waylon Smithers get out of the Burn’s Cage! This mask is tip-top similar to the character in the series. You just have to get these additional clothes to impersonate the figure:

  • A kaki vest
  • A long-sleeved white shirt
  • A big purple bow tie
  • A pair of grey pants
  • Black shoes

Barney Gumble

The Simpsons Barney Mask - $34.99The Simpsons Barney Mask – $34.99


The Simpsons masks collection makes you able to step into Barney Gumble’s shoes. The character was once A-grade student turned into an alcoholic. Here is what you need besides the Barney mask to polish your appearance:

  • A salmon fitted short-sleeved shirt
  • A pair of purple pants
  • A pair of blue and white sneakers
  • You can use a fake belly to perfect the character
  • A glass beer stein

Moe Syslack the bartender

The Simpsons Moe Szyslak Mask - $34.99The Simpsons Moe Szyslak Mask – $34.99


Moe is irritable and more often than not depressed. To render the character perfectly, besides the Moe Szyslak mask, you need:

  • A blue shirt
  • A pair of pale brown pants
  • A big dark blue bow tie
  • A long blue apron
  • Black shoes
  • A white dish towel


Adult Duffman Kit - $24.99Adult Duffman Kit – $24.99


There is no Duffman mask but there is a fantastic way to still be Duffman. Here is a set including the cap and the beer belt. This homemade Simpsons costume is the perfect conversation starter. In addition to the accessory set, you will need the following items:

  • A blue sleeveless jumpsuit
  • A red cape
  • White boots
  • White gloves
  • Black sunglasses

This stunning homemade Simpson costume can be recycled for another themed party. The jumpsuit can become a fitness suit used in a 1980’s gym style themed party.

Final note

In all cases, you will want to use yellow face and body paint to turn your body into an exact match of those yellow characters in the series.

The list including all the homemade Simpsons costumes is long and you’re only limited by your favorite character(s). The Simpsons masks and accessories help you recreate a big part of them. And if you feel like you can’t find time or ways to create homemade Simpsons costumes, then you can always take an eye to pre-made Simpsons costumes here.

Above all, have fun!

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