Broken Rag Doll Costume For Teens

Broken Rag Doll Costume For Teens

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A Slightly Goth Look: Broken Rag Doll Costume for Teens

Our teens have grown out of the phase where they play with dolls but I will just bet you that when they see this idea for Halloween they will love it. So many are really in to the Goth style of clothing that this Broken Rag Doll Costume for teens just might be that unique and different idea they have been searching for. It is just funky enough that it will work. I’m sure if we asked them if they wanted to dress like Raggedy Ann, they would give us that look that says, “Are you kidding me? I’m not a little kid!”

Broken rag doll Halloween costume for girls

broken rag doll costume for teensBroken Rag Doll Teen Costume

This Broken Rag Doll Costume for teens includes quite a lot of items for one price and I just love a deal like that. Your teen will have the dress that has a lot of detail to it making it look like something a doll would wear. Plus, the broken doll Halloween costume also provides a hat that coordinated with the dress, a pair of capri style leggings and a half mask. That is a lot of bang for your buck!

Your teen can add to the broken doll costume for teens by choosing a pair of her own shoes that look like something that one of her dolls would have worn. She can add some makeup to the other half of her face to compliment the mask and she is ready for a night of fun! She can choose a wig to add or she could do a temporary color on her own hair to complete the look.

California Costumes Doll Curls Wig, ACCCalifornia Costumes Doll Curls Wig, ACC

I have to say that I think those leggins are cute enough to wear after Halloween! I’m guessing your teen might think so, too.

One thing that I am just about positive about is that your teen will be the only one in her group who dresses like a rag doll, a broken one, that is. My guess would be that she will love that she has a real conversation starter and stands out as an interesting and unique person.

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