Super Batman Arkham Knight Costumes - Arkham Knight costume

Super Batman Arkham Knight Costumes

Batman Arkham Knight costumes are 2015 favorites. Inspired from the latest video games dedicated to this superhero, these Batman Arkham Knight costumes are sure to please everyone. Superhero fancy dresses have always been a favorite among people when it comes to Halloween and other get together. This year is no different and Batman is one of the most cherished superheroes of all times.

Batman Arkham Knight video game

The story of this latest video game begins after the Joker’s death. The game offers a wider map than the previous one for the greatest pleasure of gamers. Addicts won’t be able to leave the game aside for long.

Soon after the Joker’s death, Gotham City becomes a quiet town. Alas, the Strawman, who everyone thought was also dead, gets back and threatens the authorities. It is the occasion for the most powerful criminals like Harley Quinn, Jonathan Crane aka the Scarecrow, Jason Todd aka Arkham Knight, and others to take over the control of the town.

Batman Arkham Knight costumes

Men's DC Comics Collector Batman CostumeMen’s DC Comics Collector Batman CostumeBatman Arkham Origins Adult Costume - $64.99Batman Arkham Origins Adult Costume – $64.99

Batman is one of the many members in the superhero lineup. His dark themed costume makes it a perfect fit for Halloween. After all the holiday is also about bats. Yet this bat is a hero who’s always caring for Gotham City’s peacefulness. This type of outfits is also a perfect match for cosplay and Comic-con events. All in all, Batman costumes are a classic no matter the age of the one who dresses like this hero.

With the Collectors Edition Batman costume (on the left), you are sure to choose the right attire: you’ll join any kind of event in style. This stunning set isn’t just a way to show your friends how much you admire this superhero, it’s also the best way to become Batman for some time.

This amazing costume set includes a top, a pair of pants, the well known bat wings shaped cape, a muscle piece for your chest, and some accessories like gloves, pieces for your legs, a belt, etc. With this Batman costume, you are sure to be the hero himself. It is also officially licensed, which adds to its value. It comes in one size fits most.

The outfit on the right matches also all other Batman Arkham Knight costumes inspired from the video game. This one consists of a grey jumpsuit that comes with a muscle chest, a black cape, a half-face mask, a belt and covers for your shoes or boots. The sizes range from small to extra-large. This super Batman Arkham Knight costume is, like all others presented on this page, officially licensed.

Arkham Knight costume

Arkham Knight Adult CostumeArkham Knight Adult Costume – $64.99

The Arkham Knight is, in reality, Jason Todd. He wasn’t born as a villain, but his life turned so miserable that he couldn’t help but become a criminal. Considered as died by Batman for a long time, Jason Todd returns under the name of Arkham Knight and vengeance has become his credo.

The Arkham Knight costume includes a muscle chest vest, a belt and a face mask. Trousers and boots/shoes must be purchased separately. In stock on October 13th, you can order it from this page (just click on the button beneath the picture – you’ll be brought to the site selling the attire). It can be found in small, medium, large and extra-large.

Harley Quinn costume for women

Secret Wishes Arkham Knight Harley Quinn CostumeSecret Wishes Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Costume – $54.99

Girls can let their inner bad mind go out this Halloween – or at any special event. It’s something that all girls love to do, from time to time. The Arkham Knight video game features a very popular female character: Harley Quinn. She was a psychiatrist but fell so madly in love with the Joker that she became a villain. So, Batman Arkham Knight costumes must include Harley Quinn’s fancy dress.

The Harley Quinn fancy dress set includes a dress that comes with short puff sleeves, a pair of arm warmers and socks of different colors. Shoes aren’t part of this pack. The available sizes are: extra-small, small, medium, large. This cute fancy dress is already in stock.

I’d recommend to complete your look with Harley Quinn’s wig, it’s a good accessory. In stock on October 22nd.

Adult scarecrow costume accessories

Adult Scarecrow Arkham Knight 3/4 Mask - $19.99Adult Scarecrow Arkham Knight 3/4 Mask – $19.99Arkham Knight Deluxe Scarecrow GlovesArkham Knight Deluxe Scarecrow Gloves

Jonathan Crane was professor of psychology, declined after dangerous experiments. The scarecrow takes pleasure in inspiring fear. Special sign: syringes are inlayed in the five fingers of his left hand. Scary eh!

You won’t find the Scarecrow outfit in the range of Batman Arkham Knight costumes. But a great alternative to the Scarecrow costume is the use of a face mask and fake hands as featured above. You can complete the look with a white shirt, a black suit and a pair of black shoes. Such an outfit is a great way to remind people of this character’s former personality.

The mask is made out of latex and includes a band to secure it and is in stock. The gloves featuring his hands feature a monster hand and a syringe hand. These are in stock on 15th October.

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