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The Simpsons Costumes Are Fun

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The Simpsons costumes are going to please fans of this TV series. After 25 years on air, the Simpsons are still as fresh, satirical and humorous as in the early days. If you are looking for clothes that suit a whole group of joyful fellows for Halloween parties, cosplay, Comic-con events or other get together, then The Simpsons costumes are the ideal option.

Get dressed in The Simpsons costumes

The Simpsons characters have probably been the most popular figures in the history of cartoon series. The Simpsons costumes depict the heroes of this satirical TV series, from family members to recurring Simpson characters. The Simpsons costumes are the perfect fancy dresses for groups to wear for a fun night out. They are also ideal for comic-con events, cosplay and Halloween parties. Most of these outfits are available in adult sizes only.

How to be the middle class American family known as The Simpsons

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Homer Simpson costume

omer Simpson costumeThe Simpsons Homer Simpson Costume

Married to Marge Bouvier, father of three kids, Homer is known for his white shirt and blue pants. He is best known for his remaining 2 hair on top of his egg-shaped head. His language is crude, he is incompetent in life and at work, spends time in Moe’s bar. Yet he is fond of his family. Homer’s favorite expression is “D’oh!” and “Spider Pig” is his most memorable song.

The Homer Simpson costume is perfect for cosplay, comic-con events and costumed parties. It consists in a white and blue suit, artificial belly, and a mask. You can perfect the attire by carrying a fake donut or a can of beer.

Marge Simpson costume

Marge Simpson costumeDisguise Women’s Marge Deluxe Adult Costume, Multi, Large

She is Homer’s wife and mother of their three children. She is well-known for her green strapless dress, her blue beehive hairdo and red beaded necklace. Marge is a wise person, very patient with her husband and son.

The Marge Simpson costume includes the green dress, the beehive wig and the beaded necklace. Put the finishing touches with a pair of flat red shoes.

The Simpsons Bart costumes

bart simpson costume kidsKids Deluxe Bart Simpson CostumeSimpsons Bart costumesBart Simpson Adult Costume

Bart Simpson is a rebel: authority has no effect on him. Bart is a free mind. He is as stupid as his father. Bart is known for riding his skateboard. His favorite saying is “Eat My Shorts”.

I found different Simpsons Bart costumes so as to enable you to depict the rebel teens of the family. One that comes in child sizes and includes a jumpsuit that features Bart’s skin, orange T-shirt and blue shorts; a mask and a pad to feature his belly. One designed for adults and comes with an item to feature Bart’s head, a T-shirt, a pair of blue shorts and blue covers for shoes. The third attire consists in a mask and a naked bottom attached to a red T-shirt (these feature Bart’s favorite saying). The last one is a mascot made of polyfoam, which includes the head, the full curvy body. Most can be found at Amazon.

Lisa Simpson dress up

Child Lisa Simpson Costume - $34.99Child Lisa Simpson CostumeAdult Lisa Simpson Costume - $49.99Adult Lisa Simpson Costume


Lisa Simpson is the cleverest member of this family. She is known for her short red strapless dress and her yellow pointy hairdo. She plays saxophone, converted by herself to buddhism and is environmentally aware. At only 8, Lisa has political views as sharp as the most trained politicians. Her level of intelligence is rare yet does exist among the Simpsons heritage. Favorite expression “Meh”.

This Lisa Simpson dress up set includes a suit in which you’ll recognize her strapless dress and arm skin; the so special wig and her white beaded necklace. I’d suggest the use of a pair of yellow tights and a pair of flat red ballerina shoes for finishing touches. The costume is available for kids and adults.

Maggie Simpson costume

Women's Maggie Deluxe Adult CostumeWomen’s Maggie Deluxe Adult CostumeMaggie Simpson Costume - $24.99Maggie Simpson Costume


Maggie Simpson is known for the red pacifier she is sucking for 25+ years and her blue onesie. She is the family’s baby girl. Maggie doesn’t talk as she is still a baby. But this doesn’t prevent us from knowing that she will be as intelligent as her elder sister.

Maggie Simpsons costume – perfect for cosplay or Halloween – includes the pale blue long fitted dress, the baby’s well-known pointy wig and her red pacifier. Then there is the Maggie Simpson costume especially designed for babies. This one includes a blue fleece dress, and the star-shaped wig with blue bow.

The family’s close relatives

The Simpsons costumes also include some of recurring characters in the series. If you are a group of more than 5 members, then you can find some extra Simpsons characters to depict. Below you will find a list of them.

Selma and Patty Bouvier costumes

the simpsons patty costumePatty Deluxe Simpsons Costumethe simpsons selma costumeSelma Deluxe Adult Costume

They are Marge’s twin sisters and hate Homer since day one. They are smokers and fans of MacGyver TV series. Selma got married six times and goes by her six ex-husbands’ names while Patty came out as a lesbian. These selma and Patty costumes include a dress, a colored curly wig, a beaded necklace and a pair of yellow leggings. Needed accessory: a fake cigarette.

Other stars from The Simpsons show

Ned Flanders costume

the simpsons Ned Flanders costumeNed Flanders Deluxe Adult Costume

Ned is father of two boys and owner of the Leftorium. He is a religious devotee, always ready for a good deed. In reality, he is so perfect that he irritates everyone including Reverend Lovejoy. His parents were beatniks. Flanders is known for his mustache, glasses, green sweater and his cheerfulness.

Part of the Simpsons costumes line, Ned’s outfit consists in a suit featuring Ned’s green shirt to which a pink collar is attached, and a mask.

Kwick E Mart Apu costume

the simpsons Kwik E Mart Apu CostumeKwik E Mart Apu Deluxe Costume

He is the owner of the local Kiwk E Mart. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (almost unpronounceable name), is married to Manjula and is father of octuplets. Apu is well-known for his green jacket and Indian accent.

This Apu costume includes a jumpsuit, the Apu face mask and a belly that you can inflate.

Milhouse, Krusty, Duffman and Radioactive Man

the simpsons milhouse costumeTeen Deluxe Milhouse CostumeThe Simpsons Krusty the Clown CostumeThe Simpsons Krusty the Clown CostumeMen's Duffman CostumeMen’s Duffman Costumethe simpsons Radioactive Man costumeRadioactive Man Adult Costume

Milhouse costume for teens and adults

Milhouse is Bart’s best friend. He looks like a nerd, he tastes like a nerd, he smells like a nerd. He is a nerd. Yet him and Bart experienced a truckload of adventures together and can’t live without each other. They’re the best friends on Earth. This year you may want to go out with your best pal dressed in this Milhouse Van Houten costume, with Bart you’ll make a winning duet.

Krusty the Clown

Krusty is the local TV celebrity. Although he’s fun on television, Krusty drinks alcohol and gets often drunk, he takes frugs, smokes a lot and is a fraudster. Kids don’t interest him at all, all Krusty loves is money and the things that money can bring.


He is the Duff beer mascot. He wears a superhero jumpsuit and is supposed to talk using slogans. His outfit includes a suit featuring a muscle chest, a red cape, a belt with can holder, a cap. But you may want to feature a Duffette. Then give a try to the Duff woman costume. This one consists in blue and red shirt, cape and skirt; the can holder and a headband.

Radioactive Man

The Marvel comics hero. Bart Simpson is fond of those books and Radioactive Man is his hero. There is thus room for one of your group to get dressed in this red and yellow jumpsuit with muscle chest, red hood and yellow cape.

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