suicide squad costume accessories

Must-Have Suicide Squad Costume Accessories

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Have you picked your Suicide Squad costume accessories yet? The highly anticipated movie Suicide Squad has hit theaters and these “bad guys” are more popular than ever. With Halloween season right around the corner the hottest characters are the members of the Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad costume accessories

Each and everyone of the characters in this film has their own unique look. I guess that you are reading this because of you are interested in these colorful characters, I know I am. If you have decided one of the characters is a perfect fit for you, remember your costume isn’t complete without the proper Suicide Squad costume accessories. Here are the Suicide Squad costume accessories you must have.

Suicide Squad hair, makeup and jewelry

The characters in Suicide Squad are anything but dull, so ordinary hair and makeup are simply out of the question. The Joker costume accessories are a must if you want your character to be as realistic as seen in the movie.

The Joker’s look has evolved a bit in order to pull off his authentic style you can pick up a bright green wig. One aspect of the joker hasn’t changed and that is his pale complexion you can purchase a makeup kit to achieve this look with ease. The killer clown has also gotten some ink, so make sure to order the easy to use tattoo kit. Did I mention the Joker’s cane, the one featuring his own head at the top?

Suicide Squad Costume Accessories - Suicide Squad Joker Makeup KitSuicide Squad Joker Makeup KitSuicide Squad Joker Tattoo KitSuicide Squad Joker Tattoo KitMSHUI DC Comics Suicide Squad Classic Batman Joker Cosplay wig Green Short HairSuicide Squad Joker Cosplay wigDC Comics Rogues Gallery Joker's Cane, Multi, One SizeDC Comics Rogues Gallery Joker’s Cane


We can’t talk about The Joker without bringing up his beautiful and colorful lady, Harley Quinn. Harley she is sporting a new intense and bright look in the movie. Harley Quinn costume accessories will bring this intensity to your very own look.

A good start would be to pick up her crazy blonde, blue, and pink pigtail wig. Here makeup is also a very special one. Thus you will want to get a makeup kit if you don’t have such products at home. Harley Quinn is known for her specific tattoos and her only glove. Don’t forget to get one of the jewelry sets to complete your Harley Quinn look. You can get more Harley Quinn ideas here.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jewelry SetSuicide Squad Harley Quinn Jewelry SetSuicide Squad Harley Quinn Makeup KitSuicide Squad Harley Quinn Makeup KitSuicide Squad Harley Quinn Long Cosplay WigSuicide Squad Harley Quinn Long Cosplay WigGreed Land Harley Quinn Cosplay Gloves Suicide Squad Biker PU Gloves with Arm Tattoo (Size-1)Harley Quinn Cosplay Gloves Gloves with Arm Tattoo


Masks inspired from the movie

Masks are an easy solution to complete your costume, whether for Halloween or your next cosplay event. In the film Deadshot is sporting an intense mask. You can grab one of the awesome light up masks for your costume. Killer Croc is another popular member and easy costume choice. Simply purchase one of the life like masks and your look will be complete. Katana is a fierce fighter. She needs her white and red half face mask to complete her look.

Suicide Squad Deadshot Light Up MaskSuicide Squad Deadshot Light Up MaskSuicide Squad Killer Croc Overhead Latex MaskSuicide Squad Killer Croc Overhead Latex Mask2016 Japanese Katana White Cosplay Leather Women Mask for Party HalloweenKatana White Cosplay Leather Women Mask


Weapons and gauntlets

Now lastly these “bad guys” need their their signature weapons. Harley Quinn’s weapon of choice is her tried true “good night” baseball bat. If Katana is your character of choice, you will need her trademark Katana to complete her look. Make sure you pick up a set of Deadshot’s gauntlets he is known for wearing.

Suicide Squad Deadshot GauntletsSuicide Squad Deadshot GauntletsHarley Quinn SWAT Good Night BatHarley Quinn SWAT Good Night BatSuicide Squad Katana's KatanaSuicide Squad Katana’s Katana


Whether for cosplay or Halloween, Suicide Squad costumes are a great choice. The looks are all dynamic and unique.Therefore one of these looks is bound to appeal to you. After you have chosen your character, go pick up the right Suicide Squad costume accessories. Your look will be a memorable one.

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