minions movie costumes for adults and kids

The New Minions Movie Costumes Are Out

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Minions movie inspires a large range of Minions movie costumes for adults and kids alike. This movie, released in summer of 2015 tells the story of these small yellow beings who are conceived to help villains whose will is to dominate the world. Minions movie is a 3D animated comedy and also the prequel of the Despicable Me movies.

Minions movie short summary

After their different failures in their service and the death of all their bosses, Minions retired in Antartica where they built their own civilization.

After some decades, they did not enjoy their life any more. Minion Kevin decided to go to New York to find a new despicable master. With Bob and Stuart, they reach the Big Apple and hear about a “Villain-Con” set in Florida. This is where they find their new boss: Scarlet Overkill.

Scarlett Overkill is a Londonian and dreams of stealing Queen Elizabeth’s crown and, of course, to become the new Queen of England. She thus asks the Minions to steal the crown. But things won’t work as expected.

Minions movie costumes for adults and kids

Since they all look alike in a way or another, all Minions movie costumes will work wonders at parties, Cosplay events, and even for Halloween. They are perfectly suitable for families and groups. You can even mix all characters from all animated movies all together.

Kevin costumes for kids and men

Adult Minion Kevin CostumeAdult Minion Kevin Costume

Kevin is the Minion who’s planning to find a new despicable master to serve. He does expect all Minions to follow him but they won’t. Kevin will also sacrifice himself to save all Minions and try to get rid of Scarlet Overkill and Herb, her husband at the same time.

Kevin’s costume includes the well known printed suit, a headpiece, a pair of goggles, and gloves. One size fits all, and a plus size is also available for purchase.

Stuart costumes for infants

Rubie's Costume Co Baby Boys' Minion Stewart Romper CostumeRubie’s Costume Co Baby Boys’ Minion Stewart Romper Costume

As a teenager, Stuart is bored and obsessed with guitar playing. However he joins Kevin right away when this one proposes the quest for a new boss.

This costume consists in a romper featuring the Minions clothings and a headpiece. It comes in infant size 2-4.

Bob costumes for adults

Adult Minion Bob CostumeAdult Minion Bob Costume

Bob joins the crew as nobody else seems to want to get into this new adventure. He will eventually be able to take the magic sword off of its rock and become king of England. Not for long, though.

The Bob costume includes a jumpsuit featuring jeans clothes, a headpiece, a pair of goggles and a pair of gloves. Size is one fits all. A plus size is also available for purchase.

Female Minions costumes

Adult Women's Minion CostumeAdult Women’s Minion Costume

Obviously, there are also Minions movie costumes for women to have fun at parties, get together and Cosplay. These come in the form of a dress featuring jeans details, a pair of gloves and a pair of goggles as well as socks. A Minion headpiece will complete these costumes. Available sizes range from X-small to Large. You can also get a plus size model if you need it.

Scarlett Overkill costume idea

Adult Minions Scarlet Overkill CostumeAdult Minions Scarlet Overkill Costume

This Minions 2 Scarlett Overkill costume for women consists of a dress, a chocker and a pair of gloves. You should get the wig eparately.

Strapless Short Red Knee Length Dresses

Women’s Flirting with The 50’s Bouffant WigTapp C. Classic Adult Size 22

However, you may want to mkae your very own Scarlett Overkill fancy dress costume at home. It is very simple to do. Here’s how: you need a swing model red dress like one would find in the fifties and sixties. With a bit of search you can also find a black skirt with red flower details and a red shirt in stores to feature Scarlett Overkill at her crowning. Complete the look with a bouffant black wig, a pair of long black gloves, black tights and black high heels.

Minion movie Dracula costume

Rubie's Costume Co Men's Minions Dracula CostumeRubie’s Costume Co Men’s Minions Dracula Costume

Minions were Dracula’s helpers and were also responsible for his death. This Dracula costume will enable you to recreate the period when Minions were your servants.

The member of your group who’s going to play Dracula will find included in this costume pack: a cape, a pair of goggles, pointy teeth, gloves and a piece for the head. One size fits all.

Ideas for groups

As a group you can gather all Minions around one of their previous masters. For example, one member can get dressed as a stoneage man. Minions should glue an articial bone on the top of their headpiece to feature the era. Minions served a pharao also. They were responsible for his death, of course but knowing this makes room for a large range of different costumes for a group. They served Dracula and Napoleon. Both provide a wide range of outfits to choose from and enable you to recreate fun adventures with your Minions. Since these yellow beings also killed dinos, one of your pals can get dressed in a T-Rex outfit and play the last dino before his death.

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