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King Arthur Costumes For All Your Legendary Adventures

Legendary times call for legendary measures

King Arthur costumes make admirable party wear for a unique and valiant entrance into your next costume soiree. Shrouded in mystery, this medieval figure has appeared in fanciful folklore for centuries, has been praised by famed poets and even romanticized by modern movies but perhaps the greatest place King Arthur exists is in the imagination of people everywhere. The young and the young at heart continue to be captivated by this legendary warrior who lived for grand adventures and always rode in bravely on his trusty steed to save the day from certain peril.

When you need a look that is epic and refreshingly unique, regal King Arthur costumes make a great starting theme for your squad. Once you are suited up, travel with your group of fine friends and celebrate the way only kings do… surrounded by their faithful round table of distinguished guests.

Bring along your beautiful wife as the lovely and kind Guinevere, dress your valiant pooch as Merlin the powerful wizard and then complete the look with a bevy of your little ones dressed as your bravest knights. While you are it, do not forget to bring your trusty sword Excalibur just in case you and your merry men need to defend the throne or a lady’s honor.

If you are not set to attend any special parties or holidays anytime soon, King Arthur costumes are also the perfect way to add a lot of imaginative play to your every day life. Turn story time into adventure time with King Arthur costumes to delight your little listeners or host a cosplay event for a make believe battle of legendary proportions for an epic day of adventure and a few vials of magic.

King Arthur costumes for adults

King Arthur costumesKing Arthur Costume – $49.99

So you wish to be the king who’s able to get Excalibur out of the stone, eh. This is a really luxurious King Arthur costume in which you are going to feel like a real member of the royalty. So you can be the real legendary monarch warrior dressed in this medieval fancy dress costume.

You will like the realistic look of the metallic fabric supposed to keep you safe from your ennemies’ weapons. The grey tunic that comes with your coat of arms printed on its front provides the costume with an even more appealing style. The set also includes a cape, a medallion, gauntlets and leg covers that look like iron, a piece for your shoulders, and a belt.

The sizes range from medium to extra-large. I recommend to accessorize with the Dragon Lord sword and shield set.

King Arthur costumesInCharacter Costumes Men’s Medieval King Costume, Grey/Black, Medium

Medieval kings and queens didn’t have a life as comfortable as those of the 21st century. During the Middle Ages, castles, mostly made out of wood even though some were built from stone, were extremely cold. Moreover during battles, kings and knights used to stay outside, in basic tents, suffering from the low temperatures. So you could take advantage of those real troubles to get dressed in this warm costume. This one will make you able to represent the legendary king who federated England.

This stunning medieval king costume consists of a tunic that you can close using a large belt with big sculpted ornament. The cape comes with fur trim, which is definitely similar to clothes worn during those barbaric times. Here again you are going to enjoy wearing those chainmail clothes. The set also includes a crown, a pair of boot covers, 2 gloves. Size: medium.

According to customer feedback the crown doesn’t fit very well so make sure to have something to keep it in place when you dress in this attire.

More King Arthur costumes to choose from

King Arthur costumesMonty Python and the Holy Grail: King Arthur Costume (L/XL)Deluxe Designer Collection Armored King Arthur CostumeMen’s King Arthur Deluxe Costume

Sir Lancelot costume for men

Sir Lancelot costumeLancelot Costume – Medium

King Arthur costumes should obviously include his champion, the best swordsman of the country. And here you are. This adult Sir Lancelot costume makes a perfect fit for anybody passionate about the legendary king and his squad. Beware: keep off Queen Guinevere, she’s Arthur’s wife and the real king behind the monarchy!

This white tunic suits Lancelot du Lac’s usual clothes very well. The set also includes a grey hood featuring those chainmail protective pieces of clothing, a belt, and a pair of boot covers. The available sizes are small, medium, large and extra-large.

You can accessorize this attire with a sword, and a cape.

More Sir Lancelot costumes to choose from

Sir Lancelot Du Lac Complete Costume, SilverAdult Lancelot Knight Costume – Adult Std.Men’s Plus-Size Lancelot, Silver/Black

Knight of the Round Table costume

Knights of the Round Table costumesKnight of the Round Table Adult Costume – $44.99

If you prefer you may want to choose one of the many Knights of the Round Table costumes that you will find in stores. This legendary order has everything to make men dream. Dressed in one of the many Knights of the Round Table you’re going to be able to restart the Holy Grail’s quest. Who are you going to be? Caradoc, Gawain, Percival, Ywain?

One of these Knights of the Round Table costumes (featured above) consists of a V-neck tunic with metallic sleeve cuffs, a tabard with a coat of arms printed on the front; a belt, a helmet, and a hood. It comes in a standard size that fits most and also in plus size.

Invite more Knights to the Round Table

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Medieval Knight Ren Faire CostumeDark Knight Adult CostumeMedieval Knight Deluxe Costume

Merlin the wizard costume

Merlin the wizard costumeMerlin The Wizard Adult Costume

Let’s not forget about Merlin the wizard costumes. After all, without him and his wisdom and intelligence, you might never have had the Excalibur sword let alone your throne. In reality, Merlin is certainly a druid, a wise and productive druid, yet it’s even better when one thinks that he’s a magician.

This Merlin the wizard costume is kept simple, just like it should be. You will like the floor-length robe made out of velvet and adorned with silver accents, and the matching pointy hat. The robe comes in a standard size.

Accessorize the character with a wand to represent the wizard or a bag made out of straw and filled with herbs so as to represent the druid. Finish the look using a wizard wig and beard set.

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