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Kids Frozen Fever Costumes for Your Little Princess

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Kids Frozen Fever costumes are inspired from the movie of the same name. This production is a sequel of the Disney’s Frozen movie, which was highly popular in 2013. The film is still loved by kids and grownups 2 years later. It is a 7 minute film that one will be able to buy in August 2015. In the meantime, adult and kids Frozen Fever costumes are out and sell like cakes.

The short movie named Frozen Fever

Elsa caught the flu. Each time she sneezes, she produces tiny snowmen. Still this does not keep her from planning a gigantic party for her sister Princess Anna’s birthday. Anna wakes up to the sound of her sister’s “Making Today a Perfect Day” song.

The day begins with the transformation of their winter dresses into season appropriate ones. All along the movie, Anna is going to get presents and both sisters are going to face some incidents. After Elsa cannon-balls a gigantic snow ball to Prince Hans, miles away from her, Anna decides on taking care of her sister. Since Princess Anna is a wise and kind person, she says that taking care of her sister is her best birthday gift.

If you have loved the first movie themed outfits, you are going to love these Frozen Fever fancy dress costumes as well. They are absolutely gorgeous and designed to turn any little girl or woman into a real princess.

These costumes are great for Frozen birthday parties thrown in summertime, cosplay and even for Halloween parties. Here are the most beautiful of them.

Kids Frozen Fever costumes

Frozen Fever costume Elsa for children

frozen fever costume elsaGirls Deluxe Frozen Fever Elsa Costume

This adorable Frozen Fever costume Elsa for children is green with a lovely aerial printed cape. It comes in 3 sizes for children: S (4-6) – M (7-8) – L (10-12) and 1 size suitable for toddlers 3T-4T.

Disney Frozen Fever Anna costume


frozen fever costume annaGirls Deluxe Frozen Fever Anna Costume

This Disney Frozen Fever Anna costume is very similar to her attire in the 1st movie, however colors are different and it comes with a nice spring-y design. This costume includes a dress with attached vest. Available sizes are the same as Elsa’s gown. These costumes are officially licensed Disney Frozen.

More children’s Frozen Fever fancy dress costume options

Frozen Fever Elsa Dress Birthday Party Cosplay Girls Costume

This is Elsa’s sleeveless gown with aerial cape/train. You will love the glittering cape adorned with pink flowers. Sizes range from 3-4 up to 7-8 year. Right now, you can get this Elsa fancy dress for $25.99.

Disney Frozen Fever Elsa Dress

Here is a short version of Elsa’s gown, which is made from a shimmering fabric. The blue and green tones are present on the dress. The top features Elsa’s cameo. The cape features short sleeves and comes with a design of shiny pink flowers. This costume is suitable for sizes 4-6 and sell for $19.99 in this moment.

Princess Anna Dress Costume for Girls 2-9 Years (120cm)

This Anna gown is, in my humble opinion the one that resembles the most to the outfit from the movie. The dress comes with a vest and is available from 110 up to 150 cm (size chart available at Amazon). The price is low for such a lovely fancy dress costume: $39.99.

You can quickly turn into a real princess thanks to different accessories that you can buy: a crown, a wand, some extra flower accessories for the hair and Anna’s wig.

Frozen Fever Inspired Anna Costume (3T)

As you can see designers worked really hard to produce kids Frozen Fever costumes. Although it is not a Disney attire, the dress is absolutely gorgeous with its shimmering aspect. The short-sleeved top is adorned with Anna’s famous cameo and made of velours. The outfit includes the vest.

Toddlers and children will love getting dressed in this lovely gown at their birthday party. Sizes range from 2T up to 9-10. The costume is sold for $23.50.

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