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Top Greek Goddess Costumes for Women

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Greek goddess costumes make any woman feeling as if she is very special. These dresses highlight any woman’s silhouette and turn them into a real beauty. These deities are numerous and each comes with her very own personality. This offers a very large number of different disguises. They come with specific qualities, which include worship and women love to be worshiped by their family and friends. If you feel these arguments fit with your personality then Greek goddess costumes are made for you.

Stunning Greek goddess costumes

What do Greek goddess costumes have in common? Well it’s all about their style, which is conceived after a very precise design. Mainly, Greek goddess dresses are kept simple yet they are absolutely beautiful. Most of these clothes come in a floor-length version with an empire waistline, which means that their waist begins right beneath the breast. Some come with spaghetti straps, some with short sleeves. They also generally feature one or two slits on the legs and a fine gold belt crossed on the waistline.

Let’s take an eye to some beautiful Greek goddess fancy dresses you can wear for Halloween, cosplay or any kind of parties.

Classic Grecian Goddess costume for women

greek goddess costumes for womenAdult Goddess Costume – $48.99

If you only could step back in time and live the life of the Greek goddesses… Well you can do so for a night or two just by getting dressed in beautifully crafted dresses, and spartan shoes. Greek goddess costumes make perfect match for couples. It does not take much to have your significant other dressed in a Greek god outfit or a Spartan warrior. This way you can perfect your role and recreate sceneries from the Mythology.

The most classical yet elegant chiffon and satin dress will enable you to feature any Greek goddess. The floor-length sleeveless dress comes with an empire waistline and a black and gold trim to highlight your body curves. The headpiece features gold leaves. This model is available in x-small, small, medium, large, x-large; plus sizes include: 1X, 2X, 3X and also for little girls.

Athena fancy dress for women

athena goddess costume for womenAthenian Goddess Costume – $28.99

Daughter of Zeus, Athena is one of twelve Olympians. She embodies wisdom, is the goddess of war, and defense of cities. She is protector of heroes and craftsmen. In the Roman mythology she is known as Minerva. Athena is also tightly bound to the town of Athens.

What a beautiful Athena dress. It is kept simple while it comes with a very sexy look. You will love the slit on the leg and the fine golden belt. The costume includes a headpiece. You can easily accessorize it with a blond wig, a pair of Spartan shoes and armcuffs. Sizes range from small to x-large.

Aphrodite costumes

aphrodite costume for womenGoddess Aphrodite Costume – $38.99

Aphrodite is daughter of Zeus and Dione – some think that she is in reality daughter of the sea and Uranus. She is wife of Hephaestus, god of fire, stone, masonry and blacksmiths but had many children from other men. Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, love, pleasure and procreation. In the Roman mythology she is known as Venus.

This stunning V-neck long dress comes in a gradient of blue. You will love the gold belt and the two slits on the legs. A headband is part of the outfit but you can go further and accessorize with armbands or cuffs. Sizes: S, M & L.

love goddess costumeGoddess of Love Aphrodite Costume – $48.99

This sexy V-neck dress consists in a white short dress with a gold trim, and a gold belt. The hemline can be removed and you can use it as a cape (in case of cold evening). There are also a headpiece adorned with rhinestones and two gold armbands included in this package. Sizes range from small to extra-large. You can accessorize this sexy Aphrodite costume with a pair of gold goddess high heels.

Calypso costume for women

sexy greek goddess costume for womenWomen’s Calypso Goddess Costume – $34.99

Calypso is the nymph who fell madly in love with Ulysses and held him in her island for many years. She is supposed to be the daughter of Atlas. Calypso is known for her magnificent blond hair. The nymph lives on an island along with many other nymphs.

This superb V-neck short dress comes in a gradient of cream and turquoise with a gold trim. It has an empire waistline that will highlight your silhouette. You will love the arm drapes that provide the outfit with an aerial appearance. A headband adorned with shells and star completes the costume. This makes a perfect nymph attire. Sizes: S/M & M/L.

Greek goddess costume accessories

You can improve your goddess look in some ways. For example, they were known for being natural, so I’d suggest to keep the makeup minimal. They have long blond hair, so you can wear a blond wig – you can find such themed wigs in good costume stores Shoes are also important, flat Spartan or Greek goddess shoes are a perfect match; though for a sexy attire, you can choose themed high heels. Then some jewels can complete your look, especially if the costume you buy does not include them: tiaras, armbands and cuffs will work wonders.

Gold Multi Mini Bangle BraceletAntique Gold Leaf CircletAthenian Goddess WigGolden Goddess WigAdult Goddess SandalsWomens Gold Goddess Heels

More Greek goddess costumes to choose from

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