terrifying krampus costume - the christmas demon

Terrifying Krampus Costume – The Christmas Demon

If you wish to find the most horrible of all Halloween fancy dresses, then the Krampus costume is made for you. Krampus is a demonic creature, one of the companions of Saint Nicholas, the gift bearer. Krampus terrifies, punishes and kills children who were nasty althrough the year before the time of Christmas. This character is definitely a perfect fit to fright all party attendees this Halloween.

Note that I highly suggest not to get dressed in this frightful attire if you have children or if kids take part to the Halloween fun.

Krampus the Christmas Demon – the movie

We do not really know if it is a horror movie or a caricature of Christmas but all needed ingredients for a big fright can be found in this movie. The movie walks us through the story of an American town where children diseappear during the end of year holiday season.

As a child, Jeremy was kidnapped and thrown in a frozen pond by a monster. It’s a miracle if Jeremy succeeded in getting out of the frozen water. However, since then, he is haunted by the memory of this traumatizing experience.

As an adult, Jeremy has become a police lieutenant. With two colleagues, he goes on a quest to find the Krampus and put an end to his evil activities. Sadly things turn out very badly for the team and Jeremy’s family.

Krampus the Christmas Demon costume

krampus costume - christmas demon costumeAdult Krampus the Christmas Demon Costume – $84.99

Are you feeling the need to terrorize the party attendees this Halloween? Then, you should get this horrible outfit. You can even order it from here: just click on the red button above and order your next terrifying party attire.

This incredibly detailed Krampus costume consists of a jumpsuit made of polyester. The top and leg covers are partially adorned with faux fur and a tail is attached to the pants so as to provide the beast with a realistic appearance.

The mask is topped with horns like all monsters of the creation. A pair of monster hands, a belt, and a goatee complete your Krampus costume set. Available sizes: medium, large and extra-large.

Quick and easy homemade Krampus costume

krampus costume maskKrampus Mask – $54.99

As an alternative and if you wish to match the movie monster perfectly, then you can realize a quick and easy homemade Krampus costume yourself.

For the purpose you will need a Christmas Demon mask. For a quick and easy Krampus look, you can get the Christmas Demon mask, a dark floor-length hooded cape and a belt made of cord. You can complete your appearance with a pair of gloves or monster hands made of latex or PVC.

Have lots of fun scaring the party guests to death!

krampus capeBlack Hooded Cape – $19.99krampus handsDementor Hands – $13.99

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