best joker costumes for men

Best Joker Costumes for Men and Makeup Ideas

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Best Joker costumes for men

The Batman Joker costumes for men are among the most popular party outfits out there. Halloween and cosplay events are the best opportunity for you to portray the mean streak in you. Probably you have always been the nicest guy around and you are dying to show a different personality. You may just have your own reasons to desire becoming a maniacal clown. These Joker costumes and their accessories come from a wide range of sources including, TV, movies, video games and comics. The Joker costumes for men listed here are the answer to your quest.

Suicide Squad Joker costumes

Deluxe Suicide Squad Joker Costume - $59.99Deluxe Suicide Squad Joker Costume – $59.99


The first of the Joker costumes for men to think of this year, is the one seen in Suicide Squad movie. A secret agency recruits criminals imprisoned with the aim of making them perform highly dangerous missions. The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Katana and other supervillains take part in the Task Force X. Will Harley’s lover, the Joker, be able to save her from the agency’s manigance? Looking like the joker will make you an ultimate hero this year.

This Suicide Squad Joker costume consists of a combo that looks like the antihero’s jacket and shirt. Available sizes: standard and extra-large. Accessorize your psycho look with the green wig and a makeup kit. Instead you can choose a kit that includes the shirt, the wig and the makeup. You’ll just have to get the long purple coat to finish your look. Lost as to how to be the Joker? Get some tips and tricks here.

Cosplay Suicide Squad Joker costume ideas

CosplayDiy Men's Suit for Suicide Squad Batman Joker Cosplay MSuit for Suicide Squad Batman Joker CosplayJoker's Tattoos Muscle-T: Unisex Basic Cotton Sleeveless T-Shirt Medium WhiteJoker’s Tattoos Muscle-T: Sleeveless T-Shirt


There is a version of this party outfit perfect for the cosplay amateurs. You will love this cosplay Suicide Squad Joker costume. It consists of a long purple coat and a pair of pants. You can perfect your look with the matching sleeveless T-shirt and some accessories such as false silver teeth and a green wig. With such an attire, you’re ready to seduce Harley Quinn and scare the world to death, guys.

Suicide Squad Joker makeup idea

If you want your very own Joker makeup instead of a mask, then you are going to need some guidance. Here’s a tutorial to help you create a stunning Suicide Squad Joker makeup. Make sure to have time to do it and some help.

Batman Dark Knight Joker costume

Plus Size Deluxe Joker Costume - $59.99Plus Size Deluxe Joker Costume – $59.99Grand Heritage Joker Costume - $169.99Grand Heritage Joker Costume – $169.99


The Joker somehow manages to surprise us while taunting Batman and the citizens of Gotham. However, the thought of what he might do next is what should scare you. Being a super villain makes the Joker everyone’s favorite bad guy. The Batman Dark Knight Joker costume black purple standard is very unique. This party outfit includes; mask, jacket with a printed vest combo, Shoes, black pants and gloves. It is made of 100% polyester thus allows hand wash cold, no bleach, line dry and strictly no ironing. The Joker costume for men also include a Grand Heritage version of this attire. You may prefer it over the standard one.

Cosplay Dark Knight Joker fancy dress costume

LYLAS Cosplay Costume Dark Knight Joker 7 Pcs Costume Set Halloween Suit (Male-XL)LYLAS Cosplay Costume Dark Knight Joker 7 Pcs Costume Set Halloween Suit (Male-XL)BFJ Joker Batman The Dark Knight Mask Adult Cosplay Resin Full MaskBFJ Joker Batman The Dark Knight Mask Adult Cosplay Resin Full Mask


Don’t be shy and give a try to the cosplay Dark Knight Joker costume even for your next Halloween event. Dressed in this fancy dress, you will look at your best – or worst. The set includes 7 pieces: a grey shirt, a vest, a green suit jacket, a long purple coat, a pair of pants, purple gloves, and a green tie. Customers recommend to order it custom made so as to fit with your body perfectly. Complete your character with a full mask. As an alternative, you can opt for the wig and makeup kit.
Dark Knight movie Joker makeup tutorial

You may also not be interested in using the wig and try and do your very own Joker face inspired from this Batman movie. And there is no reason for not doig so. For the supervillain, the best recipe is the use of white, black and red along with green hair paint. Here is a video tutorial that will offer some tips and tricks to make a perfect Joker face.

Arkham City Joker costume

Arkham City The Joker Costume - $59.99Arkham City The Joker Costume – $59.99


The wide series of comics, video games and movies inspired a large collection of Joker costumes for men. This year you have the opportunity to become the Clown Prince of Crime. Things have been pretty tough for the Joker ever since he destroyed Arkham Asylum in an attempt to kill Batman. He cannot escape the sprawling mega-prison in Gotham City despite being the king of the section. Will his reign last? This is very much debatable as the Titan drug is causing his body to fail. However, he has a final card to play. He should face batman one last time.

This Arkham City Joker costume includes a Joker mask that covers the face and top of the head, an elastic security band, purple wrist-length leather gloves, purple pinstriped pants, a purple tailcoat with white vest panel and decorative gold buttons. The Arkham city Joker costume is made of 100% Polyester. Pair this party outfit with the matching latex mask – this will make you look outstanding this Halloween.

Arkham City makeup idea for the Joker character

It is always recommended to use professional face paint materials when making such a character face paint. This video walks you through the making of the Joker character as seen in the Arkham City video game. Do you want one too? On your mark. Ready, set… go!

Note that this makeup tutorial is also suitable for the Arkham Asylum fancy dress.

Cosplay Arkham Asylum Joker costume

Cosparts Joker Arkham Asylum Cosplay Costume Full SetCosparts Joker Arkham Asylum Cosplay Costume Full Set


The Joker is a master of wit and practical jokes. He is rarely impressed with other people’s efforts. At times he might give them a chance, but is quick to wipe the stupid smile off their faces. For instance, he is glad to reward futile efforts with a slow clap thus making his disdain known. The striped joker costume is made of cotton. Batman Arkham Asylum Joker cosplay costume coat suit includes; a shirt, tie, stripped pants, jacket and gloves. The shirt often liberates itself from the pants giving you that scruffy look. Latex masks come in handy to perfect your look.

Colorful Joker classic TV Batman costume

Rubie's Costume Grand Heritage Joker Classic TV Batman Circa 1966, Multi-Colored, X-large CostumeGrand Heritage Joker Classic TV Batman Circa 1966


The wide range of Joker costumes for men started long ago. The multi-colored Joker classic TV Batman costume will give you that insane look which seems to actually bring Gotham city to its knees. Mastering the Joker mannerism poses will be all you need to get the cunning personality. Throw in a few Joker quote and you will be good to go. “The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules.” The classic TV Batman joker costumes for men are 100% Polyester. It includes; Jacket with shirt cuffs, vest, pants, dickie with tie and gloves. It allows just hand wash and lay flat to dry.

Classic Batman TV Joker makeup

For this oldie, let’s get creative. It won’t be easy to find a wig with a hairdo that was trendy in the sixties but isn’t any more. Not to mention that the wig should be green. So you can just do your hair like the actor did in this time period and spray it with green hair paint. Alternatively you can opt for the one seen in Suicide Squad as this hairdo was seen in these old episodes as well. Get more Joker hairdo ideas here. For the makeup, make sure to use a lot of white face paint, black for your eyes and eyebrows and a draw a big red smile around your mouth. That’s it.

Get yourself these perfect Joker costumes for men, master a classic laugh and most certainly you will be the creepiest guy in the park.

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