suicide squad costumes for adults

6 Top Suicide Squad Costumes for Adults

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With the recent release of awesome new film the Suicide Squad, it’s not hard to guess what your next costume party idea is going to be. Suicide Squad costumes for adults are going to be popular all round this year, cause let’s face it, they all look pretty cool.

Suicide Squad costumes for adults

If you’re going to dress up as one of the Suicide Squad it’s got to be good right? If you’re going to do it, it needs to be done properly. Of course you’ve got to decide which character to go as. Harley Quinn? The joker? Tough decision. Either way, your costume needs to be spot on. But luckily, that shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Here are the most popular Suicide Squad costumes for adults in stock these days (or to be in stock soon).

Harley Quinn costume

Deluxe Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume - $59.99Deluxe Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume – $59.99


One of the most popular characters of the Suicide Squad costumes for adults is Harley Quinn. The Harley Quinn costume for women comes with her cute red and blue hot pants teamed with her matching jacket. You’ll also get her crop top too, a great costume if you’re wanting to capture her flirty, sexy, ever so slightly psycho look for a night. Add her little ref boots, fishnet stockings, and good night bat for the complete outfit, and you’ll be set.

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Joker Costume

Suicide Squad Joker Kit - $59.99Suicide Squad Joker Kit – $59.99Suicide Squad Joker Cosplay costumeSuicide Squad Joker Cosplay costume


The joker is probably one of the most popular Suicide Squad costumes for adults, understandably. He’s creepy, he’s weird and you don’t have to be an expert to attempt his makeup. The Joker costume kit (on the left) comes with his shirt, wig and makeup kit. Available in standard and extra-large sizes. Alternatively, you can opt for the shiny suit worn by Jared Leto. This cosplay Joker costume for men includes a red shirt, a pair of black pants, assorted jacket and tie (from XS up to XXL – and can even be custom made). All you need to become the Joker for a night. Don’t freak yourself out!

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Suicide Squad Killer Croc costume

Deluxe Suicide Squad Killer Croc Costume - $59.99Deluxe Suicide Squad Killer Croc Costume – $59.99


Killer Croc, one of batman’s enemies and an awesome Suicide Squad costume. The Killer Croc costume will give you his hoody with attached jacket (ST and XL sizes) and also his famous Killer Croc mask. This costume gives you all you need to become Killer Croc for your next party or cosplay event.

Katana costume

Suicide Squad Katana Costume Kit - $39.99Suicide Squad Katana Costume Kit – $39.99


If you’re not wanting to jump on the Harley Quinn bandwagon, Katana is another great option for these supervillain fancy dresses. Less out there than some of the other costumes but still increasingly popular, our warrior and super heroine Katana’s costume kit provides you with her jacket (sizes: small, medium and large) and attached shirt and also her mysterious mask. Accessorize the outfit with the matching wig, fingerless leather gloves, a pair of combat shoes for women, and the character’s katana.

Deadshot costume

Deluxe Suicide Squad Deadshot Costume - $59.99Deluxe Suicide Squad Deadshot Costume – $59.99Deadshot Mask Helmet and CostumeDeadshot Mask Helmet and Costume


Another best seller out the Suicide Squad costumes for adults is Deadshot. A true super villain and a great costume choice, stand out from the crowd with this Deadshot costume. To become Deadshot, your costume will include with his trademark leather-look jacket, trousers and mask (sizes: standard and extra-large). You are also offered a version designed for cosplay; which includes the vest and the pants – optional: the mask. This cosplay Deadshot costume can be custom made.

Suicide Squad Diablo costume

If none of the previous characters fit within your range of preferences, then you may want to step into El Diablo’s shoes. You won’t find pre-made costumes to dress up as Chato Santana aka El Diablo apart from a vest. Thus you’ll have to get each piece separately. Here are the elements you’ll need to make your Suicide Squad El Diablo costume:

  • El Diablo jacket,
  • A white sleeveless T-shirt,
  • A pair of grey pants,
  • A pair of white sneakers.

Diablo Men's Varsity Jacket (XXX-Large)Diablo Men’s Varsity JacketLeright Men's Tank Top Undershirt Athletic Muscle Sleeveless T Shirts, White, XL(US SIZE L)Tank Top Muscle Sleeveless T ShirtsColumbia Men's Kestrel Ridge Cargo Pants-Dark Gray-34 X 32Kestrel Ridge Cargo Pants-Dark GrayKeds Men's Champion Original Canvas Sneaker, White, 9 M USChampion Original Canvas Sneaker


But the thing that will really make you stand out is El Diablo makeup. It consists of lots of black makeup featuring his name and other symbols. Here is a video tutorial to help you get going.

The list of potential Suicide Squad costumes is quite long but you will not find pre-made outfits for them. Yet you can get inspiration from the movie itself and get dressed as Batman, Flash, Captain Boomerang, Rick Flag or other. Above all, have fun!

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