Bloody Zombie Prom Costumes for Couples

Bloody Zombie Prom Costumes for Couples

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Bloody zombie prom costumes for couples make the right fit for those looking for a unique type of scary party outfits to wear.

Terrifying bloody zombie prom costumes for couples

Bloody zombie prom costumes for couples surely make you stand out from the creepy party crowd. Prom night is such a special night for all of those who attend the event. And zombies enjoy such parties too. Stand to the side lines as the duo that appears in the matching zombie prom queen and king costumes are closing in, and will be out for blood when it comes to those crowns.

Bloody zombie prom queen costume

zombie prom costumes for couples - Drop Dead Prom Queen CostumeDrop Dead Prom Queen Costume

Bloody zombie prom queens can step out in style when they wear the fancy dress that matches their zombie kings outfit with perfect gruesome detail.

Her tattered blue evening gown is topped off just right with the blood of her last meal. In other words her last victim, dripping down the gloves. As all zombies are known to be messy eaters, the blood of that last meal continues and drips down the skirt of this frightening zombie prom queen costume.

To top off the look it appears as though our poor zombie prom queen met with retaliation when they gorged her brain with a long knife. But luckily it did not harm her perfectly placed tiara.

Her banner adds a bit of comic relief to the whole frightfully beautiful costume. As you can see, it announces to the world that she is in fact drop dead gorgeous. The zombie prom queen costume also comes with a sequined waist cincher that adds just a bit of dazzle to the night.

The dress is available in sizes small, medium and large. Extra-large and plus size are available here and here.

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The list including zombie prom costumes for women doesn’t stop there. You can opt for a white or a pink bloody ball gown that looks well-worn. Or as an alternative, you could go for Stephen King’s Carrie look at prom ball (3rd gown). Dressed in this delicate evening gown, you’ll be sure to impress the party attendees. Beware, the gown sizes big.

Zombie prom king costumes

Paper Magic Men's Zombie Prom King-2 Costume, Blue/White, MMen’s Zombie Prom King-2 Costume

The king of the zombie prom steps out onto the dance floor busting out his favorite disco moves from the 70’s. Dressed in the matching blue polyester suit he compliments his dead partners dress perfectly. The zombie prom king costume cannot actually help with his dance moves. Yet, it’s made of materials that will allow the wearer to move with ease while wearing it.

He will love the white, tattered button down shirt that is worn under the blue and black polyester tattered jacket. This king of the fright night prom looks gruesomely dashing with his light blue bow tie that completes the whole zombie prom king costume perfectly.

More zombie king suits for men

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Different other designs are offered in stores when it comes to zombie prom costumes for men. From entirely black living dead used clothes to entirely white ghostly but classy suits. Strangely, zombie suits for men are rarely covered in blood. Yet you can enhance your horrible look by spreading drips of fake blood on the suit.

Couples will quickly become the envy of all the other dead, brought to life creatures of the night when they wear these matching zombie prom costumes for couples.

Halloween parties or imaginative play can be a blast as the frightful duo appears in their perfectly paired blood tattered outfits. All zombie prom queen and king costumes can be worn on more than one frightening occasion.

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