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Best Egyptian Pharaoh Costumes for Boys and Men

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Are you feeling like you’re Khufu (Cheops), Ramesses II, Akhenaten or King Tut’s reincarnation these days? Then you should get dressed in one of the many Egyptian Pharaoh costumes this upcoming Halloween (or for any other get together or cosplay event)…

Best Egyptian Pharaoh costumes of all times

Egyptian Pharaoh costumes are comfortable clothes to wear for anybody who’s looking for a brilliant outfit while being able to move in the way they want to. They are conceived in black or white colors with rich gold details. All these party attires are designed to catch the attention of the other event attendees.

Though because these pharaoh fancy dress costumes are also lightweight, it is advised, if you live in a cold area, to wear a T-shirt or other underwear. A definite authentic look is provided by the well known headpieces – they consist of Nemes headdresses; which are a striped piece of cloth (generally blue, black and gold).

Egyptian Pharaoh costume for men

pharaoh costumes menEgyptian Pharaoh Costume – $48.99

So you’re feeling rich and are delighted with all the servants of the palate who are eager to make your desires come true. Dressed in this eye catching dark blue Egyptian Pharaoh costume you are going to make heads turn!

This beautiful poplin fancy dress is perfect for you to play your role as King of Egypt. Its metallic details provide the costume with a rich appearence and the accessories like the ankh necklace, sash, collar and cuffs add up to the royal impression. The headpiece is a striped nemes. It is available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

One regret, though, I haven’t found the superb staff featured on the picture. However stores offer a wide range of other staffs you can choose from.

King of Egypt fancy dress costume

egyptian pharaoh costumesKing of Egypt Costume – $58.99-$68.99

There is a feast in the palate and all slaves are there to serve your guests. Your wealth enables you to feed all important characters from the neighborhood. Everybody enjoys looking at the beautiful belly dancers exhibition all night long.

In this stunning Egyptian Pharaoh costume made out of polyester, you are really going to feel like the King of all Egyptians. This fancy dress consists of a black sleeveless top, a cape which is also a collar, a black skirt with a gold trim, adorned with a bird, a pair of gauntlets and a superb medallion. The headpiece completes your prestigious loook. You will find this outfit in the following sizes: small, medium, large and plus size.

Egyptian sandals for men are hard to find, therefore you might want to get a pair of Roman sandals, they will do the job perfectly. Don’t forget to get your cobra staff, it’s one of the symbols of your power.

Ancient Egyptian costume made out of velvet

egypt pharaoh costumeAdult Black Pharaoh Costume – $34.99

Have you got any plans to build your pyramid? Something that reminds the world that you, once, reigned over the Egyptian kingdom. For now, just think about your next party…

This black ancient Egyptian costume made out of velvet consists in a long black robe with gold elements, such as wrist cuffs, a large belt and a somptuous collar. A stunning gold headdress completes your look. Make sure to get some accessories like a gold staff. Sizes include: S, M, ST, XL and adult plus.

King Tut costume

pharaoh fancy dress costumeRegency Collection King Tut Costume

Put on your most beautiful costume and join your guests for a scromptuous banquet. Roasted meat, vegetables, a ton of dates, oranges, watermelons, figs and other succulent fruits will delight your hosts. All of these make for a successful banquet. Your guests will surely be impressed by your power and your wealth.

This eye catching Prestige King Tut costume is absolutely incredible. It consists of a floor-length white tunic. Accessories include gold belt, armbands and a blue and gold headpiece. Dressed in this party outfit you are certainly attract the attention of the party attendees. Sizes include: standard adult & extra-large. Sandals must be purchased separately.

Pharaoh costumes for boys

Child King Tut Costume – $38.99pharaoh costumes boysegyptian male costumeChild Pharaoh Costume – $34.99

When it comes to Egyptian Pharaoh costumes, kids aren’t left aside. These two different models are suitable for boys. Dressing in such an outfit will not just add more fun to the trick or treat or party, it can also help your son learn more about the Kings of Ancient Egypt and their wonderful civilisation.

The King Tut costume for boys is made out of polyester and consists of a black tunic, a belt with a gold and turquoise trim, a matching collar, colorful striped armbands. A brightly colored headdress is adorned with a cobra head. Sizes range from XXS to 2XL.

At the time of his reign, Tutankhamen was a child, and so your son may just feel like he is this Pharaoh’s reincarnation. This superb fancy dress to the right is the kids’ version from the first listed above. It includes a navy blue printed tunic, a sash, a collar, cuffs and a Nemes styled headpiece. Sizes: from 6 up to 12.

More Egyptian Pharaoh costumes to take into consideration

If none of the Egyptian Pharaoh costumes listed above don’t meet your needs, then you can always have a look at other stores. The marketplace offers a range of different options which go from long white and gold dresses to black sexy outfits that hihglight your muscle chest.

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