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Warcraft The Beginning Costumes Are Out and Gorgeous!

Warcraft The Beginning costumes are probably going to be a hit this year. Especially after the release of the first movie inspired by the well-known video game. As a fan of World of Warcraft, in this film you are going to enjoy watching your heroes in “real life” situations.

Warcraft: The Beginning – the plot

So, they did it. They turned the popular video game World of Warcraft into a movie. Released on 10th June 2016 it is going to be a summer blockbuster. So whats Warcraft: The Beginning movie all about?

It is a fantasy film co-written and directed by Duncan Jones, inspired from the highly popular video game and novels known as “World of Warcraft”. It is a kind of prequel for the series mentioned as one can see the Orcs stepping into the humans’ world and the fights begin.

The Orcs world is agonizing and they must find a new place to settle. Gul’dan the warlock makes use of powerful magic forces to open a door to a new world. They lead some raids throughout Azeroth and kill many inhabitants. The Stormwind’s military commander finds some intriguing details on the dead bodies and decides to investigate the case. After he meets Khadgar, he consults Medivh the wizard. Durotan, the Orc, wants to negotiate an alliance with the humans, however, they are ambushed by Blackhand. This is how the war began.

Warcraft The Beginning costumes for adults and kids

Note that all these World of Warcraft costumes will be available in August 2016.

Prestige Anduin Lothar costume for men

cosplay world warcraft costumes - Lothar Prestige Adult Costume - $199.99Lothar Prestige Adult Costume – $199.99


The first in our series of Warcraft The Beginning costumes for adults and kids is the one worn by the character Lothar. Dressed in this Prestige Lothar Warcraft costume, you are going to really be Lothar. Moreover, you’re sure to impress all the cosplay or party attendees. Take a look at the well detailed features of the costume (the chest, the shoulders, the belt, the shoe covers…) All you need now is your gigantic bird so as to fly to Blackrock Mountains, to challenge Orgrim Doomhammer and the horde of orcs. The costume can be found in sizes medium and extra-large.

Remember to accessorize the attire with the Lothar’s Stormwind Sword as well as the Warcraft Stormwind Shield (in stock in July).

The Lion of Azeroth costumes for adults and kids

wow costumes - Child Lothar Muscle Costume - $39.99Child Lothar Muscle Costume – $39.99


The Lion of Azeroth costumes – or Lothar costumes – are designed for adults and kids. These are based on the one worn by the character in Warcraft The Beginning movie released earlier this month. Men will love the muscular chest as well as the shoulder features that provide the outfit with a life-like look. The Lothar costume for kids is extremely detailed and includes all the items your child needs to look like King Llane Wrynn’s army commander. Your little one will love the chest padding and all printed details that give this outfit a realistic appearance.

Kids sizes include small, medium, large and extra-large and these stunning Warcraft The Beginning costumes for children will be in stock by mid-August. The adult version is priced at $69.99 and will be available in sizes medium and extra-large (there is also a plus size Lothar costume for men in stores).

Garona costume for women

warcraft the beginning costumes - Adult Garona Deluxe Costume - $79.99Adult Garona Deluxe Costume – $79.99


Women can also take part to the World of Warcraft costumes fun with this Garona outfit. Now you also can be this female orc, who was once a slave of the hordes of orcs. When arriving at Azeroth she was taken care of by Lothar and stood for the humans against other orcs. This superb Garona costume for women includes a brown jumpsuit, a detailed plastic armor featuring a gold lion, a belt and a pair of brown and silver gauntlets. You will find this Warcraft costume for women in sizes S, M, L and X-L.

Accessorize this female orc costume with the jeweled dagger that’s been given to Garona by Lady Taria, King Llane Wrynn’s spouse. You can give this attire a very sexy look by wearing a pair of brown Viking boots.

King Llane Wrynn costumes for kids and adults

llane wrynn i costume - Adult King Llane Plus Size Muscle Costume - $69.99Adult King Llane Plus Size Muscle Costume – $69.99


Dressed in this shining silver and blue King Llane Wrynn costume you are going to look great! As the King Llane Wrynn, you don’t want to let your people perish during the orcs invasion do all you can to put an end to the war. Do you feel that you have a lot of things in common with this king? Then you are going to love this beautifully crafted blue and silver shiny WoW costume. The shoulder features and the blue gems associated to the many details and accents printed on the fabric will make you stand out from the crowd.

Add a little plus to your stunning look by wearing a Dragon Sword – originally conceived for Lothar, the king can wear it as well. Though, the Stormwind Sword can be used by any noble of the court, therefore it also makes a great choice. These swords will highlight your WoW cosplay costumes.

You will find the King Llane Wrynn costumes for kids (S M L XL), and men (M and XL) and XXL (featured above).

Durotan costume for boys and men

Adult Durotan Muscle Costume - $79.99Adult Durotan Muscle Costume – $79.99


The Durotan costumes are available for men and for boys. Who are you going to intimidate tonight? Although impressive, Durotan isn’t that bad and wants to negotiate peace with the humans. Anyways, as Durotan you will have to keep your physical strength in good shape so as to stand up to Gul’dan and BlackHand. Send your newborn baby in a safety place and be prepared for the battle.

This gorgeous WoW costume for boys and men consists of a jumpsuit with muscle chest, two shoulder pieces, and a mask. The available sizes are, for kids: small, medium, large and extra-large. For men: medium and extra-large.

I recommend to get Durotan’s War Axe so as to personalize the orc perfectly. It is made out of plastic but comes with exact details that make it look like a real one.

That’s it for this overview of the new Warcraft The Beginning costumes for kids and adults.



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