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15 Adult Zombie Costumes for Halloween

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Adult zombie costumes for Halloween are perfect as the holiday is that time of year when living deads roam the streets. Actually, on 31st October zombies, ghouls, ghosts and other supernatural beings seem to scare people to death.

Best 15 adult zombie costumes for Halloween parties

Zombies are among the most popular and the most overexploited party outfits on All Hollow’s Eve. Even tough one may think such a costume cannot be as unique as the newer ones, one quickly finds out that it is not true.

What if… a standard event was turned into a scary, dreadful, awful evening? I thus searched for events that can take place during the year and could be turned into Halloween-ish tragedies. These brought different ideas for adult zombie costumes.

Individual zombie costume ideas

While we generally join fun parties in groups, we don’t always want to wear the same type of costumes. We enjoy partying with friends and go all out wearing special attires. But we may not want to look like the crowd and opt for a unique suit.

Desperate housewife zombie dress

adult zombie costumes - Women's Zombie CostumeWomen’s Zombie CostumeCheck it @HalloweenExpress

Many women will amaze the company dressed in one of these zombie desperate housewives. For such a party attire you will need an old classy everyday dress that you will not mind ruining with fake blood and some scratches. You can even avoid any special effect if you say you’re one of the many Stepford wives that just escaped from the town.

Knight zombie costumes for men

California Costumes Men's Skull Knight Adult, Burgundy/Brown, X-LargeCalifornia Costumes Men’s Skull Knight Adult, Burgundy/Brown, X-Large

Have you ever visited an old Scottish castle? Most of them have their own knight ghost or zombie. Make sure to have an armor costume on hand and add a few chains, this will provide the party attendees with the impression that you’re a real zombie knight.

Hippie turned into a zombie

Smiffy's Women's Zombie 60's Hippie Lady Costume, Dress with Attached Waistcoat and Headscarf, Zombie Alley, Halloween, Size 14-16, 61105Zombie 60’s Hippie Lady Costume, Dress and Headscarf

Hippies were peace and love amateurs and this can be a good base for creating adult zombie costumes for Halloween. The hippie zombie costumes are suitable for both men and women. All you’ll need are: colored clothes, some dried flowers in your hair and a good makeup in shades of grey. Men can also get their very own sixties’ hippie costume.

Zombie football player costumes for adults

Sponch Football Player Zombie Adult Halloween Costume, MediumFootball Player Zombie Adult Costume

The football player zombie costume is the perfect attire for sportive men. Even though dirty at the end of a match, football player’s clothes are generally ultra clean beforehand. These can be turned into nightmarish outfits by adding some artificial blood. For a more realistic effect, you can rub some soil on the clothes.

Men and women’s animal zombie costumes

Adult Rotten Rabbit CostumeAdult Rotten Rabbit Costume

Everybody loves animals however animals can be extremely dangerous when bitten by zombies. Since the purpose of Halloween parties is scaring the party attendees to death, you’ll have lots of success dressed in this rotten rabbit costume. Accessorize your look with a carrot people around you won’t be expecting such a “dreadful” weapon.

Halloween zombie costumes for couples

When attending a party as a couple, we will look for complementary scary party outfits. By wearing matching fancy dresses, we won’t just allow the other attendees to recognize us, we’re also going to never be forgotten. Matching outfits for couples are also a great way to wear a unique costume theme.

Zombie Snow Fright and Dwarf party outfits

Smiffy's Women's Zombie Snow Fright Costume, Dress with Latex Chest and Headband, Zombie Alley, Halloween, Size 6-8, 23352Women’s Zombie Snow Fright CostumeSmiffys Men's Zombie Dwarf CostumeMen’s Zombie Dwarf Costume

Another way to make your Halloween costume theme stand out is taking advantage of fairy tales and Disney movies. For example turn Snow White and her favorite dwarf into living deads. Fairy tale zombie costumes make probably the most unusual yet funniest theme for a Halloween night.

Living dead doctor and nurse fancy dresses

Zombie Doctor CostumeZombie Doctor CostumeSexy Zombie Nurse CostumeSexy Zombie Nurse Costume

The zombie doctor and living dead nurse couple. This one is generally a classic costume theme that is suitable for single people. But there is no reason for your couple to not match both outfits and make it a success this Halloween night.

Mr and Mrs Zombie – deceased

Zombie Husband CostumeZombie Husband CostumeZombie Woman CostumeZombie Woman Costume

Mr and Mrs Zombie were average citizens of the town who worked hard to make ends meet. On this Halloween night, they met their destiny. These woman zombie and husband zombie costumes make a perfect fit for a couple who wants to escape the everyday atmosphere.

Pirate couple costumes

Women's Zombie Pirate CostumeWomen’s Zombie Pirate CostumeCheck it @HalloweenExpressMen's Zombie Pirate CostumeMen’s Zombie Pirate CostumeCheck it @HalloweenExpress

Zombie pirate costumes are available for sale from the best online stores. This is the quickest way to get your party attire ready on time for the party. All you will need is the matching makeup and accessories such as bloody scarves.

Zombie priest and nun costumes

Smiffy's Men's Zombie Priest Costume, Blooded Top, Latex Wound, Collar and pants, Zombie Alley, Halloween, Size L, 38878Men’s Zombie Priest CostumeSmiffys Women's Zombie Nun CostumeWomen’s Zombie Nun Costume

Although a classic, the zombie nun and priest costumes make a great option for a couple. You can represent a nun and priest who suddenly died in the convent. They haunt the place dressed in their religious attire. Such a type of couple will let your other zombie friends know that there stand a chance to get out from this living dead trap.

Dreadful zombie attires for groups

Then there are the groups. The best way to turn adult zombie costumes for Halloween into a theme for groups is by featuring another group. Whether a sports team or a movie cast of characters, you make sure that you’re going to be the focal point of the party.

Doctor’s convention costumes with a zombie theme

Halloween-Evil-Stage-Panto ZOMBIE HORROR DOCTOR Men's Fancy Dress Costume - From Sizes Small-4XL (XXXXL)Halloween-Evil-Stage-Panto ZOMBIE HORROR DOCTOR Men’s Fancy Dress Costume – From Sizes Small-4XL (XXXXL)

A convention of doctors was attacked by hordes of zombies. The result of this dramatic event is the party that you are hosting tonight. The advantage of setting such a party theme is that both men and women can find the perfect attire for the occasion. And because these shouldn’t be medical costumes for men only, you can even pair these with zombie nurse costumes.

Golf club zombie costumes

Smiffys Men's Zombie Golfer CostumeSmiffys Men’s Zombie Golfer Costume

Your favorite – or most hatred – gold player and his pals turned into zombies. These can be a fun scary Halloween costume theme to set if you attend parties in group. Naturally zombie golfer costumes will better suit men but there is no reason for women not to play golf. Any other sports team can be turned in a living dead pack.

Music Band zombie party outfits

Smiffy'S Zombie Rocker (Medium) [Apparel]Smiffy’S Zombie Rocker (Medium) [Apparel]

A well-known music band or rock band can also make outstanding themed outfits for groups. Because some of these rock/punk bands already wear some specific makeup you won’t have to insist on this part of the costume. All you have to do is to find cheap music instruments to perfect the attire.

Cheerleader team costume ideas

Spiritless Cheerleader Adult Costume - MediumSpiritless Cheerleader Adult Costume – Medium

Cheerleader zombie costumes are a perfect option for a group of women. They support sports teams and will make adorable zombies! But beware, they’re not the nice, delicate, great sports girls you knew. They’re now hunting for their evening meal and won’t leave a single being alive.

Superhero zombie costumes

Blackest Night Adult Deluxe Zombie Batman Costume, Multi, X-LargeBlackest Night Adult Deluxe Zombie Batman Costume

What if a team of superheroes would turn into zombies and would scare the town instead of saving it? Well that’s the kind of idea that would fright anyone while making a fantastic costume theme.

Now all you have to do is order one of these adult zombie costumes and hunt for those frightful accessories used by the living deads. Once your costume is spot on, have fun and take lots of pics.

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